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Elden Ring Patch 1.09: 5 Unique Playstyles and Powerful Ability Builds

Welcome, adventurers, to our guide on the top 5 Unique Playstyles and Powerful Ability builds in Elden Ring Patch 1.09! In this article, we will explore some of the most powerful and overpowered builds that will make your journey through New Game Plus a breeze. These builds are specifically designed for higher-level gameplay and are perfect for those seeking a greater challenge. So, without further ado, let's delve into the realm of mighty builds that will have you decimating enemies and bosses alike!


Elden Ring Patch 1.09: 5 Unique Playstyles and Powerful Ability Builds


Intelligence Build - Death Ritual Spear & Claimantar Pin

Our first build centers around an intelligence-focused character wielding the Death Ritual Spear and Claimantar Pin. The Death Ritual Spear's unique weapon skill, Spear Core Ritual, rains down a barrage of Spears from the sky, making it a devastating AoE attack that scales purely off intelligence. Combine it with the Claimantar Pin, a magic-infused spear that excels in frost build-up and staggering, and you have a potent combination.


Both weapon skills are further boosted by the Spellblade set, which enhances skill damage by 10%. To maximize damage output, use the shot of Alexander, the magic scorpion charm, the original sword Talisman, and Carin's fairly good Crest to decrease FP costs. Additionally, carry the Dagger Inner Ovum for extra damage and defense.


For spells, equip the Rituals Boot and the Clayman's Harpoon with Icebrew, both of which will serve as your main projectiles. Add Ronye's Darkman for debuffing enemies with frost build-up and Loretta's Great Bro for sniping enemies from a distance. Finally, Terra Magicker will boost your magic damage even further.


Strength Build - Twin Giant Crushes

The second build focuses on strength and wields two powerful Giant Crushes. Aiming to give strength representation, this build delivers raw strength damage. Infuse one Giant Crush with Crag Blade, boosting physical and stance damage, and the other with Rolant's Resolve, increasing your next attack's power by 80. Equip the Raptor Feathers chest piece and the Raptor Feathers Spin to enhance jumping attack damage by 10%. Ensure you have enough endurance (40) to carry these hefty weapons, and allocate points in strength (80) and vigor (65) for maximum impact.


Blood and Arcane Build - Scavenger Curve Swords & Dragon Incantations

Our third build combines blood and arcane attributes, using the Scavenger Curve Swords and Dragon Incantations to deal massive damage. Infuse one Scavenger Curve Sword with Sepiker and the other with Oculan, both scaling with arcane for optimal results. Equip the Dragon Communion Seal, the Raw Medallion, and the Flock Canvas Talisman to enhance dragon incantation damage. Have 80 points in arcane, allowing you to shred enemies with your powerful incantations.


Intelligence Build - Darkman Greatsword & Healthen Steeple

Next up, we have a powerful intelligence build utilizing the Darkman Greatsword and Healthen Steeple in a power stance. These weapon skill combination provides an incredible barrage of projectiles with excellent frost and magic damage. Equip the Holy Scorpion Charm, Godfrey's Icon, and the Shot of Alexander for additional damage boosts. Use sorceries like Knight's Comet, Magma Shot, Meteorite Everstill, and Terror Magicker to complement your weapon effectiveness.


Faith and Dexterity Build - Sacred Relic Sword

Finally, our top build is centered around faith and dexterity. Wielding the Sacred Relic Sword, utilize its powerful weapon skill, consuming only 27 FP due to the Carin's fairly good Crest and the Ash of War Scarab helmet. Pair it with Golden Val and Hell Shiburi to further increase your damage output. Invest in 70 faith and complement your build with dexterity to maximize your sacred weapon's potential. Use Catch Flame, Lightning Spear, Ancient Dragon, Black Blade, and Black Knife to add versatility and utility to your arsenal.


15 Fabulous Secrets

From powerful enemies to obscure lore details, there's a wealth of fascinating discoveries for intrepid players. 15 fabulous secrets in Elden Ring:

Topic Description
The Exceptional Runebear Learn about the unique Runebear to take down in Elden Ring and the reward it holds.
Battlefields of Caelid Explore the significance of weapon piles in Caelid and their connection to Radahn's forces.
The Enigmatic Inscription on Radahn's Greatswords Uncover the hidden meaning behind the gravity crest on Radahn's swords and its real-world inspiration.
Radahn's Obsession with Stars Discover the possible reasons behind Radahn's obsession with conquering the stars and his potential connection to Astel, the Malformed Star boss.
The Mysterious Blunt Swords of Iji Investigate the mystery of Iji, the Carian Royal Blacksmith, and his swords' resilience against the Scarlet Rot.
Liurnia's Submersion Analyze the reasons behind Liurnia's sinking into the Lake of Rot and its possible connection to the glintstone crystals.
Unraveling Architectural Analysis Examine the cautionary tale of mistaking public assets for lore connections and the misleading theories that Apophenia can lead to.
The Lost Animation of Godrick's Leg Explore the theory suggesting that Godrick's leg might have belonged to Commander Niall and the potential motivations behind the gruesome act.
Roderika's Transformation Delve into the symbolism behind Roderika discarding her red hood and embracing her new role as a spirit tuner.
The Surprising Attack of Irina Learn about Irina's secret attack "Rejection" and its potency in battle.
Marika's Mischief Trickery Discover the clever use of Marika's Mischief to outsmart the Eye of Madness in Liurnia.
Elemer's Ascetic Philosophy Unravel the reasons behind Elemer's hatred for instructors and merchants and his peculiar way of depriving others.
Radagon's Fundamentalist Pose Analyze the Golden Order fundamentalist pose and its significance in relation to Radagon and the Mausoleum Knights.
The Bloodstained Mausoleum Knight Armor Examine the hidden detail of a bloodstain on the Mausoleum Knight armor and its potential implications.
Malenia's Unseen Dialogue Dive into the cut dialogue of Malenia and its possible hint towards her future return and connection to the serpent.



There you have it, brave warriors, the top 5 New Game Plus builds in Elden Ring Patch 1.09. Each of these builds offers a unique playstyle and powerful abilities that will make your journey through New Game Plus truly unforgettable. Choose the one that suits your preferences and embark on an epic adventure, conquering foes and bosses with ease. Remember, these builds are as good as one another, so have fun experimenting and creating your perfect character! Safe travels, and may the Elden Ring guide your path!

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