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PoE 3.23 Delirium Mirror Farming Guide: 15 Divines Per Hour

Hello, fellow Path of Exile enthusiasts! It's patch 3.23 Affliction, and we've shared a lucrative farming strategy that's been lining your pockets with divine Orbs. Today, it's all about delirium farming - a simple yet incredibly effective method that's been yielding us 13 to 15 divines an hour. Let's dive into how you can also reap these bountiful rewards.


PoE 3.23 Delirium Mirror Farming Guide: 15 Divines Per Hour


Passive Tree

  • Maximizing Points: For the optimal setup, you'll need nearly all your points. You might get away with 6-7 fewer, but expect a slight dip in profits.
  • Key Focus Areas:
    • Strong Boxes & Harbingers: Essential for the loot explosion.
    • Breach Nodes: More breaches mean more monsters, and more monsters mean more money.
    • Delirium and Beyond Nodes: These are your bread and butter for ramping up the rewards.
  • Optional Adjustments: If your build struggles with Beyond, consider dropping those nodes, but they're a big boost to your earnings.


Scarabs and Sextants

Scarab Selection:

  • Harbinger and Ambush Scarabs: These are your golden tickets to riches. Go gilded for maximum gain.
  • Rusted Breach and Sulfate Scarabs: Just the basics here; they do the trick.


Sextants for Success:

Mysterious Harbinger, Plus Two Strong Boxes, Mirror Delirium, and Beyond: These sextants are pivotal to maximizing your map runs.


PoE 3.23 Delirium Farming Atlas Tree

Altas Tree Link:


Map Choice

Tropical Island: This has been my go-to for top returns on Simulacrum splinters. You might try Strand or Burial Chambers, but in my experience, they don't quite match up.


Tapping Into Blue Juice

  • Going Primalist: If possible, switch to Primalist for that 40% boost in blue juice, leading to denser, more lucrative maps.
  • Yellow vs. Blue Juice: Blue juice reigns supreme, offering significantly denser maps. Mix in some yellow for a balanced bounty.


Mapping Strategy

  • Start with Delirium Mirror: Kick off your map with this and then blitz through, focusing on league mechanics.
  • Clearing Strategy: Aim for 80-90% map clearance. Chasing every little enemy isn't time-efficient. Keep moving and stay efficient.
  • Handling Breaches: Stack them if you can, but don't stretch too far. Efficiency is your friend.
  • Boss Fights: Ensure you defeat the boss before the mirror runs out to maximize rewards.



  • Bulk Selling: A significant portion of your haul, like scarabs and other currencies, can be bulk sold for quick cash.
  • Rerolling Delirium Orbs: Consider using blue juice to reroll these orbs into more desirable types for easier sales.
  • Profit Per Hour: With an efficient setup, expect about 13 divines an hour. This rate can vary based on market prices and your build's efficiency.


That's the rundown on maximizing your profits with Delirium Mirror in PoE 3.23. This strategy is insanely effective and fun, making it one of the best money-making methods in the game right now. With the right setup and approach, you're looking at substantial earnings with minimal hassle. 

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