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PoE 3.23 Most Profitable Farming: The Abyss League Bonanza | 300+ Divines / Hour

Today, we are going to go on a quest to discover the most profitable farming method in Path of Exile version 3.23. We've explore all about the Abyss League mechanism, optimize our Atlas passive tree and learn map rolling like a pro. Exploring Atlas passive tree, efficient map rolling, using scarabs and sextants, and managing investment costs.


PoE 3.23 Most Profitable Farming: The Abyss League Bonanza | 300+ Divines / Hour


Atlas Passive Tree

Your path to wealth is laid out by the Atlas passive tree. PoE 3.23 might seem like one-trick pony if you stick with Abyss, but it's worth every bit of it when it comes to rewards. We used to be an Abyss doubter until we realized how many rare spawns it can generate when properly leveraged. The secret is to embrace this mechanic and fine-tune your build accordingly for reaping its rewards.

PoE 3.23 Atlas Passive Tree

For those who cannot choose between Bestiary and Harbinger league: Bestiary gives rares of better conversion loot potential with higher quality. This is gold for someone starting right at the entrance with eldritch influence packs.


Rolling Maps for Maximum Yield

When rolling maps, you want to find a balance between pack size and mods that synergize with your build. You should aim for maps with high pack size while avoiding mods which will make your character weaker. By making pre-corruption checks, one can avoid ending up with unrunnable maps post corruption.

PoE 3.23 Rolling Maps

The best results from map corruptions are those that keep or improve your desired mods in place. If an eight-mod corrupted map contains Delirium orbs that work for your build, then this could be a mine of gold.


Utilizing Scarabs & Sextants Wisely

Scarabs and Sextants provide flavor for your farming feast just like spices do in cooking. You should choose Gilded Legion and Bestiary scarabs if you like a mix of loot and mechanics. Winged Abyss scarabs that are probably going to change your life, just be careful not to overload the map with too many mechanics that could stop Abyss from spawning.


Sextants should be chosen depending on your style of farming. You need to increase pack size and get more opportunities for good mechanics such as legion and beyond.


Calculating Investment Costs

The first step towards any successful venture is an investment plan. One needs to factor in costs of chisels, alchemies, chaos orbs and exalted orbs when rolling their maps. Delirium orbs might seem expensive but they are worth its weight in Exalted if applied properly.

PoE 3.23 Calculating Investment Costs

It must be remembered that not every map will turn out to be a winner, however this needs to be balanced again by considering the cost/ return ratio as we roll and run with maps strategically.


Full Map Showcase

We find ourselves in a hunter's domain; Hunter map where preparation meets opportunity. Before you take the plunge into hell, remember the golden rule: survival is paramount. Change your amulet, modify your gear for mobility plus resilience because no one likes an unexpected trip back to Standard.

PoE 3.23 Full Map Showcase Screenshot

As we look over the whisper realm laid before us, there is a smorgasbord of trails to follow. Keep an eye out for those telltale purple swirlies that herald Fury of Nature’s presence, supercharging your build and making sure ailments inflict their maximum damage on even the most tanky of beasts.


We navigate here and there through this labyrinth in search of events, the nodes of opportunities. Is that a thickened blue trail? Follow it! This is a breadcrumb road leading straight to an event without much wandering. Remember, every right turn brings you closer to that treasure filled loot cave.



Now let's talk highlights because, let' face it, that's why we're all here. Our first event is a vendor – thank God for those who did not want to start on a dull note. But this is not the end of the line. If you have eyes and luck enough, you will be hopping from one event to another event in your way.


But be cautious –these trails can deceive! A yellow path leaving from yellow occurrence may not give you access to wealth so think twice before spending huge amounts of whis power on them especially if you don't have much of it. What if things don't go as planned? Just take it as experience; even experts blunder too.


As you go down deeper and deeper, Abysses await you – these are like chaotic slots bursting at the seams with potentialities. Here is where your mastery comes in. One good timed weapon changeover around this area and a very well placed Frost Bomb over there just speak for themselves- you are more than surviving.


Looting Like a Pro

When looting, remember efficiency is key. You could easily do with two loot filters: one for premium currency and another for maps plus select uniques. Don't forget that time spent sorting through loot is time away from farming.


And speaking about loots – don't forget divine orbs either they are shiny or some signs of your farming skills but do not get swayed by their glitter; keep moving ahead for such high-valued targets.


The Final Verdict

So under normal circumstances would you run this map? Absolutely, if sitting on a 7K map with a nice mix of yellow and blue whis power. Colorwise, these are your most important currencies in the game as they offer risk vs. reward balance.


You will be wrapping up your run with a haul that would make Greust envious, so get ready for the next adventure. This is the time to switch back to your normal gear and get prepared for another go because there is always more money to make in Wraeclast.

PoE 3.23 Most Profitable Farming Result



Imagine hearing the clanging sound of money and watching treasure heaps grow—that's how our day went down as we see it. The loot was off the charts:

  • Currency Tab Overflow: An outstanding 4,700 Divines worth of currency, scarabs, and more.
  • Unique Maps Galore: An impressive collection, including several Jungle Valley maps valued at a base rate.
  • Mirrors of Kalandra Extravaganza: A chance draw of four mirrors, exceeding the expected two-three range.
  • High-Value Uniques: In a sea of tier-zero uniques, one Headhunter stood out alone among them all.
  • Winged Scarabs and Corrupted Loot: My seed capital was almost completely restored by tons of such items.
  • Gambling Ventures: From Ventor's Gambles to Valdos Boxes, this thrill was never absent.


Final Thoughts

When the dust settled after gambling spree it was time for some introspection. Despite opening loads of Ventor's Gambles and Valdos Boxes we didn't have much luck on our side here. So what is my decision? We are removing Ventor's Gambles from my loot filter – undying love? Goodbye!

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