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PoE 3.23 Wisp Empowered Abyss Farming Guide: 200+ Divine Orbs

Hi there, Exiles! Would you like to find a lot more treasure in your game of Path of Exile in the future? That's right—If the thought of farming 200 Divines gets your adrenaline pumping, this is the guide for you. We are going to get deep into how to use wisp empowered abysses in Affliction League. It just feels like flicking on a magic find switch and watching loot pour out of monsters. 



PoE 3.23 Wisp Empowered Abyss Farming Guide: 200+ Divine Orbs


Setup & Atlas

The Arsenal

  • Four Sextants and four Scarabs – The Seventh Gate via Map Device
  • Use gilded Abyss Scarabs plus one additional Abyss Sextant targeting Abyss mechanics. They're loot pinatas that especially ending in a Stygian Spire.
  • Harbingers are my new best friend. You can use a Harbinger currency Sextant along with a gilded Harbinger Scarab. They're not just fancy; they make money.
  • Expedition is your wildcard for consistent profits and don't forget Rusted Sulphite Scarab for those sweet defense bonuses.


Atlas Strategy

  • Eldrich, Cryptic, Mortal gateways should be prioritized: These are your bread and butter.
  • Blockers are Ritual Alters, Blight, Ultimatum and Heist: Trust me you will not miss them.
  • Key nodes: Pack of Energy for Sulphite, Big Boom Danig for Expedition as well as all the Harbinger ones. Ghosts aren't only scary but they can earn Seance profitably.
  • Maximize Abyss nodes – they are your best bet. This way, it is possible to pack more and increase loot.


How to Run it?

Map Strategy:

  • Hunt for those wisps; follow colors – blue is golden.
  • Aim for 4k-7k loot value per map; anything less is just meh.
  • Go straight to the center of the map, kill the boss first, then spawn Quant Altars. It's all about order and efficiency.
  • Play smart. Clear in a circle, hit those abysses as you find them, and avoid unnecessary risks.


Build Requirements:

  • Make sure your build can handle empowered monsters: We poison Scourge AR Pathfinder ate them for breakfast.
  • Keep an eye out for fractured items and the high-demand bases such as bows and quivers. Some of these items are hidden gems.


What have I got?

Loot Breakdown:

  • Five tabs filled with loot—it's almost insane how much you can collect.
  • Sold fractured items, extra maps, and special drops like Einhar's memory of harvest beasts.
  • Bulk sell wherever possible; individual sales are useless when you have 200 Stygian Vises.



  • So, total haul will be around 180 Divines from 50 maps after excluding some outliers like Eyes of a Great Wolf. 
  • fter subtracting the investment, we still have a great ROI here!


Was farming Abyss Worth it?

  • Absolutely! It is a big time sink (think 7-12.5 hours depending on how fast you farm), but it pays off so much better than Scriptoriums or other similar strategies. I averaged around 20 Divines per hour which was quite sweet.
  • However, note that these results are based on different builds and economy fluctuation thus keep an eye on the market prices too!


So, was it worth it? Definitely! However, variety is the spice of life, and we are already thinking about new plans. How about you? Are you a one-strategy wanderer or do you use many tactics?  Sick of that same old grind? Perhaps its time for a change. Meanwhile, bask in the glory of your loot and happy farming Exiles!

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