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PoE 3.23 Elderslayer Boss Rush Strategy: High Profit & Fun Mechanics

Yo, Exile, You plunging into the Elderslayer Boss Rush? We have gone down the Guardian mine for these invitations, this is a gold mine. However, after having completed 80 maps in a row monotonously, we were tired of that. This guide is a fun and lucrative twist on Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League's Elderslayer Boss Rush.


PoE 3.23 Elderslayer Boss Rush Strategy: High Profit & Fun Mechanics


Gear Up and Get Set

  • SE Copy Beast: A heist at 12chaos each with a high possibility of success.
  • Harbinger Currency: More bosses to your map means more chances for fracturing shards to drop—each shard is worth enough money.
  • Gilded Scurab & Conqueror Maps: Market prices are being monitored. The best buying price is around 270 chaos, but be careful during price spikes.


Scarabs and Mechanics

  • Polished Harbinger and Beast Scarabs: Offers nice value without breaking the bank.
  • Gilded Expedition Scarabs: Big booms generate sizable returns due to increased density; make sure your build can handle it.
  • Essence from Map Device: For not much chaos investment you may end up getting even higher values.


Running the Maps

  • Rolling the Maps: Chisel your maps by using alch and rolling them. Aim at high-quantity rolls and be ready for some dangerous mods.
  • Boss Strategy: Look out for Red Beasts, especially rare ones. Put it at the center for expeditions; blow it up and collect your rewards.
  • Invitations: Roll these for high quantity while hoping for the best. High-risk, high-reward!


Atlas Passive Tree

  • Focus on Vivid Memories, Remnants of a Past, and Conquered Conquerors for additional map drops and profits.
  • Don't forget the Harbinger, Essence, Frog Beasts, and Expedition nodes for maximizing your earnings.


PoE 3.23 Elderslayer Boss Rush Altas Tree


Why These Mechanics?

  • Essence: Very profitable, almost mandatory.
  • Beasts: Easy to handle and very rewarding.
  • Expedition: For the thrill of the big boom.
  • Harbinger: Because who doesn't like extra loot?


Investment and Returns

  • Initial Investment: Roughly 46 divines.
  • Profit: Well, let's just say the numbers were quite satisfying. But remember, this is based on a sample size of 80 maps. Your mileage may vary.


Final Thoughts

  • Time Investment: Approximately 7 hours for 20 sets. Efficient and effective.
  • Fun Factor: Changing Delirium to Expedition made grinding fun.
  • Choosing Mechanics: Always pick what you enjoy doing most. You are more likely to be consistent with it and money will come your way.


So there you have it, a guide to not only making your Elderslayer Boss Rush profitable but also enjoyable. Remember that it's not about the strategy only; enjoy the journey. So, gear up yourself into the Affliction League of Path of Exile and may the loot be with you!

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