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Elden Ring DLC: You Need To Know 7 New Things

Elden Ring fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming DLC for the game, and with the track record of previous DLCs, there are certain expectations and predictions for what should be included. While it's almost guaranteed that we'll see beautiful areas, incredible bosses, and amazing weapons, spells, and armour sets, there are some additional features that would greatly enhance the DLC experience. Here are seven things that should be included in the Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree.


Elden Ring DLC: You Need To Know 7 New Things


A Dedicated End Game PvE Game Mode

One crucial addition to the DLC would be a dedicated end-game PvE game mode. This mode could introduce a challenging tournament-style round-robin format where players fight waves of enemies, culminating in an epic boss battle. Rewards specific to this game mode would make it even more enticing, such as unique ancient dragon stones and powerful levelled gear. A robust end-game mode would allow players to fully explore and utilize their end-game builds, providing a satisfying and rewarding experience.


More Faith and Intelligence Options

Currently, the game needs more diversity in faith and intelligence options. It would be fantastic to see a wider range of Elden Ring weapons with dedicated faith and intelligence scalings. Additionally, a catalyst that allows players to cast both incantations and sorceries simultaneously would add depth to magic-focused builds. Introducing new spells and expanding the repertoire of faith and intelligence builds would enhance gameplay variety and create exciting character builds.



Covenants have been a staple in previous Souls games, providing meaningful rewards for PvP activities. It is puzzling why they were absent from the base game of Elden Ring. Including covenants in the DLC greatly enhances the online experience, allowing players to pledge allegiance to a specific faction and earn rewards by participating in both PvP and PvE activities. Expanding the role of covenants to incorporate PvE content would provide a more immersive and rewarding online experience.


Rework Flails and Introduce New Weapon Classes

Flails, as a new weapon class in Elden Ring, currently need more uniqueness and differentiate little from hammers. A rework of flails, including distinctive movesets, improved heavy attacks, and unique light attack combos, would make them more engaging and distinct from other weapon types. Additionally, the introduction of new weapon classes, such as chain and sickles, would further diversify the combat experience and offer exciting playstyle options.


Lightning and Fire Infusions

Lightning infusion lacks identity in the current game, being partially tied to dexterity and faith. Introducing a lightning infusion that scales specifically with faith would grant lightning-focused builds more viability. Similarly, a fire incantation buff would provide fire-focused builds with a lasting effect rather than the short duration of the current Black Flame Blade buff. Expanding the selection of lightning and fire weapons while ensuring they have faith scaling would enrich and build diversity and offer more compelling options for players.


Balance Holy Damage

Holy damage currently falls short in the base game, with most bosses showing resistance to it. It is crucial that the DLC addresses this issue and ensures that holy damage is effective against a wider variety of enemies. By balancing holy damage, players who invest in faith-based builds would have a more rewarding experience throughout the game.


Status Effects in PvE

Incorporating status effects like madness and death in PvE encounters would add depth and tactical variety to combat. Enemies affected by madness could exhibit staggered movements or debuffs, while death effects could instantly eliminate weaker foes or debilitate stronger enemies. Implementing unique animations and enemy reactions for different status effects would require effort, but it would greatly enhance build creation and the overall gameplay experience.



These seven additions to the Elden Ring DLC would greatly enrich the game and provide players with new challenges and opportunities for character development. With the release expected around February, fans eagerly await the announcement and hope that FromSoftware considers these predictions and expectations for a truly memorable expansion to the Elden Ring universe.

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