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Dark and Darker Fighter Class 3 Separate Kits Challenge Guide

Welcome, adventurers, to an exciting challenge in the world of Dark and Darker! In this guide, we'll delve deep into a thrilling spear-only challenge taken on by a Fighter class. Our intrepid adventurer, equipped with three separate kits, will venture into the treacherous Goblin caves and the enigmatic ruins to face all manner of dangers and adversaries. The challenge's goal is to showcase the versatility of the spear, testing its efficacy with different gear sets and ultimately racking up kills along the way. 



Dark and Darker Fighter Class 3 Separate Kits Challenge Guide


Note: The challenge takes place before reaching level 15, utilizing gear either from vendors or found in a raid.


Challenge Overview

The Fighter class spear-only challenge involves three distinct kits, each with its own level of gear quality:


  • White Spear Kit: Entry-level gear
  • Green Spear Kit: Slightly upgraded gear
  • Blue Spear Kit: High-quality gear, including a blue spear


Our Fighter aims to survive Goblin caves and proceed to the challenging ruins with each kit. Each kit essentially represents a "life", and the goal is to accumulate as many kills as possible. It's an exciting way to test the spear's effectiveness and explore the dynamics of Dark and Darker's world.


The White Spear Kit

The journey begins with the White Spear Kit, composed of basic gear. Here's a breakdown of what's included:


  • White Spear: The starting weapon with minimal attributes.
  • Green Gear: A few pieces of gear with basic attributes to provide slight improvements.
  • No Special Accessories: Minimal accessories or buffs.


Goblin Caves - First Run

The Fighter enters Goblin caves, facing various enemies and other players. Early encounters are with lightly geared opponents and Goblin mobs. The Fighter acquires valuable experience, getting accustomed to the spear's reach and attack patterns.


Key Moments:

  • Early kills against low-geared players.
  • Gaining experience with spear combat and movement.
  • Facing a challenging Warlock opponent with blow corruption but surviving.
  • Acquiring basic loot and surviving the first run.


The Green Spear Kit

Next, our Fighter upgrades to the Green Spear Kit, providing slightly better gear to enhance their combat capabilities. Here's what's included:


  • Green Spear: A spear with improved attributes.
  • Upgraded Green Gear: Better armor and accessories, including +3 weapon damage trousers.
  • Basic Healing Items: Health potions to aid survival.


Goblin Caves - Second Run

With a better-equipped Fighter, the Goblin caves offer a chance to test the effectiveness of the improved gear. This time, the Fighter is more confident in combat and secures additional kills.


Key Moments:

  • Utilizing the green gear's enhancements for improved combat performance.
  • Facing more formidable opponents.
  • Reaping the rewards of Goblin caves and gearing up for the final challenge.


The Blue Spear Kit

The ultimate challenge involves the Blue Spear Kit, where our Fighter wields top-tier gear and a high-quality spear. Here's what's included:


  • Blue Spear: A formidable spear with significant attribute bonuses.
  • Blue Gear: Exceptional armor and accessories, enhancing both offense and defense.
  • Health Potions: Essential for sustaining through tough battles.


Ruins - The Final Challenge

With the best gear at hand, our Fighter enters the ruins, a more challenging environment filled with dangerous foes. Here, they encounter various players and hostile creatures, putting their skills and gear to the ultimate test.


Key Moments:

  • Facing strong opponents, including Wizards and Warlocks.
  • Demonstrating the spear's power and reach in high-stakes battles.
  • The excitement of acquiring valuable loot while surviving the Ruins.



In this Fighter class spear-only challenge, our adventurer showcased the spear's versatility and power, even with basic gear. By progressing through three distinct kits, each with increasing quality, the Fighter tested their combat skills and adaptability. Surviving Goblin caves and mastering the spear's mechanics prepared them for the ultimate challenge in the Ruins.


This challenge highlights the potential for rapid progression in Dark and Darker, as even basic gear can lead to significant success with the right strategy and skill. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, experimenting with different gear sets and challenges can make your journey through Dark and Darker even more exhilarating.

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