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What are the best Gold Farms in WotLK Classic, 2023?

As we progress through the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, the importance of gold becomes increasingly apparent. While daily activities like dungeons, raids, and quests provide a steady income, some extra effort is often needed to afford consumables, enchants, and gear enhancements. In this guide, we'll explore the top 10 gold farms in WOTLK Classic for 2023. These farms can help you amass Wotlk gold to enhance your gameplay.


What are the best Gold Farms in WotLK Classic, 2023?


#10: The Hyperspawn Humanoid Farm in Icecrown

Located in the North-Middle part of Icecrown, this farm boasts rapid respawns and exceptional gold yield. Perfect for AoE and distance-pulling abilities, it's an ideal choice for classes like Boomkins, Warlocks, Shadow Priests, and Hunters. With expected gold earnings of 250 per hour from vendoring or up to 350 per hour through the Auction House, this farm guarantees continuous action and significant rewards.


#9: Semi-Hyperspawn Island Farm in Icecrown

Situated in the North-Western part of Icecrown, this farm features higher mob density and slower respawns. Optimal for Warlocks, Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights, this farm demands efficient AoE damage and survival tactics for maximum gains. Earnings range from 250 to 300 gold per hour by vendoring, or 350 to 400 gold per hour via the Auction House.


#8: Prospecting and Saronite Shuffling

Although affected by changes to gem availability, this method remains viable. Mass prospecting can earn you a reasonable 500 gold per hour or even more if you incorporate Enchanting and other professions. While less lucrative than before, this approach still offers decent returns.


#7: Maraudon Mithril Farming

Due to constant alt leveling and professional needs, Mithril remains in demand. Catering to the mining market, this farm can provide a steady income stream. As an enduring strategy, it's a reliable way to ensure a consistent gold flow.


#6: Herbalism and Mining in Northrend

With the constant demand for crafting and consumable materials, this easy farm proves valuable. While heavily botted, its popularity testifies to its effectiveness. By collecting herbs and mining nodes in Northrend, you can enjoy a consistent and decent gold income.


#5: Herbalism and Mining in Outland

Old expansion materials retain value due to scarcity and demand. Prices are generally higher for older content materials. By comparing Herbalism and Mining in Northrend versus Shadowmoon Valley, you can expect higher returns in Outland, especially considering faster sales.


#4: Mana Tombs and The Botanica Farming

Dungeons like Mana Tombs and The Botanica offer a mix of raw gold and auctionable materials. Enchanting and Mining can further boost your income, making these dungeons a stable source of gold. The lack of open-world competition enhances their appeal.


#3: Dire Maul Farming

Libram' soaring value adds intrigue to this farm. While RNG plays a part, the potential for high returns makes it worthwhile. Incorporating this strategy into Mining and Herbalism farms can help you capitalize on your runs' limitations.


#2: Golden Pearl Farming

Golden Pearls, used in valuable enchants, remain consistently in demand. The scarcity of these items, coupled with RNG-based drops, can yield substantial hourly earnings ranging from 10 to 600 gold.


#1: Vanilla Dungeons

Classic dungeons like Uldaman, Zul'Farrak, and Scarlet Monastery offer a mix of gold, professions, and auctionable items. The possibility of rare item drops adds an extra layer of profitability, making these dungeons a prime choice for gold farming.



As you navigate Wrath of the Lich King Classic, these top 10 gold farming strategies for 2023 can significantly boost your wealth. Whether you're a Warlock annihilating mobs or a skilled professional farmer, these tactics cater to various playstyles. To unlock even more gold-making potential, consider exploring the comprehensive strategies shared in the Wrath Classic Gold Guide, along with joining a thriving private gold-making community. Start your gold-farming adventure today and maximize your earnings in this exciting classic expansion!

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