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PoE 3.23 Kinetic Bolt Wand Crafting Guide: How to make it with minimum cost?

Today we look at how to craft the perfect Kinetic Bolt Wand for your Deadeye build in Path of Exile 3.23. This guide covers everything from selecting the right wand base to mastering various crafting techniques. Dive into the details of non-fractured, fractured prefix, and fractured suffix wands to elevate your gameplay.


PoE 3.23 Kinetic Bolt Wand Crafting Guide: How to make it with minimum cost?


Wand Base Types

First off, let's discuss the wand base types. It's crucial to choose the right base, as it significantly impacts your build.


Ideal Tier:

  • Imbued Wand: Top pick for its high crit chance and attack speed, plus the highest spell damage implicit.
  • Engraved and Carved Wands: Similar to Imbued but with slightly less spell damage. Rare but equally effective.


Acceptable Tier:

  • Driftwood Wand: Decent spell damage and crit chance. Slightly slower but a viable option.
  • Heist Bases: Good for their crit chance but slower. Includes the one giving endurance, frenzy, or power charges every 6 seconds.


Mediocre Tier:

Tornado and Serpent Wands: Acceptable but not ideal. Slower with okay spell damage.


Item Level:

Make sure your wand is at least item level 73 for top-tier crit strike chance rolls.


Crafting the Wand


1. Non-Fractured Wand:

  • Start with Essence Crafting using Zeal for attack speed, aiming for tier 3 or higher crit chance.
  • Clean the wand using annulment orbs, cannot roll attack mods, or by crafting "Suffixes cannot be changed" and scouring.
  • Finalize with multimod, spell damage, local lightning damage, and unveiling for guaranteed Elemental Penetration.


2. Fractured Prefix Wand:

  • Ideal for local lightning damage, hybrid spell damage with mana, flat fire, flat cold, or increased Elemental damage with attack skills.
  • Similar cleaning process as the non-fractured wand.
  • Multimod, add spell damage, local lightning damage, and unveil for Elemental Penetration.


3. Fractured Suffix Wand:

  • Best with a fractured attack speed or crit chance.
  • Essence Craft with Wrath for lightning damage and aim for high crit chance.
  • Clean and finalize similar to other wands, with a choice of a final suffix or an exalt slam for potential bonuses.


Crafting Notes

Crafting these wands can be intricate, but with patience and the right approach, you can achieve great results. Here are a few additional pointers:

  • Patience is Key: Sometimes you win when trying to craft; sometimes you don't. You should have multiple attempts ready
  • Economy Awareness: Always check the markets for the best deals on base wands and crafting components so as not to spend too much currency items on them.
  • POB Notes: Go to notes in Path of Building for detailed crafting steps and comparisons.


That wraps up our guide on crafting the Kinetic Bolt Wand in PoE 3.23. Remember – crafting is both art and science in Path of Exile. Experiment – adapt – find what works best within your playstyle!

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