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The Witcher 3 Secret Ending That Cant Be Unlocked

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has become one of the most awarded games in industry history with one of their greatest strengths in history, including optional missions that leave players in doubt about what the best decision to make by Gerald de Rivia and which Possible events can be triggered from this choice. There is an arc of stories, however, that at the release of CD Project Red's action RPG allowed players to circumvent the game's choices and consequences system and unlock a secret ending

Moira's, The Ladies of the Forest

One of the main arches of missions of the game, with outcome in Quest Return to the Twisted Swamp, involves Moira's, also known as the Forest Ladies, the bloodthirsty baron, Anna Stronger, the baron's wife who fled her husband after suffering successive aggression, and the spirit From the forest, an ancient entity who was killed by the grounds and had his spirit imprisoned by them. The story arc also defines the destination of the Down Warren village, which regularly makes a candy trail for the village children to continue to the cabin where they live, and five of the children who live at that time in the cabin of the Moira's, but in Some time will be devoured by them, an offering that villagers regularly do in exchange for a life free of misery that plagues the Helen region.

kill or free the spirit from the forest?

Set in Helen, the final stretch of this arc is marked by a choice that Gerald should make after meeting the grounds and asking about the meeting the three entities had with Cirri. There, they require Gerald to kill the spirit of the forest, but it will be up to the player to decide what to do really and deal with the consequences. In exchange for protection of the Moira's and Prosperity, the residents of the Down Warren village agree to make a series of sacrifices, which from the ears of the residents, who cut them and offer the grounds, to the delivery of children from the region to the Moira's through A trail of sweets.

After some time living comfortably, these children end up being killed by the Moors and devoured by them.


In the missions arc involving the Moors, Anna Stronger, the missing wife of the bloodthirsty baron, made a pact with the Moors to stay in the cabin of the trio of entertainment, and she is the person who takes care of the children who were offered most recently by the village of Down Warren. At one point in history, Gerald meets Anna, still not knowing who she is, and knows the children and the Moors. In the search for information by Cirri, Gerald receives a proposal in exchange for information from his pupil and species of the foster daughter: to kill the spirit of the forest, an entity that, even imprisoned, remains alive in spirit and is quite powerful, to the point that it is still be feared by the Moors.

Who deserves to be saved?

Upon reaching the spirit of the forest, Gerald talks to the entity, which makes him another proposal: if the wizard frees him, the spirit will save the children who live with the grounds. If Gerald accepts, Down Warren's village will be completely destroyed, Anna will die at the end of the bow and the bloodthirsty baron, taken by guilt and mourning, will commit suicide in the pillar do Core. The children, however, will be saved by the spirit of the forest and taken safely to the Arabella school in NORAD, where they will have a chance to start a new life. In this end, Gerald even reunites the children and has access to a letter showing that they were recently admitted to school, appearing at dawn and sleeping, as they were taken there by the spirit of the forest. If Gerald accepts the proposal of the Moors and killing the spirit of the forest, Anna will survive, but because of a frame of the Moors will end up losing sanity by finally freeing from the pact. The bloodthirsty baron will leave Helen in search of a cure for his wife, while Down Warren's village will remain intact. Children, however, will eventually be killed and later devoured by the grounds.

The secret ending that ceased to exist

In the first versions of The Witcher 3, still in 2015, the year of release of the game, several players reported in forums on the internet that it was possible to get a third secret ending, most likely due to a possible game programming failure. And free the spirit of the forest before talking to the Moors for the first time, the entity would free the children and destroy the village, but Anna would remain alive, although losing her sanity in the process, with the bloodthirsty baron leaving with her wife in search of A cure.

Proof that children are alive, even if there is no alternative path any conversation about them when Gerald finds the spirit of the forest, is in the fact that Gerald finds the document that shows that the children were admitted to the school of Arabella, with the Text noting that they appeared asleep in front of the school at dawn. In this path, Anna is not punished by the Moors with death, even with dialog lines of dialogue about what happened to the children. As Gerald is seen by the Moira's as the sole guilty of liberating the spirit of the forest and the consequent disappearance of the children of the cabin, Anna remains alive, as well as the Baron.


After noticing the failure, as a third outcome for the mission Return to the Twisted Swamp was not programmed, CD Project released an update that still allows Gerald to free the spirit from the forest even before meeting the Moira's for the first time, but that leaves the fate of the children completely uncertain. Today, if the player opts this way, the only certainty we have is that Anna and Baron will survive in the outcome of the bow and that the village will be decimated by the spirit of the forest. The whereabouts of the children become completely uncertain, because at a certain moment of the mission, the Moira simply that they devoured the children, but shortly thereafter they are generally blamed for their disappearance In the end, we left without any proof of what happened to the orphans, because they do not appear at Parabola's school, but there is also no evidence that the children were killed and devoured by the Moors. Of course, there are players who speculate that the children were released by the spirit of the forest, but with an unknown whereabouts, while others interpret the fact that Anna was kept alive by the grounds as an indication that they ended up being killed and devoured. In any case, the original outcome of the secret end of return to the twisted swamp, there is no longer for players to start a new campaign today, and more likely this alternative end was just a studio failure.

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