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Elden Ring Update 1.10: 5 Most Popular and Powerful Weapons

If you're like me and you're still deep into Elden Ring, constantly exploring ways to enhance your gaming experience, then you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explore the top 5 most popular and Powerful weapons in Elden Ring as of Update 1.10. These weapons are not only exceptionally powerful but also incredibly fun to wield. If you're seeking to create unique builds, these weapons will ensure you have an absolute blast while waiting for that next juicy DLC drop.


Elden Ring Update 1.10: 5 Most Popular and Powerful Weapons


Top 5. Wing of Astel

We begin our list with the Wing of Astel, a weapon that packs an incredible punch while providing immense satisfaction when wielded. It's unique in that it shares the Ash of War, Nebula Ash of War, with the Bastard Stars. This Ash of War creates a cosmic effect in front of you, with explosions occurring in rapid succession within the nebula. These explosions deal massive damage to your foes.

Elden Ring Wing of Astel Weapon Screenshot

What sets the Wing of Astel apart is its versatility. You can obtain it early in the game by starting Ronnie's Quest, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced players. Mastering this weapon is an art, as you'll need to perfect the timing to maximize the damage output. In PvP, the unpredictable explosions from the nebula can catch opponents off guard, leading to stun locks and significant damage.


For those who prefer a story-driven experience and enjoy defeating bosses with style, the Wing of Astel will carry you effortlessly through New Game Plus. Dual-wielding these beauties also grants access to double-curved sword abilities for swift attacks, ensuring you're well-prepared for any challenge.


Top 4. Eleonora's PoleBlade

For those aspiring to become the most powerful samurai in Elden Ring, Eleonora's PoleBlade takes the fourth spot on our list. Like the Wing of Astel , it requires practice to master its diverse moveset.

Elden Ring Eleonora's PoleBlade Weapon Screenshot

Dual-wielding Eleonora's PoleBlade turns you into a blood-curdling samurai, delivering devastating strikes with a unique Ash of War. This Ash of War transforms you into a spinning, slicing whirlwind of destruction, causing enemies to fall like slices of bread. It deals immense damage and boasts a rolling spin attack with multiple rapid hits, making it a formidable choice in a game where bleed damage reigns supreme.


To obtain this weapon, complete Yura's quest, which involves taking on various invading Bloody Fingers. Once you defeat Eleonora, you'll wield a weapon capable of ravishing the land between and obliterating everything in your path. Whether you're on a quest for redemption or want to embrace your inner samurai, Eleonora's PoleBlade is the perfect choice.


Top 3. Malekith' Black Blade

If you're a fan of shadowy, ominous abilities reminiscent of the Souls series, Malekith' Black Blade is your weapon of choice. This weapon is exceptionally fun to use and can even be paired with the Black Knife for an additional Destined Death ability, causing a health drain effect on your foes.

Elden Ring Malekith' BlackBlade Weapons Screenshot

Malekith' Black Blade can turn your character into a formidable troll build, steadily draining your enemies' health and preventing their regeneration. Its damage output is impressive, capable of stripping away a significant portion of your enemy's health bar with the Ash of War. This weapon is a fantastic choice for players who enjoy watching their enemies' health bars slowly deteriorate over time.


Additionally, Malekith' Black Blade is primarily a strength weapon, making it suitable for a caveman build if you prefer a more straightforward approach. In essence, it offers the versatility to adopt two distinct playstyles, whether you're wielding the powers of Destined Death or embracing your inner caveman.


Top 2. MoonVeil

The MoonVeil takes the second spot on our list, providing a versatile and exhilarating experience for katana enthusiasts. This katana wields moonlight magic, allowing you to strike enemies from a distance with two unique attacks, each capable of inflicting bleeding damage.

Elden Ring MoonVeil Weapon Screenshot

Much like Eleonora's Pole Blade, the Moon Veil lets you role-play as a powerful samurai infused with magic. It delivers more damage than the PoleBlade, executes attacks faster, and excels in PvP encounters. This weapon is accessible early in the game by defeating the mini-boss in the Gale Tunnel, granting you access to one of the most powerful katanas available.


The Moon Veil can also be integrated into mage builds, thanks to its compatibility with spells and incantations. If you've been longing for a weapon that combines incredible damage output with magical prowess, the Moon Veil is the answer.


Top 1. Dark Moon Greatsword 

And finally, we arrive at the pinnacle of our list, the Dark Moon Greatsword. This weapon is a game-changer, offering unparalleled fun and power. Using the Ash of War with the Dark Moon Greatsword turns your heavy attacks into a devastating wave of ice magic, obliterating anything in your path.

Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Weapon Screenshot

The Dark Moon Greatsword's aesthetics alone make it a standout weapon, representing the latest iteration of the Moonlight Greatsword seen in FromSoftware games. To wield this formidable weapon, complete Ronnie's quest and become her disciple, spreading her influence across the land.


Whether you prefer to use its godly powers or want to swing it around like a brute, the Dark Moon Greatsword excels. It's one of the strongest weapons, dealing extra Frost damage and leaving your enemies with no chance to retaliate.



These are the top 5 most overpowered and fun weapons in Elden Ring as of Update 1.10. Each of these weapons offers a unique playstyle, and with the right build, you'll dominate the game and have a blast doing it. If you're intrigued by any of these weapons and want to learn how to optimize them further, check out the linked videos in the description for in-depth guides.

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