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PoE 3.23 Invitation Farming: Scour & Go Atlas Tree Strategy

Find out more about Path of Exile 3.23's final Scour and Go Delirium Atlas strategy, which includes some strategies, atlas tree setup, favorite maps to run and how optimally do City Square and Park maps for instance. This is a simple guide that will ensure one gets very fair and consistent currency turnover without the need for Affliction magic find.



PoE 3.23 Invitation Farming: Scour & Go Atlas Tree Strategy


Strategy Basics

  • Objective: A reliable, low-mental capacity stratagem meant for farming currency poe.
  • Needed: A few maps, Wisdom Scrolls and Scouring Orbs.
  • Process: Do all the scoured maps while being self-sustainable through The Wandering Path.


Atlas Tree

  • Purpose: Maximize Delirium orbs + mirrors.
  • Main Nodes: Delirium Mirror Chances, Orb Chances plus Maven's Invitation Drop Rate.
  • More Nodes: Increased Map Quantity & Rarity with focus on maximizing Duplicate Map Drops
  • Search Tip: Use 'higher' in ATLAS SEARCH in regards to nodes that enhance map tier chances higher.

PoE 3.23 Scour and Go Delirium Atlas Strategy Atlas Tree

Atlas Tree


Favorite Maps

  • What Are The Best Maps To Use? These are City Square and Park because of their layout in addition to consistency with where bosses are found.
  • Why These Maps? They provide easy accessibility to bosses as well as high possibilities of getting delirium rewards.
  • Selection We Prefer Most – Switch between favouriting City Square or Park for efficient map drops.


Which Loot Will I Get?

  • Main Targets: Sirus Invitations, Delirium Orbs & Simulacrum Splinters
  • Invitation Value: Currently around 2.8 divines in bulk.
  • Delirium Orbs: Worth around 6-7 per divine orb.


How to Run City Square Map?

Clear a quarter and kill the boss, then leave. If you have a Delirium mirror instead, try to get four rewards before taking on the boss. Use fast movement skill or high movement speed.


How to Run Park Map?

  • Approach – Similar to above but the boss always spawns on the corner opposite your spawn point.
  • Strategy – Keep running around till Delirium rewards are enough, then go for the boss.


Invitation Prices & Example Sales

  • General Pricing Strategy – For instance, sell 20 Sirus invitations at about 2.8 divines each when sold in bulk will fetch more than selling them one by one.
  • Market Watch – Optimal selling times depend on fluctuating prices.


How to Sell Loot?

  • Delirium Orbs - For bulk selling use the TFT Discord. You can use tools like PoE Stack to price your orbs.
  • Maps and Invitations – Sell as many as possible at once so that you can get better rates. Use both trade and TFT for different selling outlets.
  • Bulk Tool - Utilize tools like Poe Stack for setting prices based on Poe Ninja rates


Compare To Jungle Valley/Mesa

  • Profit Comparison – Mesa and Jungle Valley runs are slightly less profitable than this because their layouts aren't as easy and loot isn't as good.
  • Loot Advantage – By virtue of being easier to sell in bulk and more valuable in general, items from Park and City Square are preferable when compared to items from other maps.


Tips for Success

  • Speed is Key – Ensure your build is fast in both movement and boss killing.
  • Keep an Eye on Inventory – Change the maps you like the most frequently for optimal drops.
  • Bulk Sales Ready – Get enough items together before doing bulk sales to make more money from them
  • Stay Informed – Keep track of market prices for delirium orbs and invitations


In summary, this strategy is about looking for an efficient way to make more profit and still enjoy the game as one plays it in Path of Exile 3.23. It guarantees a consistent income stream with little inconvenience when farming for either Sirus invitations or Delirium orbs.

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