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Elden Ring: Top 10 Issues that Need Improvement

Elden Ring, being an expansive and ambitious game, has its challenges. While its scale and mechanics are impressive, there are certain aspects that players have found disappointing. In this article, we will explore the top 10 issues in Elden Ring that require improvement. This list is in no particular order but rather aims to address the areas where players would like to see changes. Let's delve into the discussion.



Elden Ring: Top 10 Issues that Need Improvement


Upgrade System

The upgrade system in Elden Ring could benefit from some adjustments, particularly concerning smithing stones and somber smithing stones. Acquiring an infinite amount of ancient dragon stones, which are essential for upgrading weapons, is currently not possible. This restriction seems unnecessary since the difference between a +24 weapon and a +25 weapon is not significant. Balancing the upgrade system and allowing for more accessibility to smithing stones would greatly enhance the gameplay experience.



The scaling system in Elden Ring relies on letter grades (e.g., A, B, C) to indicate the effectiveness of a weapon's scaling with specific attributes. However, the problem lies in the inconsistency between different weapons and their scaling grades. For instance, a weapon with a C scaling in both Arcane and Dexterity may perform better with Arcane despite the same grading. This lack of clarity can be confusing and hinder players' ability to make informed decisions regarding their character builds. Introducing a numerical scaling system or providing more accurate descriptions of the scaling effects would be beneficial.



While the crafting system in Elden Ring offers a wide range of items and the convenience of portability, it could be more intuitive. The sheer number of materials required for crafting can be frustrating, especially considering that crafting is often seen as a secondary aspect of character development. To improve the system, making crafting materials more accessible and allowing players to unlock items permanently after spending an initial amount of materials would be a welcome change. Additionally, enabling the use of crafting items during combat could enhance the gameplay experience.


Holy Damage

The mechanic of holy damage in Elden Ring has received significant criticism. Many bosses and enemies are resistant to holy damage, even though they themselves deal holy damage. This discrepancy seems arbitrary and illogical, hindering players who choose to utilize holy damage-focused builds. Adjusting this mechanic to provide a more balanced and consistent experience for players would be greatly appreciated.


Boss Attacks

One of the concerns players have revolves around certain boss attacks that feel unpunishable. Despite successfully dodging complex and lengthy attack patterns, players often need more opportunities to counterattack effectively. This inconsistency in attack windows can make fights feel heavily reliant on luck rather than skill, deviating from the rewarding boss encounters found in previous FromSoftware games.


Post-Morgot Areas

The game experiences a significant decline in quality after the Morgott encounter. These areas need more meaningful exploration, contain reskinned enemies and bosses, and generally offer little value to players. The difficulty spike, combined with repetitive level design, detracts from the engaging experience established prior to this point.


Unique Weapon Skills

Some unique weapons in Elden Ring lack distinctive weapon skills or options for infusion. This omission prevents certain weapons from reaching their full potential and limits players' ability to explore varied playstyles. Adding unique weapon skills to such weapons would enhance their identity and provide more engaging options for players to experiment with.


Drop Rates

The drop rates for various items, including weapons, shields, and armour sets, have drawn criticism. Many of these drops have incredibly low chances of occurring, making it arduous for completionist players to obtain specific items. While drop rates can provide a sense of rarity, overly low rates hinder the gameplay experience and unnecessarily extend the time required to acquire desired items.


Great Runes

Elden Ring great runes have been deemed overwhelming and challenging to activate. Players can only activate great runes using Rune Ox, which is finite in the game. As a result, players tend to save Rune Ox for crucial moments, leaving the majority of great runes unused throughout their playthroughs. Simplifying the activation process or providing alternative methods to access great runes would encourage players to engage with them more consistently.


NPC Questlines

The structure of NPC questlines needs to be revised and more intuitive. Players often need help to progress these questlines due to unclear triggers, NPC teleportations, and easily missed dialogue. Understanding the convoluted requirements for completing questlines can be frustrating and discouraging, especially for players new to the Soulsborne genre. Reworking NPC questlines to be more accessible and incorporating clearer objectives would greatly enhance the storytelling experience.



The above are the 10 problems that Elden Ring needs to improve as shown in this article. While a remarkable and ambitious game, has some areas that require improvement to provide a more satisfying gameplay experience. By addressing these issues, Elden Ring can evolve into an even more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for its players.

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