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Top 10 Elden Ring True Highest Damage Weapons

Elden Ring has no shortage of powerful weapons, some of which are unique to the game and can be incredibly effective in certain situations. In this article, we'll be taking a look at the ten most powerful unique weapons in Elden Ring and discussing why they're so effective. 


Top 10 Elden Ring True Highest Damage Weapons


Cranial Candlestick I

This weapon has recently been buffed with patch 1.07, making it much more effective in dealing with large amounts of fire damage. It has a wide range and can be used to quickly spread damage across a large area if combined with the Iron Jar Aromatic Talisman. It does have the downside of being interrupted easily, but with the right amount of heavy armor and protection, you can make it work.


Hand of Millennia

which has become much less popular since 1.0. This weapon allows you to quickly attack a wide area using the Asher War Waterfowl Dance. With a Successive Hit build, which is very easy to make, this weapon can deal incredible amounts of damage, especially when combined with bleed buildup. It is vulnerable to interruption, but with the right protection, you can make this weapon work.


Mowgwin's Sacred Spear and its Blood Boon Ritual Asher War

This weapon has been nerfed, but it still remains on the list because the nerf only affected the range of the Asher War. The damage output and AOE are still massive, and if you can get two full combos off, you can easily kill bosses. The only downside is that it requires clever timing and a bit of luck due to enemy AI.


Wing of Estelle

This is a great Intelligence weapon and its Ash of War is incredibly effective for DPS. It has good range and can quickly pop multiple times in a row, dealing outrageous amounts of bleed damage. All you need to do is buff your weapon with Curse Blood and you can keep spamming the Ash of War. 


Blasphemous Blade

The Blasphemous Blade is a unique weapon that is renowned for its insane passive and active effects, as well as its mix of fire and physical damage. With the Ash of War ability, you can easily deal double damage in a wide range and quickly burst down even the hardest bosses. This weapon also has a great lifesteal passive, making it one of the best weapons in the game overall.


Darkmoon Greatsword

The Darkmoon Greatsword is another weapon that is known for its massive damage output. With the iconic Moonlight Greatsword Arc Attack and its buffed-up range and attack speed, you can easily send out staggering shots from the range for up to 6k damage or higher. You can also get talismans to improve your heavy attack and magic damage, making the Darkmoon Greatsword an incredibly powerful weapon.



Reduvia has been improved in 1.08 and is now one of the best weapons for bleed build-up. With its faster attack speed, you can quickly power stance two Reduvius and just run up and attack, burning through health pools. You can also get up to 30k damage if you can keep attacking without being interrupted. Reduvia is also staggeringly effective in PvP.


Envoy Longhorn

The Envoy Longhorn is one of the highest burst options in Elden Ring. With its Ashbam ability, you can easily spam the bubble and deal insane DPS to large enemies. There are also several different bubble Envoy weapons, but the Longhorn stands out with its best output.


Giant's Crusher

The Giant's Crusher is the best weapon for dealing the most damage in one single hit. With its unique heavy attack and various buffs to improve damage, you can easily get up to 16k damage on one of the toughest enemies in the game. You can also scale this back and do more viable damage such as 5-6k a hit.


Mariah's Executioner Sword

The Mariah's Executioner Sword is the highest burst and DPS weapon in the game. It has been buffed to be more controllable, allowing you to roll out of it. With its Beyblade-like corkscrew attack, you can easily stack successive hits and get up to 30k damage in two Ashes of War. The Regalia V Arcade is a smaller version of this weapon, but the Mariah's Executioner Sword is the superior option.



These are the 10 unique weapons that have the most outrageous damage and DPS potential in Elden Ring. With their unique abilities and buffs, you can easily tear through health pools and take down even the toughest of enemies. Whether you are looking for the highest burst or the most consistent DPS, these weapons are sure to give you the edge in your battles.

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