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What are some hot and powerful builds in Elden Ring patch 1.09?

Welcome to the world of Elden Ring, where players can dive into a vast and immersive game filled with exploration, combat, and customization. You have the freedom to choose your character's weapons, armour, and abilities, creating a unique build that suits your playstyle. With the release of patch 1.09, several builds have become even more popular and powerful, presenting new opportunities for players to experiment and enjoy. Here, we'll discuss what hot and powerful builds are coming after the 1.09 patch. So, let's dive in and explore the wonderful world of Elden Ring!



What are some hot and powerful builds in Elden Ring patch 1.09?


Top 1. DPS Strength Bleed

The DPS strength bleeds build lost its popularity when the status was nerfed, and people stopped wielding the dual curved swords as frequently. However, with the recent increase in curved sword attack speed, they are once again a top choice for bandits and scavengers alike. Both curved swords and the beast man sword are great options - the former for a dexterity build and the latter for a strength build that offers high attack power and blood loss. 

Elden Ring DPS Strength Bleed

The curved swords' jump attacks are a work of art and can be easily capitalized on by buffing them. To activate the white mask and lord of Blood talisman, equip seppuku on the left hand. For the main hand, you can choose any Elden Ring weapons art that suits your needs, such as Bloodhound, Step, Bloody Slash, or War Cry.


Top 2. Pyro Faith

Pyro Faith is a straightforward build that involves sneaking up behind enemies and using powerful flame spells to defeat them. With a high faith level and increased fire damage buffs, this build is particularly effective when using a flame art-infused greatsword, such as the banished knight's great sword or the blasphemous blade. Dual-wielding greatswords are also highly recommended, as it allows for quick switching and the use of powerful weapon arts.

Elden Ring Pyro Faith

One of the recommended weapon arts is the flaming strike, which not only deals poise damage and breaks the enemy's stance but also enhances the wielder's weapon with fire. Another option is the black flame tornado, which can be infused with flame art for increased damage.


To further increase fire damage, the use of certain items such as the flux canvas, talisman, radagon, icon, and the shard of Alexander is recommended. The spells flame-shrouded, cracked Tear, and flame grant me strength and can also be used to boost the effectiveness of this build. Overall, this pyro faith build is highly effective and has only become more powerful with recent patches that have buffed flame art, lightning, and occult infusions, as well as greatswords.



Top 3. Silent Wizard

In third place on our list, we have the Silent Wizard, a formidable build that has already gained popularity. If you're unfamiliar with this build, let me tell you about it. When wielding a staff, certain types of spells receive a damage buff, and if you dual-wield two Staff of Losses, you can double that buff. This strategy is particularly effective when combined with knight spells, which are both powerful and cost less to cast. 

Elden Ring Silent Wizard

Additionally, knight spells offer the advantage of invisibility, making it easier to avoid alerting enemies. This build is all about stacking buffs and maximizing magic damage output. Even when compared to the most powerful staff, a fully charged comet from a staff of loss with knight spells does more damage. So, if you're looking for a cool build that lets you go wild with magic damage, give the Silent Wizard a try.


Top 4. Holy Bunk

A faith-based build that packs a powerful punch! With the newly buffed Great Club, you can maximize holy damage and heavy-charged attacks. Start by equipping the Sacred Scorpion Charm and Holy Shrouded: Cracked to buff your holy damage, then use the Ax, Talisman, and Spike to enhance your weapon further. 

Elden Ring Holy Bunk

The Tear can be used to boost charged attacks, while the Golden Valve and Orders Blade buff adds even more holy power. But wait, there's more! With patch 109, you can now use the Jellyfish Shield and still retain its buff, even when it's removed from your inventory. Plus, you can activate the skill in one hand and then switch to the other hand to activate it again, doubling the buff! Get ready to dominate with the Holy Bunk!


Top 5. Arcane

After patch 109, the arcane build known as Arcane Five has seen a rise in popularity. 3 weapons - Magwin, Spear, and Morgot's Greatsword - are competing for the title of the most powerful arcane weapon. Although Magwin Spear can deal significant damage, it's quite slow in its attacks. On the other hand, Morgot's Greatsword is versatile and fast, making it a more appealing choice. All great swords, including Morgot's, have received a speed boost, and more god's weapon art has been improved as well. Its area of attack is particularly effective in staggering and breaking the enemy's stance.

