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PoE 3.22 Hexblast Chaos Build Gear Crafting and Upgrades Guides

In this guide, we're diving into some essential upgrades and transition points for the Hexblast Chaos Build. If you've been cruising through maps and want to take your build to the next level, or if you're curious about the endgame transitions, buckle up, and let's get started.


PoE 3.22 Hexblast Chaos Build Gear Crafting and Upgrades Guides


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Current Build Status and Areas to Focus On

At level 94, I've enjoyed mapping and unleashing Hexblast chaos upon my foes. I'VE BEEN HAVING A BLAST while I haven't yet fully unlocked the Atlas. I'm running two Watchstones, but today we'll discuss unlocking the remaining slots. Later, I'll talk about the endgame version I'm transitioning into.


Crafting Improvements for Gear

Let's go over some of the crafting strategies I've employed to enhance my gear:

  • Helmet: I acquired a Spell Suppression Fractured base for my helmet. If that's a bit pricey, you can aim for Chaos Resistance Fracture. These mods are often in demand for their utility. I used Screaming Essences of Greed to ensure a life roll and got lucky with some additional resists and life regen. The Physical Damage taken as Fire mod can be a game-changer if you're fortunate.
  • Gloves: I upgraded my gloves to ones that offer an "increase damage with hits against chilled enemies" mod, a hybrid cold resistance roll, and life. I recommend looking for these stats to boost your damage potential.
  • Belt: My belt was another crafted piece. By fracturing a Chaos Resistance base and utilizing Shrieking Essences of Zeal, I aimed for rapid Mine Throwing Speed, which is a significant damage multiplier for this build. You can also consider crafting Mana on your belt to help with Mine reservation.
  • Boots: Investing in boots with 30% movement speed is crucial for mobility. These are often expensive, but they provide a substantial boost to your map-clearing efficiency.
  • Jewels: Cluster Jewels are a powerful way to enhance your build. I created a Large Cluster Jewel with chaos damage between level 50 and 67 using Aberrant Fossils. This can significantly boost your damage output.


Focusing on Damage and Multipliers

While my early-game damage was decent, I noticed a drop-off in later maps. Many players face this issue, so let's address some crucial aspects:

  • Increased Damage: Ensure you have plenty of increased damage from various sources like gear, passive nodes, and jewels. This is essential for scaling your Hexblast damage effectively.
  • Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier: Maintain high critical strike chance and multiplier to maximize your crit damage. Enchants on gear, jewels, and passive nodes can help in this regard.
  • Quality on Gems: Don't neglect quality on your gems. Quality on Minefield, Blastchain, and other supporting gems can significantly improve your damage.
  • Weapon Upgrades: A powerful wand is crucial. Focus on increasing spell damage, critical strike chance, and multipliers on your weapon.


Looking Ahead to the Endgame Transition

For the endgame, I'm considering a significant shift. I've acquired a Raspit Globe and Dissolution of the Flesh. By utilizing these items, you can negate the downsides of the Raspit Globe, which consumes life when using skills. This paves the way for an endgame version of the build.


Build Adjustments for the Transition

Here are some of the changes and enhancements I'm planning for the transition:

  • Stacking Life: With the endgame setup, stacking life becomes even more crucial as it provides both offense and defense.
  • Attributes with Elegant Hubris: Utilize an Elegant Hubris jewel with "Supreme Ostentation" to ignore attribute requirements and focus on stacking attributes to equip higher-level gems.
  • Cluster Jewels: Continue using Cluster Jewels with chaos damage, life, and other important modifiers to boost your overall damage and survivability.
  • Bleed, Ignite, and Poison Immunity: Achieving immunity to these ailments becomes a priority. Utilize specific jewels, passives, and the Evasion Mastery notable to achieve this.



As you progress in Path of Exile's endgame, remember to consistently improve your gear, increase your damage, and plan your transition into higher tiers of play. Whether you're looking to enhance your gear or make the shift to an endgame version of the build, these steps will help you conquer even the most challenging content.

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