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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Tank Tier List: Best Class & Spec Choose | Phase 1

In Classic WoW Season of Discovery (SOD), the tanking landscape undergoes intriguing changes, it's crucial to know where each tanking class stands in the meta. In this guide, we'll be constructing a level 25 tanking build for each class and assessing their strengths and weaknesses to create a comprehensive tank tier list for Phase 1.



WoW Classic Season of Discovery Tank Tier List: Best Class & Spec Choose | Phase 1


1. Druid - S Tier

Let's kick things off with the versatile Druid. We'll focus on a Feral Combat build for tanking. The key talents include:

  • Ferocity (5/5): Reduces the cost of Maul or Swipe by 5 rage.
  • Feral Aggression (5/5): Strengthens Demoralizing Roar, ideal for AOE threat.
  • Brutal Impact (2/2): Enhances your stun ability.
  • Thick Hide (3/3): Boosts armor contribution from items.
  • Feral Charge (1/1): Provides a crucial charge ability.
  • Sharpen Claws (3/3): Increases Critical Strike chance.
  • Feral Instinct (5/5): Enhances threat generation.


Rune Selection:

  • Chest: Survival of the Fittest - Reduces critical hit chance and overall damage taken.
  • Hands: Mangle - Increases damage dealt and enhances threat generation.
  • Legs: Skull Bash - Offers an additional charge and interrupt.


Druids shine as tanks with a build that focuses on reducing critical hits and overall damage. The ability to generate threat with Mangle and the utility of Skull Bash for interrupts and extra charges place Druids comfortably in the S-tier for level 25 tanking.


2. Paladin - S Tier

Now let's delve into the Paladin's tanking potential with a Protection build:

  • Redoubt (5/5): Boosts block chance.
  • Toughness (2/5): Increases armor value.
  • Precision (3/3): Enhances chance to hit.
  • Shield Specialization (5/5): Increases the absorption of shield.
  • Blessing of Kings (1/1): Boosts stats.


Rune Selection:

  • Chest: Aegis - Increases block value and adds a chance to block.
  • Hands: Hand of Reckoning - Functions as a taunt.
  • Leg: Avenger Shield


Paladins, with improvements to their threat generation and survivability, claim a spot in the S-tier. The addition of Hand of Reckoning for taunting and Avenger's Shield for increased threat solidifies their position.


3. Warrior - A Tier

Warriors, the classic tanking class, undergo a specific Arms build for tanking:

  • Shield Specialization (5/5): Increases block chance and generates rage.
  • Toughness (3/5): Improves overall tankiness.
  • Improved Shield Block (3/3): Enhances Shield Block's capabilities.
  • Defiance (2/5): Increases threat generation.


Rune Selection:

  • Chest: Warbringer
  • Hand: Devastate
  • Leg: Furious Thunder


Warriors, while strong in tanking, find themselves in the A-tier due to slightly lower threat generation compared to other classes. However, their ability to absorb damage and versatility in tanking make them a solid choice.


4. Warlock - A Tier

Now, onto the Warlock, an unconventional tanking choice. Demonology is the focus for this unique tanking build:

  • Demonic Embrace (5/5): Boosts stamina.
  • Cataclysm (5/5): Enhances damage-dealing potential.
  • Improved Shadow Bolt (5/5): Increases Shadow Bolt effectiveness.


Rune Selection:

  • Chest: Demonic Tactics
  • Hand: Metamorphosis
  • Leg: Demonic Grace


Warlocks, surprisingly, find a place in tanking with a demonic build that emphasizes survivability and threat generation. While unconventional, their potential to tank adds diversity to the A-tier.


5. Rogue - A Tier

Rogues, known for their DPS prowess, step into the tanking role with a Combat build:

  • Lightning Reflexes (5/5): Increases Dodge chance.
  • Deflection (5/5): Boosts Parry chance.
  • Precision (5/5): Improves chance to hit.
  • Reposte (1/1): Adds a disarm ability.


Rune Selection:

  • Chest: Just a Flesh Rune
  • Hand: Main Gauche
  • Leg: Blade Dance


Rogues, with their focus on evasion and parrying, make interesting tanks. However, the absence of cleave abilities places them in the A-tier, making them more suitable for single-target tanking.


6. Shaman - S Tier

Finally, let's explore Shaman tanking capabilities with a solid Enhancement build:

  • Shield Specialization (5/5): Enhances block chance and value.
  • Guardian Totems (3/3): Improves totem benefits.
  • Anticipation (5/5): Boosts Dodge chance.
  • Toughness (1/5): Adds extra tankiness.


Rune Selection:

  • Chest: Shield Mastery - Provides various defensive benefits.
  • Hands: Molten Blast - Offers a frontal cleave ability.
  • Legs: Way of Earth - Significantly increases threat generation and survivability.


Shamans, with a well-rounded tanking build, secure a place in the S-tier. Their mix of mitigation, block, and threat generation, especially with Molten Blast, makes them formidable tanks in Season of Discovery.


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In conclusion, each tanking class brings unique strengths to the table. The SOD tank tier list is subjective and might evolve as the game progresses. Experiment with different builds and adapt to the evolving meta for a successful tanking experience in Classic WoW Season of Discovery!

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