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PoE 3.23 Quick and Low Maps Farming Strategy: 30+ Divines Per Hour

Lovers of PoE, Is the grinding boring? Do you need a new way to make more divines? It's time to learn how you can farm 30 divines within one hour in Affliction League, using a guide that is simple and funny. You will now learn how to make a lot of money with little energy through fast and inexpensive maps. The strategy we are about to dive into is as practical and sometimes amusing as it gets since last week.


PoE 3.23 Quick and Low Maps Farming Strategy: 30+ Divines Per Hour


The Easy-Peasy Strategy

  • What is Cooking? Think bus-rushing but with a twist of delirium, a sprinkle of Essences, and a dash of possessed monsters draw. This strategy is all about getting those poe divine orbs in bulk without much effort.
  • Why This Rocks? It's consistent, profitable, and doesn't fry your brain. Even boss-level multitasking can be done – watch your favorite TV show, read throughout your book or even plan for your next big point of exile victory.


Your Battle Plan

  • Atlas Passive Tree: Focus on the Essence nodes first. Collect them all; also get some chance nodes for orbs so that you may get more loot.
  • The Essence of Efficiency: Concentrate on stream nodes for Essence and delirium boosts. Scarabs are not necessary here because they cost so much!
  • Map Choice is Key: Colonnade works best –it's small, long, and has the entrance far from the boss leading to more splinters. Other alternatives include Strand or Tropical Island.


Running the Maps

  • Speed is Your Friend: Go from map to map—Essences and bosses should be your targets alone. What matters here most? Minimum time for maximum divines.
  • Delirium Dynamics: In maps like Colonnade, delirium spreads almost instantly. This implies that with less time wastage, there is more efficiency.


The Loot Lowdown

  • The Essence Strategy: Upgrade those Essences. From Screaming to Shrieking to Deafening, it's all about maximizing value.
  • Trading Tactics: Trade in bulk. Change your bad Essences into good ones and sell them in mass quantities for smooth and faster trading.


The Math Magic

  • Profit Calculation: List down your earnings, subtract the expenses, and there you have it! A healthy profit per map is what you are looking at.
  • Time Management: What's the average time to complete a map? Around 1.7 minutes. That's 35.2 maps per hour or so. Multiply this by how much profit per map you are making and you are swimming in divines!


The Bottom Line

  • Efficiency is Key: This strategy isn't about breaking records; it's about smart, efficient farming that maximizes your time and effort.
  • Community Call: Tried this out? Loved it? Hated it? Comment below and let's perfect this strategy accordingly.


So, there you have it guys! How to make poe fun profitable too. After all, the journey is more important than just the loot at the end. Enjoy farming Wraeclast!

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