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Elden Ring Weapon Classes: Tier List and Ranking in Patch 1.09

Today, we'll be ranking all the weapon classes in Elden Ring from worst to best for PvE gameplay. Keep in mind that all the Elden Ring weapon can be used to create overpowered builds, so don't dismiss any class solely based on its ranking. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and this tier list takes into account factors such as move sets, poise damage, variety, and ash of war options.



Elden Ring Weapon Classes: Tier List and Ranking in Patch 1.09


Please note that this guide is based on Patch 1.09 and is focused on PvE gameplay. Let's dive into the rankings:


Elden Ring Weapon: C Tier List

  • Whips: Whips are at the bottom of the tier list due to their need for unique options. They don't have any weapons that deal direct damage, and critical attacks are also absent. While they offer the range, their slow attack speed and lower poise damage make them less viable. The power stance attacks and some of the whip's utility against certain bosses are their only saving grace.
  • Axes: Axes suffer from slow-move sets despite their high damage potential. Their power stance combo is among the slowest in the game and lacks effective stagger or posture damage. Additionally, axes only deal standard damage, putting them at a disadvantage compared to weapons like hammers and flails, which offer strike damage. Some options like Stormworks and Rose's Axe provide decent utility, but overall, axes need to be revised.
  • Flails: Flails have seen improvements, but their move set still needs to be improved. The charged heavy attack is exceptionally slow and lacks range, which is puzzling considering their similarities with hammers. Flails offer inherent bleed damage, but their lackluster move set, limited range, and mediocre Azure War options hold them back. They require improvements to become more viable.


Elden Ring Weapon: B Tier List

  • Daggers: Daggers are primarily used as secondary options or for specific builds. While they excel at critical attacks, their limited range and stagger potential make them less desirable as primary weapons. The best dagger, Glenstone Chris, offers excellent damage, but overall, daggers are outclassed by claws and fists in terms of damage output.
  • Hammers: Hammers fall into a middle ground, lacking the advantages of other weapon classes. They have a short range, average damage, and moderate attack speed. While their poise-breaking potential is high, they need help to stagger opponents effectively. Stone Club stands out with its fast, light attack combo, but other options are average at best. Hammers need more attention to become more competitive.


Elden Ring Weapon: A Tier List

  • Thrusting Swords: Thrusting swords are quick and deal piercing damage, making them attractive. However, they are overshadowed by spears and heavy thrusting swords, which offer more range without sacrificing too much speed. Thrusting swords lack unique options and suffer from limited Azure War choices. They need more distinctive features to shine truly.
  • Reapers/Scythes: Reapers are aesthetically pleasing but lack outstanding features. Their movements are decent but could be more exceptional. They offer a decent range and some unique options like Phantom Slash, but their counterparts, such as halberds and great spears, generally provide better range, speed, and polearm moves. Reapers perform well overall but lack standout qualities.
  • Claws: Claws are versatile and excel when power-stance, eliminating the need for a secondary weapon. They are fast and deal good damage, and most options have unique status effects or a 110-crit multiplier. However, they need more variety, needing a unique weapon among their four options. Range and stagger potential are noticeable weaknesses, making it challenging to connect hits against.
  • Fists: Fists and claws are similar and can be two-handed for powerful combo attacks. The fists have charge attacks that deal incredible damage, making them great in certain situations. The claws offer better slash and piercing damage, along with a more versatile move set. The first class also includes non-infusible weapons like the Cyberparter and Veteran Prestasis Crafted Dragon.
  • Colossal Weapons: Colossal weapons are a mixed bag, simultaneously being both the worst and the best weapon class. They can deal massive damage in a single hit, especially when combined with specific ashes of war like the Lion's Claw. However, their move set is generally considered terrible, especially when one-handed. The rolling attacks are particularly disliked. The Lion's Claw is the standout weapon choice for this class.
  • Twin Blades: Twin blades excel in power stance movesets, particularly with jumping attacks that can shred enemies. They also have an impressive range of ash-of-war options, covering small and large weapons, as well as pole arms. However, their one-handed and two-handed movesets are generally lackluster, with slow attacks and limited range. The heavy attacks and charged heavy attacks are notable exceptions.


