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PoE 3.23 Atlas Strategy: How to Hunt for Mirror of Kalandra, Headhunter, and Mageblood

Hi all, lol here! In this guide, we shall discuss our Atlas Strategy in PoE 3.23. Discover how to optimize your map runs for awesome loots such as Mirror of Kalandra, Headhunter and Mageblood. You will also have a sneak peek into Atlas passives, sextant strategies, and scarabs among others.


PoE 3.23 Atlas Strategy: How to Hunt for Mirror of Kalandra, Headhunter, and Mageblood


The Key to Success

Wandering Path: This keystone will make small Atlas passives more powerful by boosting their effects by 100% thus giving less bonuses a far bigger meaning. The top hat part is key in relation with increased map modifers whereas the middle is about quantity bonus. However, there are no big passives allowed with this keystone.


Beyond and Abyss

  • Beyond Node: Beyond in order to spawn more enemies but not those that are unique bosses so that the party does not end prematurely. Besides the quantity increase from beyond demons should not be underestimated especially since they drop like hell.
  • Abyss Nodes: This is where you need those abyss chances rolled up! Either with use of sextants or scarabs having many Abyss matters because it equals several mobs which means greater loot.


Atlas Tree

PoE 3.23 Atlas Tree

  • Wandering Path Keystone: We are going to tell you something. Don't believe those other big ones. We're going to give double power to these small ones, particularly at the top necks.
  • Beyond Node: Look out for this – it must be stopped so that those unique bosses can not end your beyond chains. The merging of beyond portals should also come with an expanded radius.
  • Abyss Nodes: Want more Abysses? You've got it! Let's have a lot of monster parties by piling up those chances.


Crafting Your Maps

  • Sextants: For strongboxes and abysses, only! Sextants that increase numbers of strongboxes and abysses in your maps should be used according to this post. However, elevated sextants are still okay even if optional.
  • Scarabs: In these Winged Invasion and Dreaming Scarab stand out. They give a significant boost to unique item drops as well as divination card drops too. Gilded Scarabs should be minimum for Abyss.


Map Choice and Mods

Burial Chambers and Jungle Valley are your go-to maps. They have lots of monsters who drop valuable divination cards regularly. As for Abysses, what mod is the most important? Abyssal mobs have 2 additional projectiles.


Running the Maps

  • Start with Wildwood: Go for purple wisps which are responsible for increasing item rarity and upping projectile count.
  • Map Clearing: Open strongboxes as you go and hunt for those Altars. Keep in mind that increased quantity and rarity are your best friends.
  • Abysses and Incursions: Finish off with Abysses and any other encounters you've got.


Is It Worth It?

Yes. The investment into winged scarabs and careful sextant usage pays off big time. While you may not be having Mirrors and Magebloods in one night, this strategy is profitable, but most importantly it’s fun to play.



So, there you have it, a PoE 3.23 Atlas Strategy. This strategy is a combination of good planning, the right maps selection, then some luck on top of that. In all this adventure, always stay positive because who knows if you will be the next exile who brags about their Mirror drop?

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