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Top 15 Hidden Secrets in Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, is known for its rich lore, intricate gameplay, and hidden secrets. In this guide, we will uncover 15 hidden secrets that add depth and intrigue to the world of Elden Ring. From cut questlines to intriguing characters, these secrets will enhance your gaming experience and leave you marvelling at the game's attention to detail.


Top 15 Hidden Secrets in Elden Ring


Kale's Questline and the Burial Crow

One hidden gem in Elden Ring is Kales questline, which involves locating his entombed brothers. To progress the quest, players can find a Burial Crow and obtain the Burial Crow's Letter by defeating it. This event restores a cut questline for Kale. Additionally, there are hints that suggest hunting burial crows was originally intended as a method to acquire notes that provide hints about the game's world.


Travelling Merchants

Did you know that travelling merchants were once planned in Elden Ring? Evidence of their existence can be found in unused "walkouts" discovered in some of the game's maps. These routes suggest that merchants would wander around the Limgrave region, setting up camps in various locations. The lore behind these merchants is intriguing, as they were meant to fear being locked up like their entombed kin in the underground dungeon of Leyndell.


Secret Godskin Ability

Godskin Duo is a formidable boss encounter in Elden Ring. One effective strategy to defeat them is by putting one of the duo to sleep, making it a 1-on-1 fight. However, there is a bug preventing the Godskin from waking each other up. This bug can be circumvented by removing all the patrolling knights around the arena. It is speculated that the Godskin's ability to wake each other up relates to their deep awareness of death.


Flying Skellies

Sometimes, in Elden Ring, there are peculiar occurrences that defy explanation. The presence of flying skeletons is one such mystery that adds an element of wonder and intrigue to the game.


Crystal Tears as a Berserk Reference

From Software is known for drawing inspiration from Kentaro Miura's Berserk series. In Elden Ring, the Crystal Tears item bears a striking resemblance to Griffith's last tear, which crystallizes in the Berserk manga. This reference showcases the game's homage to Berserk.


The Friendly Dog

In line with From Software's tradition of including unexpected non-hostile enemies, Elden Ring features a friendly dog in Leyndell Capital. Regardless of player actions, this dog will not attack, adding a heartwarming touch to the game.


Buffed Roar Medallion

The Roar medallion in Elden Ring has received a significant buff. Previously, it only enhanced a few specific roar-based attacks. However, it now boasts a wide range of attacks, including roar-based dragon communion incantations and other powerful abilities. Combining the Roar medallion with the highland axe can create a formidable roar build for players.


Roar Medallion Buff

The Roar medallion in Elden Ring has received a significant buff. Previously limited to enhancing a few specific roar effects, it now amplifies a wide range of attacks, including the dragon communion incantations, Aspect of the Crucible: Breath, and Placidusax's Ruin. Combine the Roar medallion with the highland axe to create a formidable roar-based build.


Yulia's Presence

One recurring element in From Software games is the presence of a character named "Yulia." From Demon's Souls to Dark Souls and even Elden Ring, this name appears in various forms. Discover the connections and significance of Yulia's character as you progress through the game.


Mysterious Enemies

In Elden Ring, you will encounter a group of peculiar enemies at the northernmost minor Erdtree on the Altus Plateau. These unique character models, including an omen and commoners wearing black capes and shrouds, possess casting animations reminiscent of Fia's Mist. Speculations arise regarding their alignment with Fia's death light and Godwyn's ending.


Shadow of the Erdtree Teaser

The Shadow of the Erdtree teaser image in Elden Ring unveils intriguing details. Pay attention to the presence of wheat, which symbolizes abundance and might be associated with Miquella. Additionally, the field of reeds signifies the Egyptian afterlife and aligns with the speculation of Miquella's involvement in a dream-like afterlife experience. The graves depicted in the image may represent the shape of Miquella's great rune.


Siluria's Despair

Crucible Knight Siluria, found within a giant dead tree in the deep root depths, bears the weapon art "Siluria's Woe." This suggests that Siluria might be in a state of despair due to the passing of the crucible age and the primordial Erdtree. Delve deeper into the lore surrounding Siluria and her connection to the world of Elden Ring.


Bell Bearings and Symbolism

Building on the previous secrets, bell bearings hold significant symbolism in Elden Ring. Discover the relationship between bell bearings and traditional Japanese dances associated with acquiring positive power and repelling evil. Explore connections to Miquella and the divine powers attributed to the blue spirit tree.


Albinaurics and the Haligtree

Contrary to earlier claims, the Albinaurics do make an appearance at the Haligtree in Elden Ring. While the Ivory Sickle description initially suggested their absence, keen-eyed players have noticed cocoons housing first-generation albinaurics. Speculate on their metamorphosis and the potential rebirth taking place in this mystical location.


Loretta and the Arbor Sentinels

In the game's early stages, the Royal Guard Armor was named after the Arbor Sentinels, enchanted knights who served Miquella, the Scion Empyrean, and the sacred tree. Gifted by King Consort Radagon to Miquella, these knights originated from the Carian royal family, as revealed in Version 1.0's documentation. However, the concept of Arbor Sentinels was eventually replaced by Loretta, who still fulfils a similar role but left Caria of her own accord.

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