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PoE 3.22 Chaos Damage Impending Doom Support Pathfinder Build

Are you ready to embrace the chaos and wield the power of Impending doom Support? Today, we're diving into an absolute banger of a Doom Blast build known as The Impending Doom brought to you by the skilled Path of Exile player and content creator, Crouching Tuna. This Poe 3.22 build is not only a satisfying and powerful choice, but it's also a journey of progression throughout the league. So, buckle up and let's delve into the pros, cons, gameplay mechanics, and strategies of this exciting build.


PoE 3.22 Chaos Damage Impending Doom Support Pathfinder Build



Playing the Impending Doom build is a thrilling experience that revolves around chaining curses and unleashing devastating explosions. Cast Temporal Chains as your main skill, which triggers Vixen's Entrapment due to the interaction between cursed hex skills and the socketed curse spells. The cooldown recovery rate reduces the internal cooldown, allowing you to cascade curses and create a cascade effect that triggers the Impending doom explosion.

To enhance your damage and survivability, make use of Malevolence for its buff, which lasts for 30 seconds upon activation. Move through maps by Shield Charging between packs and right-clicking on monsters. The proliferation mechanic ensures enemies in the vicinity fall like dominos as poison spreads, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.


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Pros and Cons



  • Chaos Damage Dominance: The Impending Doom build excels in dealing massive chaos damage, making it one of the best chaos damage with time builds in the game. Thanks to the Pathfinder's proliferation mechanics, you'll enjoy comfortable clears, obliterating entire packs of enemies as poison spreads to nearby monsters.
  • Incredible Recovery: The build shines in the early game thanks to the Master Surgeon passive. This grants you permanent life flask uptime, offering consistent life regeneration. As you progress, you'll transition into the late-game variant, enhancing your tankiness with Elemental damage reduction and effectively becoming nearly immune to most damage sources.
  • All-Rounder Potential: The Impending Doom build boasts a high ceiling and scalability into the endgame. With the newly reintroduced Eternal Damnation, your potential is even greater. Whether you're tackling regular content or challenging endgame encounters, this build can be your loyal companion throughout the league.



  • Complexity: Embracing the full potential of the Impending Doom build requires an understanding of Cast Speed and Cooldown Recovery breakpoints. While these mechanics are integrated into the provided Path of Building, making changes to the build might impact your DPS. Experiment cautiously to find the right balance between Cast Speed and cooldown recovery.
  • Early Game Single Target Damage: In the early stages, the build's single target damage might not be as impressive as some alternatives. While it's possible to take down all bosses, it requires additional investment and should be treated as a late-game goal rather than an immediate achievement.
  • Reliance on Unique Items: To truly unlock the Impending Doom build's potential, Vixen's Entrapment is essential. However, these unique items can be expensive during the initial days of the league. If you're not planning to start with these items, consider rerolling into this build once you've secured them.


Build Progression

  • Early Game: Start with a Poison Concoction flask setup, focusing on cast speed, chaos damage, and skill effect duration. Gear choices are critical, with Vixen's Entrapment being the ultimate goal.
  • Mid Game: As you gather resources, aim for items like Apex and Domination, enhancing your damage and survivability.
  • End Game: Acquire key items like Doom Breaker, Lying Cyclone, and The Taste of Hate. These items significantly boost your mitigation and offensive capabilities.


Tips for Success

  • Learn the Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with the intricate mechanics of cast speed, cooldown recovery, and curse effects. Adjustments can affect your DPS and survivability.
  • Adapt to Single Targets: While early-game single-target damage might not be exceptional, investment in gear and skills can transform this build into a formidable boss slayer.
  • Unique Acquisition: Be prepared to invest in acquiring Vixen's Entrapment. It's a game-changer for the build's functionality.
  • Balance Cooldown Recovery: Achieve a balance between cooldown recovery and cast speed to optimize your damage output and survivability.


In conclusion

The Impending Doom build offers a thrilling journey through chaos and curses. With Crouching Tuna's expert guidance and the provided resources, you can conquer the Path of Exile realm with explosions of Impending doom that will leave your enemies in awe. Remember to adjust your strategies based on your resources and league progression, and always strive to refine your playstyle

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