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Elden Ring Patch 1.10 Fire Weapons: Tier List and Ranking

Welcome to this comprehensive ranking of fire-based weapons in Elden Ring, Patch 1.10! In a world filled with fiery challenges, we're here to break down the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon in this category. With a total of 17 weapons to evaluate, we'll be diving into their movesets, scalings, and unique abilities. This list focuses exclusively on their performance in PvE scenarios, aiming to provide you with insights into which weapons can truly set your enemies ablaze. 



Elden Ring Patch 1.10 Fire Weapons: Tier List and Ranking


Devourer's Scepter (17th)

Starting off at the bottom of the list is the Devourer's Scepter. This great Hammer has decent damage and range, but its weapon skill, Devourer of Worlds, needs to improve due to its high FP cost and lackluster effects. It's unfortunate that such a cool-looking weapon ends up being underwhelming in terms of gameplay. 


Pros Cons
  • Good range for a great hammer.
  • Decent damage output.
  • Strong scalings in strength and faith.
  • Weapon skill (Devourer of Worlds) is lackluster and consumes a significant amount of FP.
  • Long casting animation for the weapon skill.
  • Healing effect from the weapon skill is negligible.
  • Situational and outperformed by other options.


Giant's Red Braid (16th)

In the 16th spot, we have the Giant's Red Braid. While it boasts nice scalings in strength and faith, it falls short as a whip weapon due to its slow moveset and mediocre damage. The Flame Dance weapon skill could be better with its long animation and lackluster damage output. There are better options available, making this weapon hard to justify using.


Pros Cons
  • Bscalings in strength and faith, allowing for decent damage potential.
  • Whip moveset provides a unique playstyle.
  • Can stagger enemies effectively.
  • Long range for a whip-type weapon.
  • Slow moveset compared to other weapon types.
  • Flame Dance weapon skill has a long animation and deals low damage.
  • Mediocre total damage output.
  • It is less effective than other weapon choices in both PvP and PvE.


Torch Pole (15th)

Taking the 15th place is the Torch Pole – a weapon with limited fire damage but a decent spear moveset. Unfortunately, its overall damage is mediocre, as it lacks significant scaling options. The weapon skill, Charge Forth, doesn't bring much uniqueness to the table. While it has its uses against smaller enemies, it struggles to compete with other options higher up the list.


Pros Cons
  • Spear moveset offers good range and versatility.
  • Can stagger enemies effectively.
  • It can hit multiple enemies with its thrust attacks.
  • Limited fire damage (75 fire damage).
  • Scaling in strength and dexterity is not ideal for maximizing damage output.
  • Flame Dance weapon skill needs to be more unique and deals underwhelming damage.
  • Overall damage potential is moderate at best.


Inquisitor's Granddaughter (14th)

At number 14, we have the Inquisitor's Granddaughter, a faith-based spear with blood loss buildup potential. While the concept is interesting, the execution could be better due to the weapon's lack of unique effects and a relatively low blood loss buildup rate. It has potential, but it could benefit from a more unique weapon skill and improved scaling.


Pros Cons
  • Faith-based spear with blood loss buildup potential.
  • Unique appearance and design.
  • Weapon skill can proc bleed on enemies.
  • Blood loss buildup is relatively low (50 blood loss buildup).
  • Weapon skill (Charge Forth) needs more uniqueness and effectiveness.
  • Limited scaling options (faith-based).
  • Could benefit from more unique mechanics or improved scaling.


Troll's Hammer (13th)

Coming in at 13th is the Troll's Hammer, a colossal weapon with a split fire damage profile. Its potential needs to be improved by the lack of a fire-based buff incantation, leading to challenges in optimizing its damage output. Additionally, the Troll's Raw weapon skill offers little uniqueness. With some adjustments to its mechanics, this weapon could be more appealing.


Pros Cons
  • Bscaling in strength and split fire damage.
  • Can be buffed with fire-based weapon buffs.
  • Decent poise damage and stagger potential.
  • Colossal weapon type for high Poise damage.
  • Split damage type might lead to suboptimal damage output.
  • Lack of a fire-based buff incantation limits optimization.
  • Weapon skill (Troll's Raw) needs more uniqueness and effectiveness.
  • Requires careful management of damage types for optimal effectiveness.


