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In this guide, we will delve into the world of Shepherd Sandals in Path of Exile, focusing on their potential value and the possible outcomes when crafting them. We recently acquired 30 sets of these sandals and paid a substantial amount for them. Inspired by the TB version, we embarked on this unique crafting journey, fully aware of the risks involved. Join us as we explore the results and discuss the market value of various combinations.



PoE The Shepherd


Trading Process

We approached the Trading process cautiously, working with ten sets of sandals at a time to observe the outcomes. It's important to note that crafting these sandals can yield both impressive results and disappointing ones. With a mix of anticipation and uncertainty, we proceeded to examine the possibilities.


Analysis of Results

Throughout our crafting adventure, certain combinations of Shepherd Sandals caught our attention. The Orbala Stands, featuring socketed gems and increased haste, showed promise and garnered our interest. Additionally, the TorchOak Steps with socketed gems seemed to possess solid potential. We also encountered variations with projectile gems, global evasion, and storm charges, although they didn't quite meet our expectations.


Noteworthy Findings

Two specific combinations stood out from the rest. 

  • The first one was a pair of March of the Legions with desirable implicit, potentially fetching a significant price in the market. While we couldn't confirm their precise value, similar offline sales indicated a range of three to four Divine Orbs
  • The second pair that caught our attention was a Torch Oak variant with a +1 to gems implicit. These were estimated to be worth approximately one Divine Orb.


Market Considerations

As we progress further into the league, it's crucial to be realistic about what will sell and what might not. While certain combinations, such as boots with plus two projectiles or plus two auras, had their merits, the current demand might not justify their prices. As a result, it's essential to carefully evaluate each pair's worth, considering factors like implicit, roll values, and comparable sales.


Remember that the market is constantly evolving, and new build discoveries may arise, affecting the demand for specific item combinations. While we've shared our insights and observations, it's always advisable to conduct your research and stay updated with the current trends and prices.



After assessing the crafting results of the Shepherd Sandals, we can conclude that our investment was not entirely profitable. However, there were notable exceptions, such as the March of the Legions and the Torch Oak Steps with desirable implicit. The market value of these items can vary, but we estimate them to be around three to four Divine Orbs and one Divine Orb, respectively.

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