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Elden Ring Runes Farming Methods: 7 Most Effective Locations and Strategies

In this guide, we'll explore some of the 7 most effective Elden Ring rune farming locations and strategies that still work in 2023 after patch 1.09. Whether you're a beginner halfway through the game or embarking on your second journey, these farming spots will help you gather a significant number of runes. So let's dive right into it and discover these farming methods that will accelerate your progress in Elden Ring!


Elden Ring Runes Farming Methods: 7 Most Effective Locations and Strategies


Location 1: Lennes Rise - Ball Farm

Our first farming location is Lenne's Rise, located in northeastern Khalid at the base of a peninsula. To reach this location, hop on Torrent and race down the hill. Once a magical ball of death spawns, use your Torrent skills to slide out of the way. Turn the camera to observe the ball falling off the ledge. If successful, you'll receive 1,952 runes. To reset the conditions, ride back and rest at the Sites of Grace or fast travel if you have a fast load time.


Location 2: Greyoll's Dragon Barrow - Dragon Farm

For our second method, head to Greyoll's DragonBarrow. You'll need a weapon that can inflict bleeds to take down the dragon. This method is simple and low-risk, yielding a significant number of runes early on. After killing the dragon, ride to the Site of Grace to rest and bank your 50,000 runes. Make sure to upload your saved data to the cloud before attempting this method.


Location 3: Mohgwyn's Palace - Tree Jump Glitch

Mohgwyn Palace, specifically the area known as Magwin's Palace, is our next farming spot. Reach this area by completing the White-Faced Varre questline or progressing further into the game. The tree jump glitch in this area allows you to exploit a glitch to obtain a substantial number of runes. Jump from ledge to ledge until you find yourself on top of the landscape. Swing your sword continuously for a couple of minutes, and you'll be rewarded with 173,000 runes. Fast travel to the Side of Grace to repeat the process.


Location 4: Mohgwyn's Palace - Bird Farm

The iconic Bird Farm method in Mohgwyn's Palace is still an excellent way to gather runes. Shoot the bird across the way, making it fall off the ledge, and repeat the process. With the right timing and bow range, you can maximize your rune farming efficiency. Expect to gather around 20,000 runes every few seconds.


Location 5: Mohgwyn's Palace - Hill Farm

After shooting the bird, head to the Palace Approach Ledge in Mohgwyn's Palace. This method is most effective with a weapon like the Relic Greatsword. Take down a hill full of enemies quickly and repeat the process. With the right gear, you can earn millions of runes per hour.


Location 6: Consecrated Snow Fields - Ordina Town Jump Glitch

In the later game area known as the Consecrated SnowFields, you can perform the Ordina Town Jump Glitch. Start from the town of Ordina and double jump with Torrent to reach a ledge. Swing your sword continuously for a few minutes, and you'll receive a ton of runes. Fast travel back to the Side of Grace and repeat.


Location 7: Consecrated Snow Fields - Yelough Anix Jump Glitch

Within the Consecrated Snow Fields, head to the Yelough Anix Tunnel. Take the lift up to the surface, then summon Torrent and jump off the left side of the rock formation. Swing your sword continuously for a couple of minutes to receive your runes. Fast travel back and repeat.



Congratulations! You now have a comprehensive understanding of the best rune farming strategies in Elden Ring for 2023. These methods will help you accumulate runes quickly, allowing you to progress through the game efficiently. Remember to manage your expectations and adapt these strategies to your playstyle. Happy hunting, and may the runes be ever in your favour! And as always, remember to like, subscribe, and hit that bell icon for more Elden Ring content from Mid-40s Gamer!

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