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WotLK Classic Shadowmourne: How to get it in Phase 4?

The time has come for the chilling halls of Icecrown Citadel to echo with the whispers of power and prestige. Among the legendary weapons that stand above all, Shadowmourne shines as an obsession for many in the upcoming Phase 4 of WoW Classic. The burning question is: Who should be the priority for Shadowmourne? In this guide, we'll delve deep into the mysteries of Shadowmourne and unveil the secrets that determine its priority. From DPS titans to unexpected contenders, we'll explore everything you need to know to make the most strategic decision for your guild. 



WotLK Classic Shadowmourne: How to get it in Phase 4?


The Path to Shadowmourne

To begin the journey towards obtaining Shadowmourne, you must prepare for one of the most epic quests in Azeroth. If the call of Shadowmourne resonates within you, you must be a Death Knight, Warrior, or Paladin. Your path starts by aligning with the Ashen Verdict and embarking on the sacred "The Light's Vengeance" quest. High Lord Darion Mograine awaits you in the icy depths of Icecrown Citadel, ready to guide you through a path filled with both peril and promise.


The Quest Steps

  • Obtain Light's Vengeance in the Dragonblight.
  • Face grotesque foes like Festerface and Rotface inside ICC.
  • Collect 25 Primordial Saronite from boss drops or use Emblems of Frost.
  • Secure the support of your guild through Primordial Saronite donations or a hefty guild bank.


The Journey Continues

Your quest will then lead you back into Icecrown, where you'll face challenging trash mobs and iconic bosses like Professor Putricide, Queen Lana'thel, and Sindragosa. For the battle against Sindragosa, investing in 213 Icebane armor pieces is recommended for countering her icy breath.


Gathering Shadow Frost Shards

Completing these tasks will earn you the privilege of looting Shadow Frost Shards, which have a roughly 75% drop rate per boss in Heroic Icecrown. A total of 50 Shadow Frost Shards are needed for Shadowmourne, which typically takes around six to seven weeks to collect. This timeline doesn't include the weeks of normal modes, and progression struggles that might lower your Shard count per week.


Priority Considerations

Now, let's delve into the priority list for Shadowmourne allocation:

Tanks (Low Priority) While tanks are essential for progression, Shadowmourne should prioritize huge scaling damage dealers to make raid runs smoother and more consistent.
Frost Death Knights Frost Death Knights perform well, but due to talent constraints, they miss out on key abilities in a 2-handed build. Their PvE performance suffers as a result.
Arms Warriors Arms Warriors might be a PVP spec, but they benefit significantly from Shadowmourne in PvE scenarios, enhancing their DPS.
Unholy Death Knights Unholy Death Knights gain a decent damage increase with Shadowmourne, making them a good candidate for the weapon, especially for PVP or loyal guild members.
Blood Death Knights Blood Death Knights can gain substantial value from Shadowmourne's stats and are expected to perform around 6% better with it.
Retribution Paladins Retribution Paladins experience a significant damage increase with Shadowmourne, taking them to the top tiers of DPS, especially when considering their tier 10 set bonus.
Fury Warriors Fury Warriors stand out as top contenders for Shadowmourne due to its perfect synergy with their mechanics, offering a massive damage increase.
Priority: Fury Warriors The top priority for Shadowmourne allocation goes to Fury Warriors due to their exceptional damage increase, armor penetration, and gem slot benefits, making them the optimal recipients.





As Icecrown Citadel's reign looms, the quest for Shadowmourne intensifies. Allocating the weapon to the right class becomes a crucial decision for guilds. Consider each spec's potential and contribution to raid performance before making your choice. Remember that while simulations provide insights, real-world performance matters too. So, embark on this journey with wisdom and strategy, and may Shadowmourne's power lead your guild to victory!

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