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WotLK Classic Phase 3 DPS Specs: Tier List | Trial of the Grand Crusader

Phase 3 of Wrath Classic is in full swing, and the recent upgrades have made a significant impact on the performance of DPS classes. In this guide, we'll analyze the data from Warcraft logs over the past two weeks to see which DPS specializations are currently topping the meters in Trial of the Grand Crusader. The meta has seen a substantial shift from the start of Ulduar, as players have had the chance to gear up and obtain upgrades from the new raid.



WotLK Classic Phase 3 DPS Specs: Tier List | Trial of the Grand Crusader


WotLK Classic Phase 3: Current State

Before we start, let's review the WotLK Classic Phase 3 Current State. Some players have expressed concerns that this patch will be the death of WOTLK Classic, citing short and boring raids and an impending decline of the game. So let's take a closer look at Phase 3 and explore its true significance as a preparation phase for the much-anticipated Icecrown Citadel.


  • Phase 3 as a Preparation Phase: Icecrown Citadel was originally intended to be a patch with slower progression. By design, the raid wasn't fully released at launch, and its difficulty level discouraged rapid progression. As such, Phase 3 is a period of preparation for the upcoming Icecrown Citadel, the true end-game content of WOTLK Classic.
  • The Raid Experience: Despite negative sentiments about the raid being short and lacking depth, it's essential to understand that Trial of the Grand Crusader (ToGC) is not meant to be a difficult raid. The mechanics are relatively straightforward, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Additionally, ToGC has no trash mobs, reducing the time commitment required to keep your main character's gear up to date and ready for Icecrown Citadel.
  • Benefits for Alt and Casual Players: Phase 3 brings several features that benefit alt and casual players. The re-release of Naxxramas (Naxx) allows players to revisit the classic raid for fun and nostalgia. Furthermore, the addition of Heroic beta dungeons provides a new challenge for players, allowing them to acquire hard mode loot with SideReal Essences. While this feature may be helpful for catching up, some argue it makes progress too short and diminishes the sense of adventure in the game.
  • Impact on Classic Spirit: The increased item level of Old Naxxramas gear aimed to keep Naxx relevant in Phase 3. However, the introduction of 10-man loot in Heroic Dungeons created a conflict, making Naxx less relevant once again. This dynamic has contributed to the feeling of a "pump and dump" raid logging style of expansion, leading some players to look for more immersive adventures on Classic era servers.
  • The Missing Element of Achievements: Phase 3's removal of achievements has mixed effects on players. While it allows casual players to access the main content faster, it also diminishes the sense of adventure and accomplishment in the game. Achievements can add depth and challenge to an MMORPG, but their absence in WOTLK Classic raises some concerns.


Plate Wearers

  • Death Knight - Unholy: Unholy DKs excel in the Trial of the Grand Crusader with their strong cleave damage and burst windows. They are among the top DPS specializations in the game, closely following the number one spot.
  • Death Knight - Frost: Frost DKs remain competitive and bring valuable cleave damage to raids, putting them in the high A-tier.
  • Death Knight - Blood: Blood DKs have improved with bug fixes and are now performing better than ever before, putting them at a respectable position in the mid B-tier.
  • Paladin - Retribution: Retribution Paladins have received updates and adjustments, helping them move up from a low B-tier to a solid A-tier. They offer great cleave and single-target damage.
  • Warrior - Fury: Warriors have started pushing their way up the DPS meters with updated item-level gear and more weapons. Fury Warriors have reached the mid A-tier and are expected to continue climbing as more gear becomes available.
  • Warrior - Arms: Arms Warriors are not performing as well as Fury in the current meta, and they are mostly used for their physical damage debuff.



  • Survival: Survival Hunters are still performing well, even though they have fallen off slightly due to scaling issues. The need for certain mechanics in Trial of the Grand Crusader may be affecting their overall DPS.
  • Marksmanship: Unfortunately, Marksmanship Hunters are struggling and have dropped to the low D-tier. Players have found success with other specs, making it challenging for Marksmanship to shine.



  • Elemental: Elemental Shamans are surprisingly performing well, and their scaling has been better than expected. They benefit from the cleave-heavy fights in Trial of the Grand Crusader and have reached a high A-tier.
  • Enhancement: Enhancement Shamans continue to be powerful with their cleave damage and utility, putting them in the mid A-tier.



  • Balance: Balance Druids have fallen to the B-tier despite their strong single-target and burst AOE capabilities. The lack of an execute phase and some fights' mechanics affect their overall DPS.
  • Feral: Feral Druids have made a significant leap from a low C-tier to the top of the A-tier. Players have mastered the more complex rotation, leading to impressive single-target and burst AOE damage.



  • Arcane: Arcane Mages have had their moment but are now falling behind. They are still viable, but other specs are outperforming them, putting them in the high B-tier.
  • Fire: Fire Mages are performing exceptionally well and are among the top three DPS specs in the game. They excel in cleave damage and benefit from additional secondary stats like crit. Fire Mages have reached the top of the A-tier and may continue climbing.
  • Frost: Frost Mages are not competitive in PvE content and are primarily used for PvP.



  • Shadow: Shadow Priests remain in the middle of the DPS meters, providing valuable utility for the raid.



  • Destruction: Destruction Warlocks are viable and have reached a respectable position in the mid-A-tier, offering good single-target and burst AOE damage.
  • Demonology: Demonology Warlocks have fallen off slightly, as expected but are still in the A-tier with their growing demonic pack buff and decent single-target damage.
  • Affliction: Affliction Warlocks are at the top of the A-tier and offer great single-target damage, powerful AOE capabilities, and an excellent execution phase. They continue to be a highly contested pick for good reason.



As Phase 3 progresses, the top three DPS specs (Affliction Warlock, Unholy Death Knight, and Fire Mage) have emerged as the dominant choices, significantly outperforming others. Players may find it challenging to compete without these specs in their raid composition. However, with each new raid tier, the meta may continue to evolve, so it's essential to keep an eye on class changes and performance trends. Happy raiding!

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