Elden Ring Weapon: S Tier List

  • Heavy Thrusting Swords: Heavy thrusting swords rank well in the S tier due to their outstanding one-handed and two-handed movesets. They offer incredible speed, range, stagger potential, and variety. Their heavy running attacks are particularly impressive. Ash of War options provide choices for smaller and larger weapons, such as the Flaming Strike Sword and Dance Wild Strikes. The limited number of weapon options available may need to be improved.
  • Great Axes: Great axes have received numerous buffs and are now incredibly quick, outclassing regular axes and hammers. They offer fast-light attacks, power stance combos, running attacks, and heavy attacks. They excel in damage, range, stagger potential, and posture damage. Great axes boast solid ash of war options, including Flaming Strike Sword and Dance Wild Strikes. However, they need more variety in weapon options, with only a few solid S-tier choices.
  • Great Spears: Great spears are known for their piercing damage and powerful poke attacks. They offer high damage output, stagger potential, and posture damage. The pale stones combos and power stance combos are particularly effective. Ash of War options is strong, with options for smaller and larger weapons, including the Spectral Lance. The limited number of infused options, with only one available, is a minor downside.
  • Halberds: Halberds stand out for their diversity, featuring a wide range of weapons with different move sets, damage types, and status effects. They offer a variety of overhead slams, horizontal swipes, and poking attacks. The movesets provide good range and versatility. Ash of War options for halberds are solid, making this weapon class one of the most diverse. Top-tier options include the Guardian, Swordsbury Knight, Rider's Glaive, and Banished How.
  • Great Hammers: Great hammers are similar to great axes but excel in poise damage. They offer speed, damage, range, stagger potential, and posture damage. Weapon options like the Great Stars and Envoy's Longhorn are among the best choices. Great hammers may not have as many ashes of war options as great axes, but they make up for it with their superior poise damage. This weapon class is often underrated and deserves more attention.
  • Curved Greatswords: Curved Greatswords have received multiple buffs, making them faster with reduced recovery animations. They offer solid picks with quick heavy attacks and excellent range. While their options for Ashes of War may not be the best, their overall performance compensates for it. Notable weapons in this class include the Magmarum Scale Sword and Bloodhound's Fang.
  • Curved Swords: Curved Swords are incredibly powerful, primarily due to the power stance combo. Regardless of the specific curved sword, utilizing a power stance, running attacks, and jumping attacks can lead to success. The weapon options, similar to Curved Greatswords, lack poking attacks but still offer decent choices, such as the Wingever and Banded Coastal.
  • Straight Swords: Straight Swords have a wide range of options, with some mid-tier choices but several top-tier weapons. They have great movesets for one-handed and two-handed use, along with versatile power stance combos. The variety of Ashes of War options for Straight Swords provides short-range and poking attack types, with standout weapons like the Lost One Straight Sword and Warlock Talon.
  • Katanas: Katanas excel in many areas, offering good damage, range, and an amazing moveset. With unique options like the Unsheath Ash of War, specific to katanas, they become even more potent. While the power stance combo may not be the best, weapons like Nugget Kable and Moon Valley Pro make Katanas a top choice.
  • Colossal Swords: While the moveset for Colossal Swords may be slow, their weapon options elevate them to the top three. Greatsword God Slayer's, Malicus Ruin's Great Sword, and Star's Code are just a few examples of the high-damage, range-focused options available. With the good range and decent Ashes of War options like Giant's Hunt and Lion's Claw, Colossal Swords secure their spot.
  • Spears: Spears offer an excellent moveset with poking attacks that are highly effective. The power stance combo is formidable, despite consuming more stamina. The weapon options, such as Cross Naginata and Death Ritual Spear, provide a range of great choices. Spears also benefit from unique Ashes of War options like Spectral Lens Ice Spear.
  • Greatswords: Surprisingly, Greatswords claim the number one spot due to the incredible weapon options they receive. Weapons like Blasphemous Blade, Darkmain Greatsword, and Dover's God Sword are among the best in the game. Recent buffs to the moveset, with faster heavy attacks and running attacks, make Greatswords a solid pick. The variety in movesets, including horizontal and vertical swipes, adds to their appeal.



This tier list provides a comprehensive ranking of the weapon classes in Elden Ring for PvE gameplay in Patch 1.09. It's important to note that all weapon classes can be utilized to create powerful builds, so the rankings should not be the sole determining factor in choosing a weapon. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the choice of weapon class in Elden Ring should be based on personal playstyle and preferences. Experimenting with different classes and finding the right combination for your build will ensure an enjoyable and effective PvE experience.

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