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How to improve rune farming ability faster in Elden Ring, 2023?

In the realm of Elden Ring, every adventurer seeks the most efficient way to level up and enhance their abilities. In this article, we'll unveil an incredible method that will turbocharge your rune farming capabilities, enabling you to level up faster than ever before. By combining a powerful talisman, the Gold-footed Foul Foot, and a secret farming location, you'll gain a 50% boost to your rune acquisition. Read on to discover how to unlock these ER items and reach the pinnacle of power in Elden Ring.


How to improve rune farming ability faster in Elden Ring, 2023?


Unlock the Gold-Footed Foul Foot Recipe

To start, you need to unlock a secret NPC that sells the recipe for the Gold-Footed Foul Foot— Head to Murkwater Cave, which can be reached from Agile Lake North. Inside the cave, you'll encounter Patches, and it's crucial to let him live, as we'll need him later. If Patches is away, you can find him near Scenic Isle after defeating Margeet. Purchase the Missionarie's Cookbook 2 from him.


Farming the Ingredients

To craft the Gold-Footed Foul Foot, you'll need Row of Fruit, Four-Toed Foul Feats, and Golden Fireflies. Here's how to farm these materials:

  • Row of Fruit: These can be found all over the map.
  • Four-Toed Foul Feats: Head to the Church of America and run around the back to the beach area. Use a crossbow to shoot and kill the birds on the beach to farm their foot.
  • Golden Fireflies: These can be found in a pond near the Fourth Church of America. Collect them by running around the pond.


Crafting the Gold-Footed Foul Foot

Now that you have all the ingredients craft the Gold-Footed Foul Foot in your inventory using the Missionaries Cookbook 2. These foot will grant you increased rune acquisition for a limited time.


Obtain the Golden Scarab Talisman

Next, you'll want to obtain the Golden Scarab Talisman, which boosts the amount of runes you get by an additional 20%. Head to the Smoldering Wall Grace Site in Caled. From there, carefully make your way through a hidden cave and defeat the boss to obtain the Golden Scarab Talisman.


The Best Farming Spot

The best farming spot is Lenne's Rise (or Lynnae). You can reach it either by running from the start or by using the teleport behind the Third Church of Marika and travelling through the Forum Great Bridge. Here's the process:

  • Equip the Golden Scarab Talisman.
  • Use the Gold-Footed Foul Foot from your inventory.
  • Stand near the rolling ball and dodge it perfectly to get maximum XP.
  • Sit at the nearby Site of Grace to respawn the enemy.
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • Note: Farming this spot is most effective until you reach around level 70, but it remains one of the best ways to level up until you progress further.


  • Note: The farming spot is most effective until your character is in the 70s, but it remains one of the best methods until you progress further in the game.


Final Tips

  • Farm during nighttime for a chance to spawn a special ball that gives 9,000 XP.
  • If you prefer fast travelling, remember to equip the Golden Scarab Talisman, use the Gold-Footed Foul Foot, and fast travel to the closest location repeatedly.



By following these steps and utilizing the Gold-Footed Foul Foot and Golden Scarab Talisman, you'll experience a huge boost to your rune farming capabilities and level up faster in Elden Ring. Good luck on your farming journey!

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