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Elden Ring Patch 1.09: Top 8 Builds for Maximum Power

In this guide, we will explore the top 8 builds that have emerged after the recent patch in Elden Ring. These builds take advantage of the changes and updates brought by patch 1.09, enhancing their effectiveness and making them even more powerful. Let's jump right in and discover these exciting builds!


Elden Ring Patch 1.09: Top 8 Builds for Maximum Power


Claws with Status Effects

With the damage buff received by claw weapons in patch 1.09, this build has become even more powerful. The Venomous Fang claw inflicts deadly poison, which deals more damage than regular poison. By stacking passive effects such as blood loss on top of it, you can easily inflict status effects with fast successive attacks. Utilize successive attack talismans to increase attack power when inflicting poison and blood loss, resulting in maximum damage output. The Endure Weapon is recommended for its ability to unleash a full attack combo.


Frosty Mage with Greatsword

This build combines cold spells with the Greatsword. The Lusat's Glintstone staff provides strong sorcery damage regardless of the spell type used. Equipping the Frosty Witch Hat, you can effectively inflict Frost, which increases enemy vulnerability to additional damage by 20%. The Dark Moon Greatsword and Death Poker Greatsword are highly recommended due to their compatibility with the cold Frosty element. After inflicting Frost, you can use other spells for straight magic damage. The Graven Mass Talisman and Godfrey Icon are essential for this build.


Pyro Cheese Master

The Pyro Cheese Master build revolves around the Pre-late's Charge weapon art combined with the Heavy Great Stars. Each hit with the Elden Ring weapon art grants you a bit of health back, allowing you to tank through attacks. The build takes advantage of the innate bleed damage and enhances it with blood flame, quickly building up blood loss. Equip the Swaddling Cloth and Rotten Winked Insignia for additional successive attack and fire damage. The mix of the physical drink increases successive attack and fire damage even further.


Arcane Build

Patch 1.09 introduced a competition between the Mohgwyn Spear and Morgott's Greatsword for the title of most powerful Arcane weapon. While the Magwin Spear offers higher damage, the versatility and speed of Morgot's Greatsword make it a preferred choice. All greatswords received a speed increase, and Morgot's weapon art got a nice buff. By combining Reduvia and Morgot's Greatsword, you can quickly switch between two-handing the Greatsword and using the Reduvia's powerful attacks. This build focuses on dealing heavy damage to bosses. Equip the White Mask for synergy with the Lord of Blood Talisman, and consider using the Shard of Alexander.


Honorable Mention: The Holy Bunk

Although not exceptionally powerful, the Holy Bunk build utilizes the newly buffed Great Club for maximum holy damage and heavy-charged attacks. The Sacred Scorpion Charm and Holy Shrouded Cracked Tear buff holy damage, while the Ax Talisman and Spike enhance charged attacks. You can also utilize the Jellyfish Shield to retain its buff even when not equipped and activate the skill twice for double the buff.


Silent Wizard

The Silent Wizard build takes advantage of dual-wielding two Staff of Loss staves to cast powerful Knight spells. This setup grants double the damage buff, resulting in exceptionally high magic damage. Use Loose Stats for increased damage output. Sneak up behind enemies and unleash devastating Knight spells, benefitting from the invisibility factor of these spells.


Pyro Faith Greatswords

This build combines pyromancy and faith, utilizing giant flame spells with dual giant sacred seals. With a high faith level and increased fire damage buffs, this build becomes incredibly potent. The Flame Art infused Greatsword, specifically the Banished Knight's Greatsword, is recommended for its fire damage and faith scaling. Dual-wielding greatswords is also an effective strategy. Equip the Black Flame Tornado for a wide-range attack, and use the Flux Canvas Talisman, Radagon Icon, and Shard of Alexander to increase fire damage.


DPS Strength Bleed Build

Taking the top spot is the DPS Strength Bleed Build, which capitalizes on the increased attack speed of curved swords. The Bandit's and Scavenger's Curved Swords are both excellent choices, or you can opt for the Beast Man Sword for high attack power and blood loss. The jump attacks of curved swords are a work of art, and this build maximizes their potential. Utilize Seppuku on the left hand to activate White Mask instantly and the Lord of Blood Talisman on the main hand. Choose your preferred weapon art, such as Bloodhound Step or Bloody Slash, and unleash devastating attacks.



These are the top eight builds that have become even stronger with patch 1.09 in Elden Ring. Experiment with these builds and find the one that suits your playstyle. Whether you prefer claws with status effects, frosty magic, pyromancy, arcane power, holy bunk, silent wizardry, pyro faith greatswords, or the DPS strength bleed build, there is a build for every type of player.

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