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PoE 3.22 Map Guides: Top 10 Maps, Divination Cards, and Strategies

Welcome, Exiles, to our guide on the top 10 maps in Path of Exile's Patch 3.22. In this article, we'll dive into the reasons behind our choices, explore the new divination cards, discuss map layouts, and highlight Atlas synergies. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide will help you optimize your map farming strategies and reap the rewards.


PoE 3.22 Map Guides: Top 10 Maps, Divination Cards, and Strategies


Top 10 Maps

Let's kick things off with the top 10 maps for Patch 3.22. These maps have been carefully selected based on their overall effectiveness, divination card drops, and map layouts.

We've divided them into three tiers:

  • Tier 1: Crimson Temple
  • Tier 2 to 6: Haunted Mansion, Beach, Dunes, Cemetery, Tropical Island
  • Tier 7 to 10: Atoll, Tower, Misa, Shore


New Divination Cards

Patch 3.22 introduced two new divination cards that significantly impact map farming strategies.

The first card is Fire of Unknown Origin, which drops in Academy and Resonance maps with an item level of 81 or higher.

This card, however, isn't widely farmed because it lacks the value of some other cards.


The second, and more important, addition is "The Fortunate" divination card. It is currently one of the best cards to farm in the game, being 60-80% more common than "The Doctor" and other top cards. The Fortunate drops in nature-themed sunny areas, including several maps on the Atlas. Additionally, Patch 3.23 will make Burial Chambers a prime map for divination cards due to its new additions, including a Divine Orb card and a Headhunter card. This change will make Burial Chambers a top map to farm when it returns to the Atlas.


Top Divination Card Categories

To understand the value of divination cards better, let's categorize them. The top four categories, taking trade league prices and card abundance into account:

  • Apothecary
  • Clean Headhunter cards (Doctor, Nurse, Patient)
  • Divine Orb cards (The Fortunate, Brother's Gift)
  • Two Mirror Shard cards (Seven Years Bad Luck, Unrequited Love)

Keep an eye on the prices of Headhunter cards, as their fluctuation can impact their position on this list during the league.


Map Layouts and Tile Sets

Map layouts and tile sets play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of a map for farming various content, such as Legion, Blight, or Heist. Considerations include:

  • Legion encounters benefit from open layouts.
  • Blight encounters excel in narrow spaces and dead ends.
  • Heist requires exploring all corners of the map.
  • Ritual encounters benefit from predictable layouts.

Some maps, like Mausoleum and Misa, are excellent for Eldritch Altars due to their boss mechanics, making them top choices for farming certain modifiers.



In Patch 3.22, Crimson Temple and Haunted Mansion take the top two spots for map farming due to their valuable divination cards. However, other maps, such as Beach, Dunes, Cemetery, and Tropical Island, offer a mix of great layouts and divination card opportunities. Remember that map farming strategies can vary, and you should choose maps that align with your preferred playstyle and goals.

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