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PoE 3.23 Affliction Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need To Know This New League

Hey, Path of Exile fanatics! The Affliction League is here, and it's packed with more mysteries and monsters than a Zana mission on steroids. It is a wild ride through mysterious forests, cursed enemies, and powerful new classes. Here's everything you need to know to navigate this thrilling new league.



PoE 3.23 Affliction Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need To Know This New League


 Viridian Wildwood

  • Sacred Wisps: Think of these as your VIP pass to the Viridian Wildwood. They form a mystical ring around the entrance, burning away the affliction based on how much you explore - and no, it's not a race against time.
  • Cursed Monsters: These creepy critters love to pop out from the darkness. They're like uninvited party crashers but way less fun.


Wisp Wonderland

  • Wisp Types: Keep an eye out for three types of Wisps - Wild (Purple), Vivid (Yellow), and Primal (Blue). They're not just pretty lights; they lead you to hidden treasures like new characters, ancient shrines, and boss battles that make Kitava look like a cakewalk.
  • Wisp Effects: Once you say adios to the Wildwood (or it kicks you out), these Wisps spice up random monsters outside, much like Sentinels. Here's the breakdown:
    • Primal (Blue) Wisps: They're like a rare item magnet.
    • Wild (Purple) Wisps: Think quantity over quality.
    • Vivid (Yellow) Wisps: These are your ticket to PoE currency galore.
    • Triple Wisp Bonus: Monsters with all three Wisps turn into a loot piñata.
  • Map Mechanics: Only the map owner can play firefighter with the affliction. Wisps are loyal to the map owner, and party rewards scale accordingly. Oh, and once you leave the Wildwood, there's no re-entry – talk about a strict bouncer.


Affliction Ascendancies

  • Azmeri Wanderers: These are the last few brave souls who've survived the forest's curse. Help them out, and they'll unlock special ascendancy passive trees for you.
  • Unlock Scheme: Find the NPCs, complete their quests, beat a miniboss, and take down the final boss (we're talking Lycia-level tough).


Class Spotlight

Warden of the Magi:

Mentor The Warden of Eaves.
Specialty These guys are all about wilderness knowledge. They can infuse their weapons with Tinctures, providing special bonuses, and boast various other wilderness abilities like Barkskin.
Skills and Perks
  • Detect Evil: Your hits are unblockable against marked enemies. Spot rare and unique enemies from a mile away (well, 120 meters).
  • Oath of the Maji: Got empty sockets? Enjoy doubled defenses, boosted elemental resistances, increased life, or a speed boost.
  • Barkskin & Lessons of the Seasons: Play with your armor and evasion rates. The more Barkskin you have, the more armored you are, and vice versa.
  • Tincture Mastery: Apply different Tinctures to your weapons for varied effects - stun all full-life enemies, execute with Culling Strike, or make every hit poisonous.
  • Enduring Suffusion & Nature's Concoction: Boost the effects of Tinctures based on your flask slots and synergize them with your flasks.


Warlock of the Mists:

Mentor The Breaker of Oaths.
Specialty Specializing in the darker aspects of the Azmeri arts, this class lets you consume corpses for bonus damage and protection. You can even buy and use exotic corpses as powerful spectres.
Skills and Perks
  • Blood Hunt: Consume different types of monster corpses for damage buffs and damage reduction.
  • Soul Splitting & Dark Effigy: Get creative with your curse skills, including Pacify, Affliction, and Penance Mark, each offering unique effects like enemy phantasm spawning or minion explosions.
  • Sanguimancy, Crimson Power, Cannibalised Faith: Play with life costs, remove mana or energy shield from the equation, and add physical damage based on life costs.


Wildwood Primalist: 

Mentor The Primal Huntress.
Specialty This class lets you customize your tree with Charms that borrow skills from other Ascendancies. You also get a handy backpack and can use warcries to make corpses drop extra loot.
Skills and Perks
  • Howl of the Wolf & Might of the Bear: Use warcries for looting and enjoy extra inventory space. Who doesn't like more room for loot?
  • Charm Sockets: Mix and match Charms aligned with Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence to create your unique skill tree.


Quick Tips

  • Tinctures: Use these in a Flask slot to toggle weapon enhancements on and off. Each has its unique magic mods.
  • Charm Mechanics: Charms come aligned with attributes and boast up to two random modifiers. Mix and match to create your ideal skill tree.


Whether you're mastering the art of the Warden of the Magi, delving into the dark arts as a Warlock of the Mists, or forging your path as a Wildwood Primalist, there's a whole world of adventure waiting in PoE 3.23. So gear up, Exiles, and let's dive into the Affliction League!

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