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PoE 3.23 Delve Farming Guide: How to Make Divines Fast and Easy?

Hi, exiles! Let's delve into the game of Path of Exile once more. Let's not wait for that 'best Delve guide' – let's break it down now on how you can get PoE Divines in Delve during Affliction. We will discuss various things about the Delve: biomes, getting started, leveling up your Voltaxic Generator as well as the best ways to obtain divines, which are so precious while playing such games. So, let's dive!



PoE 3.23 Delve Farming Guide: How to Make Divines Fast and Easy?


Diving into delve

  • Getting Started: Begin with Niko in Act 4 who is our companion. Start delving from White tier maps for maximum efficiency.
  • Understanding Depths: The journey starts at the top and goes downwards as your character levels.
  • Scaling Challenges: The deeper you go, the harder it gets. Get ready for major challenges.


PoE 3.23 Delve


Biomes Explained

  • Biomes Explained: Biomes in Delve are similar to different regions having different loots like Abyssal Depths and Frozen Hollows.
  • Targeting Primeval Ruins: These special biomes may contain bosses worth a lot of azerite.
  • Fossil Farming: Different biomes yield distinct fossils. Go after biomes dropping valuable fossils such as Hollow, Fractured, and Glyphic ones.


Starting Delve and Setting Up The Voltaxic Generator

  • Early Mapping Strategy: Once you start hitting White tier maps you can start delving. Focus on balancing your Voltaxic Generator.
  • Upgrading the Generator: Prioritize sulfite capacity, light radius, darkness resistance, flares and flare radius.
  • Balancing Act: Keep leveling up different areas of delve; adapt based on what you need.


Sustaining Delve

  • Stashing Scarabs: Always ensure you have a good stock of rusted Sulphite scarabs. They are the key to consistent Delve runs. Bulk buying is your friend.
  • Juicing Maps for Maximum Sulfite: Chisel up those maps and choose your mods wisely. Add in some sacrifice fragments for that extra quant. Keep an eye on Nico missions in your Atlas and use Seance to boost your Sulphite haul.


Atlas Tree Setup

  • Wandering Path Strategy: Go for Wandering Path node on the Atlas. Each small Atlas passive node now gives twice its sulfite implications.
  • Optimizing Quantity (Quant): Focus on increasing Quant on your Atlas, as this impacts the amount of Sulphite you collect. Also, look for double drops and other beneficial modifiers.


Strategies for Running Delve

  • Vertical vs Horizontal Delving: Choose whether you want to delve deeper into harder challenges or go horizontal with a more balanced approach.
  • Farming Darkness & Walls: Read your crawler's path and put flares where necessary. Always keep track of what's around you and know when it's time to push through or back off.
  • Speed Delving: Blast from node to node if you're aiming at Crystal Kings or just want quick runs overall; ignore side areas unless they look valuable.
  • Depth Sweet Spot: 250-350 depth is the ideal range for most builds to farm at. If you are more confident, drop down to 500 depths for better chances at Primeval biomes and Crystal Kings.


Currency Farming Strat 1: Resonators & Niko

  • Bulk Up on Resonators: First thing first, grab all those resonators. Take a bunch from Niko using your hard earned azerite and then flip them for a good amount of profit. You can sell them individually at about 2.5 chaos or sell them in bulk for Divines.
  • Setting Up Shop: In a public stash tab, put all the resonators you have for sale (you might want to undercut just a little bit to make your sales faster) and wait for the divines.
  • The Chaos to Divine Conversion: Don't like waiting? Sell for chaos and convert to divines through trades. These shoes are expensive but they will make you stronger than ever before.


Currency Farming Strat 2: Target Drop Nodes

  • Packed with Special Nodes: This method is all about focusing on special nodes such as Time-Lost Caverns that contain glyphic fossils or Abyssal Depths where hollow fossils can be found. Each type of node drops specific loot, so pick your poison!
  • Necromancer Nodes and More: Watch out for nodes like Necromancer ones that have +1 Spectre chests. Delve-exclusive items can fetch a hefty price.
  • Node Knowledge Is Power: Knowing which node drops what is key. From magma chambers to charged armor nodes, delve is a treasure trove if you know where to look.


Currency Farming Strat 3: Boss Busting

  • The Crystal King Conquest: You want some of these juicy drops? All's Uprising amulets could net you up to 80 divines depending on the mods. Even the less popular rolls can be worth a solid chunk of change.
  • Doriani's Machinarium and More: Other bosses such as Vaal Architect should not be underestimated. Doriani's Machinarium map fragments and precursor emblems can be quite lucrative.
  • Depth Matters: Dive deep for a higher chance of boss encounters. The deeper you go, the better the odds. You can still find great stuff even in lower depths though.


Builds for Delving

  • BoneShatter Juggernaut: It is perfect for new players or those who don't like to fuss around. It is robust, reliable and does a fairly good job of delving. That is why you must remember that flashiest skills are not important but rather survival and consistency.
  • Toxic Rain Pathfinder: If you want speed mixed with a bit of firepower, Toxic Rain Pathfinder would be your best bet. It's like a free Mageblood considering what the flasks can do. Besides, it’s ideal for players who love hit-and-run tactics.
  • Venom Gyre Berserker: This one isn't for everyone because honestly, it's a bit of a currency drain. However, if you have Mirrors lying around and are in the mood for some serious damage output then go ahead!
  • Other Noteworthy Builds: Poison Molten Strike, Blade Vortex, Scourge Arrow and Lightning Strike builds should also be noted. They each have their own unique taste which can be adjusted to deep delving.


There you have it, Exiles – your quick guide to making Divines the easy way in Delve for PoE 3.23 Affliction. Remember, Delve calls for as much brain as brawn. Carefully select your paths; farm those fossils and before you know it you will have plenty of Divines… Dive deep and farm smart – may RNGesus be on your side!

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