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WotLK Classic Phase 4: DPS Tier List and Ranking

Phase 4 of Wrath of the Lich King is here, and with it, the iconic Icecrown Citadel raid, one of the most challenging and legendary raids in Classic WoW history. For damage dealers, this phase is a game-changer, and optimizing your spec is crucial to secure your raid spot and help your guild conquer the Lich King. In this article, we've compiled the ultimate DPS tier list for Phase 4, based on a combination of simulated DPS data, real-world raid data, PTR experience, and the latest simulation data. We'll guide you through the specs that will make you the MVP of your raid group in Phase 4.


WotLK Classic Phase 4: DPS Tier List and Ranking



Before we dive into the tier list, let's briefly explain our methodology. We've taken into account two primary sources of information: simulated DPS data and real-world data from raids. By combining current DPS rankings from Trial of the Crusader (ToC) with Phase 4 PTR experience and the latest simulation data, we aim to provide a tier list that considers not only theoretical performance but also the gearing and progression stages of Icecrown Citadel. So, without further ado, let's explore the specs that will make you the MVP of your raid group in Phase 4.


Top 10. Combat Rogue

Combat Rogues have been performing well, ranking sixth in damage dealers in Trial of the Crusader. While they drop to 14th on Sims in Phase 4, don't let that deter you. Combat Rogues are gear-dependent, and if they obtain their gear early, they can excel on single-target bosses and large AOE packs.


Top 9. Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knights offer consistent single-target damage and AOE burst. While they rank fourth in damage in Phase 3, they drop to 10th in Phase 4 Sims. However, the issue lies in their lack of popularity and the dominance of Unholy DKs in early ICC. Nonetheless, they become more attractive with gear, especially if you're aiming for Shadowmourne.


Top 8. Blood Death Knight

Consider the Blood Death Knight for Shadowmourne. With Unholy Frenzy damage, Blood DKs can equal or surpass other DK specs, making them a viable choice as you gear up.


Top 7. Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunters have the potential to become the third-highest damage dealers with full armor penetration gear in Phase 4, according to Sims. However, they require perfect gameplay and movement, making them gear-dependent and not the best choice for multiple raid slots.


Top 6. Shadow Priest

Shadow Priests may have ranked 16th in DPS in Trial of the Crusader, but they shine in ICC. They excel in short and long fights, thanks to their Phase 4 set bonus, doubling their haste. Shadow Priests bring great utility and are a solid choice for Phase 4 raids.


Top 5. Unholy Death Knight

Unholy DKs are a top pick for ICC progression. They currently hold the number one spot for damage in Phase 3 and have a strong Tier 9 armor set for Phase 4. While they fall off toward the end of the phase, they remain a dominant choice for early ICC raids.


Top 4. Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladins perform as the ninth-highest damage dealers in Phase 3 but skyrocket in Phase 4 thanks to a powerful Tier 10 set bonus. They become cleave machines and are projected to enter the top four for many fights. Their utility and Shadowmourne priority make them a valuable addition to raid groups.


Top 3. Feral Druid (Feral Tank)

Feral Druids rank seventh in damage dealers in Trial of the Crusader but excel in Phase 4 with maxed armor penetration, a new weapon, and a strong Tier 10 set bonus. They bring exceptional utility to raids with battle resurrections and innervate.


Top 2. Fury Warrior

Fury Warriors jump from 10th in DPS in Trial of the Crusader to a top-six spot in ICC. Their armor penetration scaling, combined with the damage boost from Shadowmourne, makes them a force to be reckoned with. They shine on trash packs, contributing to high overall raid DPS.


Top 1. Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlocks consistently rank in the top two in Trial of the Crusader and maintain a top-four position throughout Phase 4. Their gear scales exceptionally well, and they benefit from over 500 haste and a strong Tier 10 four-set bonus.


Fire Mage

Fire Mages claim the top spot in the Phase 4 DPS tier list. They rank third in DPS in Trial of the Crusader and continue to excel in ICC, topping the charts on short and medium fights. Their Tier 10 set bonus is game-changing, and they bring both single-target and AOE damage. Fire Mages are stackable, making them a versatile and potent choice for raid groups.


WotLK Classic Phase 4 Changes

Next, we will delve into the upcoming features, including PTR testing for Rapha the Lich King, Titan Rune Gamma Dungeons, new Essences, account-wide pets and mounts, class adjustments, and the highly anticipated Icecrown Citadel raid. 

Feature Details
Random Dungeon Finder Available for all content above level 15. Facilitates group finding for endgame content. Potential for a Cataclysm-style weekly reward system.
Titan Rune Gamma Dungeons Loot comparable to ToC 10-man gear (item level 232). Introduction of "Defiled Scourge Stones" for trading. Vendor's offerings may change.
Trial of the Crusader Normal Gear Item level 245 gear available for purchase with Scourge Stones. Sought-after trinkets available through five-man dungeons.
3 New Heroic Dungeons Introduces unique challenges and rewards for added difficulty.
Account-Wide Pets and Mounts Pets and mounts accessible to all characters on the same account. Streamlines collections and adds convenience.
Heirloom Tab Simplifies management of heirlooms across characters. All heirlooms accessible in one tab.
Class Adjustments Significant changes for Hunters, Resto Druids, Priests, Shamans, and Warlocks. Addition of Trap Launcher for Hunters.
Icecrown Citadel Features 12 challenging bosses, rich lore, and epic loot. Offers both normal and heroic modes. A focus on gearing up and mastering mechanics.



As Phase 4 unfolds, it's essential to choose the right DPS spec to maximize your contribution to your raid group. Consider factors like gear dependence, versatility, and stackability when making your choice. Fire Mages, Affliction Warlocks, and Feral Druids are among the top contenders, but every spec has its strengths and weaknesses. Keep an eye on raid progress and adapt your choices accordingly to secure your place as an MVP in your raid group. Good luck, and may your journey through the Frozen Halls of Icecrown Citadel be victorious!

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