Vike's War Spear (12th)

In the 12th spot, we have Vike's War Spear – a PvP-focused option with decent movesets and unique mechanics. However, its weapon skill, Madness, doesn't work effectively in PvE scenarios. This limits its potential for higher ranking, but it still retains some value in specific situations.


Pros Cons
  • Solid spear moveset with potential for quick and effective attacks.
  • Bscalings in strength and faith for decent damage potential.
  • Weapon skill (Madness) can be effective in PvP scenarios.
  • Weapon skill (Madness) is less effective in PvE scenarios.
  • Lacks a unique and versatile weapon skill for PvE encounters.
  • Competes with other spears and weapons with better overall performance.
  • Relatively average total damage output.


Grafted Dragon (11th)

At number 11, we have the Grafted Dragon – a fist-based weapon with potential but limited range. The inability to two-hand this weapon hampers its versatility, and the weapon skill, Bear Witness, could benefit from improved range. Nevertheless, its potential to deal damage quickly and its quick recovery animations make it a respectable choice.


Pros Cons
  • Fist-based weapon with unique mechanics and move set.
  • Potential for fast and effective attacks.
  • Can benefit from weapon buffs for increased damage output.
  • B scalings in strength and faith for solid damage potential.
  • Unable to be two-handed, limiting versatility and damage potential.
  • Lack of range for a fist-based weapon.
  • Limited weapon skill options.
  • Requires careful positioning due to shorter range.


Magma Whip Candlestick (10th)

Taking the 10th spot is the Magma Whip Candlestick, a dexterity-based alternative to the Giant's Red Braid. Its weapon skill, similar to Flame Dance, is more effective due to lower FP consumption and better damage output. The lava it leaves on the ground adds to its appeal. While it lacks in certain areas, it still offers a solid option for players.


Pros Cons
  • Dexterity-based whip weapon with a quick moveset.
  • Flame Dance weapon skill has a lower FP cost and better damage output compared to similar skills.
  • Leaves lava on the ground, adding to overall damage output.
  • Versatile in hitting multiple enemies.
  • More effective at staggering enemies than other options.
  • Lower total damage output compared to some other weapons.
  • Limited to dexterity-based scaling.
  • Flame Dance weapon skill may still not be as effective as other skills.


Cranial Vessel Candle Standard (9th)

In 9th place, we have the Cranial Vessel Candle Standard – a great hammer with excellent total damage potential. Its weapon skill, though powerful, suffers from a prolonged animation, affecting its practicality. If the animation were optimized, this weapon could easily rank higher on the list due to its impressive damage output and Poise damage capabilities.


Pros Cons
  • Great hammer type with high total damage potential.
  • Unique appearance and design.
  • Weapon skill (High Brahma) can deal significant damage.
  • Decent faith scaling for damage potential.
  • Weapon skill (High Brahma) has a long animation, leaving the player vulnerable.
  • Lava spewing from the weapon skill does minimal damage.
  • Heavier weight compared to some other great hammers.
  • Requires careful timing due to the weapon skill's animation.


Eleanor's Pole Blade (8th)

Coming in at 8th is Eleanor's Pole Blade, a twin blade with a unique weapon skill that could benefit from higher damage output. Its strengths lie in its Poise damage and blood loss buildup, making it effective against smaller enemies. However, its overall damage potential prevents it from ranking higher on the list.


Pros Cons
  • Twin blade moveset with potential for quick attacks.
  • Can stagger enemies effectively.
  • Decent blood loss buildup potential.
  • Versatile against smaller enemies.
  • Overall damage potential is moderate.
  • Limited scaling options (faith-based).
  • Weapon skill (Spinning Slash) has a long animation, leaving the player vulnerable.
  • Lacks uniqueness in comparison to other options.


Rivers of Blood Katana (7th)

At number 7, we have the Rivers of Blood Katana – a solid option with good range and blood loss buildup. Its weapon skill, while useful, doesn't outshine other options, and its overall damage is moderate. Pairing it with certain setups can make it a viable choice, but its limitations prevent it from ranking higher.


Pros Cons
  • Katana moveset with good range.
  • Quick and effective attacks.
  • High blood loss buildup potential.
  • Weapon skill (Double Slash) is versatile and effective.
  • Moderate overall damage output.
  • Less effective against enemies resistant to blood loss.
  • Competes with other katanas and weapons for higher damage output.
  • Weapon skill (Double Slash) is not as unique as other options.


