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[PoE 3.23] Arc of Surging Trickster Build: Dominating Endgame on 1 Divine Budget

What's poppin' Exiles! Understand the mystery behind the Arc of Surging Trickster build in PoE 3.23 that dominates endgame content with just a single Divine Orb investment. This guide will take you through how the build works, gear capping and what it can do when money is tight. So what makes it so special? Let's dive into this thrilling tale!


[PoE 3.23] Arc of Surging Trickster Build: Dominating Endgame on 1 Divine Budget


Methodology & Results

  • Objective: Find out if we could perform effectively within a 1 Divine budget.
  • Approach: After reaching level 71, essential gears were obtained within the budget that included flasks and a Transfigured Arc gem.
  • Results: Map tiers up to T16 were rapidly passed through, amazing boss kills were seen, and survivalbility was remarkable.


Why Arc of Surging & Charge Stacking?

  • Arc of Surging: It gives high damage especially for uncovering less dense maps.
  • Charge Stacking: Balanced attack and defense with increased output from power charges.


The Gearing

  • Total Budget: 220 chaos.
  • Key Items: Six-link Restless Ward, Arc of Surging gem, and essential resistance and energy shield gear.
  • Charge Stacking Gear: Cheap items like Rik's Impatience, Malachi's Loop, and Badge of the Brotherhood .
  • Jewels: We found some which were within our budget.


PoE 3.23 Arc of Surging Trickster Build Passive Tree and Gear


Endgame Progression & Testing

  • Performance: Handled T16 maps with ease, excellent energy shield recovery, and solid resistance to Elemental damage.
  • Content Tackled: Delve bosses, Guardians, and Uber Elder.
  • Defensive Weakness: Vulnerable to large physical damage hits due to limited mitigation layers.


Defensive Performance

  • Strengths: High energy shield leech and regen, over 120% of Elemental damage recouped as energy shield.
  • Weaknesses: Lacks physical damage mitigation, 50% spell suppression.


Uber Elder on 1 Div

Experience: Smooth and efficient kill with significant burst damage and survivability.


How Much Damage?

  • Burst Damage: Over 15 million with unleash off a hydrosphere.
  • Crit Chance: 90% with diamond flask, 48% crit multi.


How Does Arc of Surging & Hydrosphere Work?

  • Mechanics: Targets hydrosphere, allowing arc to split and damage adjacent bosses.
  • Effective Burst: Utilizes unleash for high damage output.


Clearing on Arc of Surging

  • Performance: Fast in lower density, benefits from Herald of Ice for explosion effects.
  • Potential Upgrade: Level 20 V Arc of Surging for linked support gems.


What Content to Do?

  • Recommendations: Ideal for bossing, delving, sanctum, breach, Legion, and Heist.
  • Not Recommended For: Exclusive wisp farming.


Earning Lots of Currency on 1 Div Budget

  • Earnings: Over five divines in a few hours, plus valuable drops.
  • Method: Varied endgame content, not focused on farming.


Power Charge Stacking Guide

  • Core Items: Rik's Impatience and Badge of the Brotherhood.
  • Supplementary Items: Malachi's Loop, Graven's Secret, Anathema.
  • Charge Mechanics: Maximize power charges, automate cursing with Arcanist Brand.
  • Performance: Offers significant boosts in both offense and defense. 


So there you have it folks – an affordable but formidable build centered on the Arc of Surging Trickster. So go out there and explore how far you can run this setup!

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