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Elden Ring New Backstab Tech: Pointless or New Innovation?

In the world of Elden Ring, where every move and tactic can make a difference in battles, players are constantly exploring new techniques to gain an edge. One such technique, recently discovered by a dedicated player, involves a unique backstab maneuver that has garnered attention. While some may view it as silly and pointless, others see its potential for adding creativity and unpredictability to combat encounters. In this guide, we will delve into the details of this new backstab tech, discussing its execution, possible applications, and its overall impact on gameplay.


Elden Ring New Backstab Tech: Pointless or New Innovation?


The Birth of a New Technique

The journey began months ago when a player, inspired by witnessing a character named Sir Gray Fox jump over an enemy attack called Bloodhound Fang, decided to experiment with replicating the move. After numerous attempts and further creative thinking, the player stumbled upon a captivating backstab technique that pushed the boundaries of what was previously known. This breakthrough sparked excitement and led to a quest to refine the technique's potential.


The Technique Explained

To perform this backstab technique, the player utilizes a specific build and spell combination. Equipping the Carrying Greatsword and rearranging the spell order to prioritize this spell, the player gains a unique advantage. The technique involves using the Gavel of Hyma to knock opponents down, followed by the Carrying Greatsword as a wake-up attack. This wake-up attack is potent as it triggers a buff effect that enhances subsequent spell damage. By strategically chaining attacks and spells, the damage output can be significantly amplified, creating devastating results.


Understanding the Mechanisms

The effectiveness of this technique lies in several crucial factors. Firstly, the Gavel of Hyma multi-hit properties, when hit flush, automatically trigger the buff effect. This effect then carries over to subsequent spell attacks, such as the Carrying Greatsword. Furthermore, landing the buffed Carrying Greatsword attack boosts the buff even further, creating a cascading effect. The result is a chain reaction that culminates in exponentially higher damage potential.


Potential Applications

While the technique may appear as overkill in some scenarios, its real value lies in the unexpected and unpredictable nature it brings to combat encounters. By incorporating this backstab tech into one's repertoire, players can surprise their opponents and catch them off, guard. It can be particularly effective against foes with slower attacks, making it an ideal whiff-punishing option.


Limitations and Further Exploration

Despite its potential, the technique does have limitations. The buff effect takes a moment to activate and gradually improves over time. This can present challenges when attempting to utilize the Carrying Piercer spell, as it takes longer to execute and may result in the buff wearing off before landing the attack. Further experimentation and testing are required to understand the technique's nuances and optimize its effectiveness fully.



In the realm of Elden Ring, where innovation and experimentation are highly valued, the discovery of this new backstab technique adds a layer of excitement to the combat experience. While some may dismiss it as silly and pointless, others appreciate the creativity and skill required to execute it successfully. As the technique evolves, players will continue to explore its potential applications and adapt it to their playstyles. Whether it remains a novelty or transforms into a game-changing strategy, the new backstab tech in Elden Ring certainly has captured the attention of the community and piqued curiosity for what other secrets await in this vast and challenging world.

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