Magma Blades (6th)

Taking the 6th spot is the Magma Blades – a curved sword with great scaling potential and an effective weapon skill, Magma Shower. The ability to spread lava on the ground enhances its total damage output, but its lack of unique mechanics prevents it from ranking higher on the list.


Pros Cons
  • Curved sword moveset with potential for quick attacks.
  • Unique weapon skill (Magma Shower) leaves lava on the ground.
  • Decent fire damage scaling.
  • Versatile against multiple enemies.
  • Magma Shower's range might not be as effective as intended.
  • Lava left on the ground may not consistently damage enemies.
  • Lower overall damage compared to some other options.
  • Lacks a unique mechanic to stand out further.


Sword of Knight and Flame (5th)

In 5th place, we have the Sword of Knight and Flame – a versatile weapon with decent scaling and a solid weapon skill, Take Flame. While it offers a strong horizontal spread, its damage potential is slightly outshone by other options, preventing it from reaching the top tiers of this ranking.


Pros Cons
  • Solid scaling in strength and faith.
  • Can deal both physical and fire damage.
  • Weapon skill (Take Flame) provides good horizontal spread and AOE damage.
  • Decent moveset for a great sword.
  • Split damage type may only sometimes be optimal.
  • Longer animation for weapon skill (Take Flame) may leave the player vulnerable.
  • Can be outperformed by other great sword options.
  • Lacks unique mechanics compared to top-tier choices.


Blasphemous Blade (4th)

At the 4th spot, we have the Blasphemous Blade – a weapon that consistently ranks high due to its fantastic damage output and healing capabilities. While its fire damage is impressive, it falls short of the top ranks due to its longer animation and relatively high FP cost.


Pros Cons
  • Excellent total damage output.
  • Unique weapon skill (Tear Black Flame) deals significant damage and provides health regeneration.
  • Versatile against various enemies and scenarios.
  • Strong scaling in both strength and faith.
  • Long animation for the weapon skill (Tear Black Flame).
  • Consumes a notable amount of FP.
  • Healing effect might be insufficient in some challenging encounters.
  • Lacks the range of some other weapon types.


Mogwin's Sacred Spear (3rd)

Taking the 3rd place is Mogwin's Sacred Spear – a great spear with incredible range, solid damage, and a powerful weapon skill, Rain of Blood. Despite its impressive abilities, it narrowly misses the top spot due to other weapons offering slightly more versatility.


Pros Cons
  • High range and reach due to the great spear type.
  • Solid total damage output with B scalings in strength and faith.
  • Effective weapon skill (Rain of Blood) deals heavy damage and applies status effects.
  • Potential for versatility in both close and ranged combat.
  • Weapon skill (Rain of Blood) may require precise timing for optimal effectiveness.
  • Can be outperformed by other weapons in specific scenarios.
  • Limited movement options while executing the weapon skill.
  • May require adjustments in playstyle to utilize its potential fully.


God Slayer's Great Sword (2nd)

In 2nd place, we have the God Slayer's Great Sword – a dexterity-based colossal sword with a unique moveset and a devastating weapon skill, Queen's Black Flame. Its ability to deal heavy damage and apply status effects makes it a formidable choice, but one weapon still outshines it.


Pros Cons
  • Unique diagonal moveset for a colossal sword.
  • Bscalings in both strength and faith for solid damage potential.
  • Weapon skill (Queen's Black Flame) deals significant damage and applies status effects.
  • High Poise damage and stagger potential.
  • Weapon skill (Queen's Black Flame) may require precise positioning for optimal effectiveness.
  • Heavy weight compared to some other weapons.
  • Limited movement options during the weapon skill.
  • Potential vulnerability during the weapon skill's animation.


Blasphemous Blade

And finally, securing the top spot is none other than the Blasphemous Blade! With its incredible damage, unique weapon skill, and unmatched health regeneration capabilities, this weapon consistently proves its worth. Its versatility and effectiveness in various scenarios make it an undisputed champion among the fire-based weapons.


Pros Cons
  • Fantastic damage output.
  • Unique weapon skill, Flame Infusion, with healing effect.
  • Longer animation for weapon skill.
  • High FP consumption for weapon skill.
  • Limited versatility due to specific playstyle requirements.



There you have it, folks – the comprehensive ranking of fire weapons in Elden Ring, Patch 1.10. Remember, these rankings are based on PvE performance, and personal preferences may vary. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more Elden Ring content in the future. Until next time, happy hunting!

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