Elden Ring Arcane

For this build, the player can use Reduvia in the main hand and More Gods in the left. This allows for a two-handed grip on Morgot's Greatsword and quick switching to Reduvia, which is known for its boss-killing capabilities. A mere 60 dexterity and 45 arcane are required to become a formidable opponent. When paired with the Lord of Blood talisman and the Shard of Alexander, the White Mask Synergy can be utilized. Alternatively, players can choose to wield Eleanora's Poor Blade for a more stylish approach. However, it is advised to avoid a certain weapon at all costs. Before moving on to the top three weapons, an honorable mention must be made. Although not incredibly powerful, Bunk users might appreciate it.


Top 6. Pyromancer

Let's focus on the Pyromancer build and, specifically, number six, the cheese strategy. To master this build, we need to center stage and use the pre-lates charge. The best weapon to pair with this strategy is the great heavy stars. Not only does every hit grant you some health back, but when combined with the ugly talisman, it's effective enough to help you tank through attacks and absorb damage. 

Elden Ring Pyromancer

Another advantage of this weapon is that it does innate bleed damage, which pairs nicely with blood flame, allowing us to build blood loss through successive attacks quickly. This build is all about stacking swaddling cloth and rotten winked insignia, using the lord of Blood talisman for 20% increased attack power and the mixed physic drink to further increase successive attack and fire damage.


Top 7. Frosty Mage

The Frosty Mage, ranked seventh, wields a greatsword and utilizes cold spells. To enhance the sorcery damage, the Lusat's Glenstone Staff is used regardless of the spell type. The frosty witch hat further amplifies the effectiveness of these cold spells, such as Icecrag for close-range ice attacks, Storm for area-of-effect damage, and the Cold Dark Moon for boss battles. 

Elden Ring Frosty Mage

The objective is to inflict frost, as this will increase the enemy's vulnerability by 20%. With the greatsword's increased speed, using either the Dark Moon or Death Poker greatswords is recommended after the latest patch. These weapons pair perfectly with the cold and frosty element, with the Death Poker's weapon art dealing death, flame, and frost damage and the Dark Moon sword enhancing its frost buildup and heavy ranged attacks.


Once defrost is inflicted, other spells can be used for pure magic damage, such as Flintstone Comet, Shard Star Shower, Magic Hammer Slammer, Graven, Mass, Talisman, and Godfrey Icon. A PvP-specific guide for Frost Mages is available for more in-depth guidance.


Top 8. Claws 

Where we explore the potential of claws with status effects following Patch 1.09, claw weapons have received a significant damage buff, making this build one of my favourites even better. By using the venomous fang, you can inflict deadly poison that deals more damage than regular poison. What's even more impressive is that stacking another passive effect, such as blood loss, on top of it can be easily done due to the fast successive attacks. This means that status effects can be inflicted very quickly, creating maximum damage.

Elden Ring Claws

To further enhance this setup, stacking successive attack talismans can heavily buff your attacks. When inflicting poison, your attack power is instantly increased. When dealing with blood loss, your attack power is also instantly increased, resulting in even more damage. To take full advantage of this, We use the endure weaponard, allowing me to get up close and personal and unleash my full attack combo. The result is a simple, powerful, and fun A1 sauce build that can easily slice through enemies.



Elden Ring 1.09 patch has brought new opportunities for players to explore and experiment with different builds. The DPS strength bleeds build has regained popularity with the increase in curved sword attack speed, while the Pyro Faith builds has become even more powerful with buffs to flame art, lightning, and occult infusions. The Silent Wizard build focuses on maximizing magic damage output, while the Holy Bunk build utilizes the newly buffed Great Club to pack a powerful punch with holy damage. Finally, the Arcane build has seen a rise in popularity with the speed boost to greatswords and improvements to god's weapon art. With these builds, players have more options to create unique characters that suit their playstyle and dominate the world of Elden Ring.

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