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POE 3.23 Legion Farming | 40 Divines Per Hour: Key Components and Strategies

PoE 3.23 Legion farming strategy is one of the most efficient and profitable ways for players to increase their income. They can accumulate so much wealth to make them happy, by carefully optimizing various aspects of the farming process that will lead them to this type of gameplay. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key components and strategies involved in legion farming.


POE 3.23 Legion Farming | 40 Divines Per Hour: Key Components and Strategies



Key for this farming strategy is the belt known as The Headhunter. If your character kills a rare monster with mods they get those mods for a short amount of time and that's how it becomes an important aspect of speed clears and efficiency in general. Like any other build you will use a Headhunter if it is possible.


Passive Tree

Optimize your passive tree in order to maximize the number of encounters with legions and improve on your legions' farming effectiveness.

  • Focus on Legion and Harbinger Nodes: For example start from Mad Devotion down below for faster start off. Thence take Monumental as well as Supplication respectively for more Legions spawning simultaneously with shrine benefits.
  • Path to Right Side for More Loot: Play Change of Fans card or Protracted Battle (Only when necessary) to improve more Legion clear speed as well as looting efficiency.


POE 3.23 Legion Farming Altas Tree

Altas Tree:



This boosts outcomes from each map through usage of sextant. With appropriate placement of sextants within the atlas there could be additional benefits like having more currency drops or increased size in packs or other mods like exp/hour% thus contributing towards farm's profitability.



Depending on the type of farm selected, it is better to choose scarabs that will enrich the game. For instance, among others, are sulfite scarabs which increase damage and provide more movement speed, legion scarabs increasing the frequency of legion encounters and harbringer scarabs for farming additional harbingers to gain more currency drops.


Recommended Maps

Dunes, Cemetery and Tropical Island are great maps for Legion farming due to their open layouts that allow easy clearing out of Legion encounters. These maps offer the best returns per run since they create an environment that highly favors a maximum number of returns.


Map Device Setup

Add another Legion encounter when setting up the map device to increase Legions per map by a huge percentage. With this strategy, players can expect more valuable rewards from each run. Red alters can be added in order to enjoy their high rewards too.

  • Map Setup: Chisel then alch your maps. Avoid mods that brick your build.
  • Adding Legion and Red Alters: Raise your Legions' rate while considering the lucrative Red Alters.


Running the Maps

Fast killing of monsters in each map followed by using shrines tactically with Legion encounters should lead to efficient clearing of all maps. To maximize on loot potential ensure all legions have been freed before thorough clearing commences.


Using Incubators

For example ornate incubators should be used mainly for currency drops and diviner incubator mainly stack deck rewards purposefully for these incubators thus raising overall profitability every run considerably. Some less valuable ones can be filtered out so as to enhance looting process while saving time at same time.


Maximizing Loot

To make more profit, the first priority should be put on emblems, maps, stack decks and other valuable poe currency items. To maximize profits, you can collect emblems like Maraketh and Templar in sets that you will later sell in the market. In addition, follow valuable drops from Legion encounters and use strict filters to refine your looting process.


Making Money

The average profitability of this legion farming strategy is approximately 40 divine orbs per hour based on comprehensive data collected from 50 sample runs. This estimate considers several factors such as emblems, maps and currency drops alongside other high value loot obtained during the runs.


End Game Thoughts & Conclusion

Legion farming in PoE 3.23 is a highly efficient and profitable strategy for players who are looking to get maximum returns on their investments.

  • A Fun and Profitable Strategy: Making a lot of money may not be fun for some people but it is an enjoyable way to spend time with friends or even alone sometimes; they pay off.
  • Enhance Your Build: Getting a headhunter into your build if possible makes it better for farming purposes as well as maximizes your loot outcomes.
  • Stay Efficient: Speed and focus is key remember that. Optimize your map route through, break out the generals, clear effectively.
  • Keep Learning: Always keep yourself updated with new ways to do things and increase efficiency. The world of PoE keeps changing; so too should your farmer's strategies.


Finally, Legion farming in PoE 3.23 offers a compelling opportunity for players to make loads of money while being engaged with the game play itself. By following the advice given in this guide and modifying them according to individual playing style; one can harness the wealth that comes with Legion farming in Path of Exile.

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