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PoE 3.23 Essence Farming Strategy: Lower Thresholds With Higher Profitability

This guide will teach you the tricks of Essence farming in PoE 3.23, which is a low-entry strategy with high margins. If you have always wanted to know how to farm Essences efficiently, even in Tier 1 maps and turn them into Divine Orbs that flow like a stream, this guide will show you how!



PoE 3.23 Essence Farming Strategy: Lower Thresholds With Higher Profitability


What You Need to Get Started?

To start your journey as an Essence farmer, you should have a build that can deal some decent single target damage since the essence monsters can be quite tanky. Speed also plays a crucial role; the faster your build is, the more profitable your farming will be.


It's worth mentioning that though Wildwoods can be tough due to Wisp empowerment, they are still manageable with strong single-target capabilities.


For your map needs, any Tier 1 map would do just fine because they are easily self-sustaining for you. Consequently, having a base of roughly 20 chaos orbs is important in order to afford an essential map craft of essence and buy Remnants of Corruption.


Atlas Passive Tree

54 Atlas passives must be invested into this strategy. This means doing all white maps and some yellows at least – it's not too difficult for newbies.


You don't have to use essence tab but it would help greatly especially when upgrading or trading. Your atlas passive focus should be on all Essence nodes without taking the two nodes for Remnant farming unless this is one of your strategies.

PoE 3.23 Basic 7th Gate Tree

PoB Link:


Testing Methodology

We performed our experiment by running various maps from Tier 1-4. We focused on realistic and conservative results during our methodology:

  • Random choice of maps including those with layouts that are not very good for balanced average.
  • As essence rewards do not change depending on rarity level of maps, we played them unmodified.
  • Character setup was slightly nerfed to imitate real conditions of an average player.
  • Cleaning up most of the map and going for quick extra content.
  • Ignoring Essences of lower tiers and concentrating on only the valuable ones.


How Many Divines Per Hour?

In our test, 25 maps yielded a net profit of 1,069 chaos orbs, or roughly 4.97 Divines per hour. This is a conservative estimate; the rate can be higher if you farm more efficiently.


How to Sell Essences in Bulk Easily?

To sell Essences in bulk is easy. Set your premium stash tab to public and price each essence individually. We are recommending it as one deafening essence going for one divine, should be sold in bundles of multiple ones. For chaos sales, bundle them in quantities that reflect their market value. Check prices based on current market trends but keep in mind that bulk sales attract more customers.


Using Remnants of Corruption

For your Essences to have greater worth you need Remnants of Corruption. They should be used strategically:

  • Potential valuable corruption-only essences can be created by using them on purple essences.
  • On essence monsters with multiple or high-tier essences for better upgrades.
  • Avoid using remnants on monsters with only one or two essences especially if they are already at the shrieking tier.


Boss Rush Endgame Essence Farming:


Remnant Farming

If you would like to farm your own Remnants of Corruption, invest points into relevant nodes on the Atlas Passive Tree. Consider using compasses with a modifier for increased Remnant drop rates. However, bear in mind that using remnant on an already corrupted monster cancels out further upgrades.


Advanced Essence Farming Strategies

While growing up, you can combine Essence farming with other profitable ventures like boss dashing or sulfurite. Essences farm mixes well with strategies that consume less time in each map.


For heavily modded maps it is not good as the map level does not affect essence rewards. While doing endgame farming think about incorporating essence farming to Maven invited boss runs for more profit.


When you follow these strategies and adapt them to your style of play, you will be able to make Essence farming a highly lucrative enterprise. Do not forget that the secret to success in Path of Exile is adaptability and adjusting strategies to match your build and preferences.

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