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Top 10 Underrated Weapons in ELDEN RING Patch 1.09 for PvE

If you're looking for new weapons to try out in ELDEN RING Patch 1.09, then look no further! In this guide, we'll be going over the top 10 underrated weapons that you should start using in PvE. These weapons may not be as popular as some of the other options out there, but they are definitely worth giving a shot.


Top 10 Underrated Weapons in ELDEN RING Patch 1.09 for PvE


Number 10: Bastard's Stars

Starting with the 10th spot, we have the Bastard's Stars, a flail that has been recently buffed to become more viable due to its increased speed. Although it still requires more improvements, it is an intelligence-based weapon that deals high damage with its azure war, Nebula, which scales with intelligence and has a potent stagger and posture potential.

Elden Ring Bastard's Stars Screenshot

It is comparable to the Nebular Ashibor of the Wing of Bastille but with the added advantage of hitting with its weapon and having a 360-degree area of effect. Moreover, it deals 20 more damage to gravity-type enemies, such as the Astel boss and Onyx Lord bosses. Overall, it is an underrated weapon that can be useful against various bosses.


Number 9: Pickaxe

Next, we have the Pickaxe at the 9th spot, which deals pure piercing damage and has a unique heavy attack that includes several overhead slams. Its heavy attack has been improved in the latest patch to come out very quickly.

Elden Ring Pickaxe Screenshot

Although it lacks variety in its moveset, it can be power-stance with great axes, which allows for a decent combination with a rusted anchor, even though the latter may still be preferable due to its better ash of war options and higher damage output. However, power-standing with the Pickaxe and great hammers can also be effective against bosses that require more poise damage.


Number 8: Glintstone Kris

At the 8th spot, we have the Glintstone Kris, which is an insane dagger that deals massive damage and is probably the best dagger. It is an upgraded version of the Glintstone Pebble, slower but dealing more damage, with a follow-up attack that goes further.

Elden Ring Glintstone Kris Screenshot

When fully charged and paired with the right build, it can shred enemies quickly. Its recent patches have made it work better, go faster, and deal more damage, making it even more viable. It is highly recommended to use it with an intelligence build for maximum effectiveness.


Number 7: Regalia of Eochaid

Moving on to the 7th spot, we have the Regalia of Eochaid, a weapon similar to the Marius Executioner Sword, with a corkscrew rifle attack and a follow-up swing. Although it deals less damage and has less range than the Marius, it is a straight sword that tends to have better movesets, especially when power-stance.

Elden Ring Regalia of Eochaid Screenshot

To maximize its damage output, it should be paired with the Millicent Prosthesis or the Winged Sword Insignia and the Thorny Cracked Horn. It is a great weapon that can be used effectively against various enemies.


Number 6: Watchdog's Staff

The Watchdog's Staff is a colossal weapon with a unique ash of work called sorcery of the crazier. It could be a better weapon due to its slow movesets, but it's still one of the more underrated weapons. However, the most annoying thing about this weapon is that it doesn't have intelligent scaling, so stats don't actually boost the damage.

Elden Ring Watchdog's Staff Screenshot

The only way to boost its damage is through its weapon level and other types of buffs. Although it lacks scaling, the weapon does have a unique sorcery that deals high damage with a nice amount of tracking. It can be used to deal damage from a distance since enemies can't input read it. It is recommended to equip the spell blade set to boost its damage by about 8%.


Number 5: Ghiza's Wheel

Ghiza's Wheel is another colossal weapon that gets a bunch of spinning attacks with its action war and heavy attack. With the latest patch, the spinning attacks are faster, making it a more effective weapon. Although a lot of people recommended that this weapon get an arcane scaling, it doesn't need it.

Elden Ring Ghiza's Wheel Screenshot

The weapon is already powerful enough with its spinning faster mechanic. However, the weapon itself is still broken with the latest patch in which it doesn't work against larger bosses, and the spinning attacks of the heavy attacks were boosted.


Number 4: Stone Club

The Stone Club is a hammer with a short range and a slow moveset, but it gets a unique light attack combo that swings very quickly. Although it doesn't have much variety, its quick attack speed and high brahma make it a solid striking and strength weapon. It's recommended for players who have yet to have good experiences with hammers.

Elden Ring Stone Club


Number 3: Venomous Fang

The Venomous Fang is a deadly poison claw that can be infused with deadly poison, making it a deadly weapon. With the latest patch, it received a buff, making it more powerful. It does the same damage over time as a scarlet mod and can be constantly re-pocketed with Elden Ring items like the rot exaltation talisman or mushroom crown, keeping your damage-up time to a maximum.

Elden Ring Venomous Fang Screenshot

Although it lacks range and 110 multipliers, it can deal the most damage compared to all the other claws. It's highly recommended to use this weapon.


Number 2: Great Omenkiller Cleaver

At number 2, we have the Great Omenkiller Cleaver, a great axe that inflicts bleed and has a very fast moveset. It's been buffed in previous patches and is now one of the best weapons. It has solid ash-of-war options and can be paired with a stormcaller, sword dance, or wild strikes for even more damage. Infusing it with the blood flame blade or occult infusion can also boost its damage output.

Elden Ring Great Omenkiller Cleaver Screenshot


Number 1: Morning Star

Finally, at number one, we have the Morning Star, the best hammer. This weapon has a great move set that includes poking attacks, which are very effective. It also has bleed and high base damage compared to other hammers. The heavy running attack, rolling attack, and crashing attack are all pokes, making it a supremely effective weapon.

Elden Ring Morning Star Screenshot



The top 10 weapons listed in this guide have unique features and have been recently buffed to become more viable. Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages that players should consider when choosing a weapon that best suits their playstyle. These weapons may not be as popular as others, but they are worth giving a try to spice up your gameplay and take on different challenges.

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