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Season of Discovery Paladin Pre-Raid Best in Slot Gear List Guide | WoW Classic

Hello, WoW aficionados! It's great to have you back! Today, we're venturing into the realm of Paladins during Classic WoW's Season of Discovery. Whether you're channelling the divine as a Holy Paladin, dealing righteous damage as a Ret Paladin, or standing firm as a Tank Paladin, we've prepared the ultimate pre-raid Best in Slot (BiS) gear guide just for you.



Season of Discovery Paladin Pre-Raid Best in Slot Gear List Guide | WoW Classic


Holy Paladin

  • Helmet: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme might be tough to find, but they're gold. Can't snag them? Bright-Eye Goggles are fine.
  • Neck: Glowing Green Talisman. Because who doesn't enjoy mana regeneration?
  • Shoulders: Feline Mantle from Shadowfang Keep. Magician's Mantle is another option, although it is more expensive.
  • Cape: Caretaker's Cape from Silverwing Sentinels. If it's out of reach, Resilient Cape is a solid plan B.
  • Chest: From Shadowfang Keep, the Robes of Arugal. Until then, Bright Armor is a budget-friendly option.
  • Bracers: Durable Bracers for intellect boost. Or, grab Owl Bracers as a decent second choice.
  • Gloves: Truefaith Gloves.  tailor-made for healing success. Magefist Gloves are a good backup.
  • Belt: Belt of Arugal.  another Shadowfang Keep classic. As well as Wizard's Belt, it works well.
  • Legs: Silver-thread Pants. great for healers. Alternatively, you can choose the Darkweave Breeches.
  • Boots: Silver-thread Boots for intellect and stamina. Can't find them? Resilient Boots are an easy find.
  • Rings: Lorekeeper's Ring and Lavishly Jeweled Ring. Both are solid choices for a Holy Paladin.
  • Trinkets: Trinkets are tricky at this level, but Arena Grandmaster and Rune of Duty can be placeholders.


Ret Paladin

  • Helmet: Sparkmetal Coif from Duskwood quests. If not, Humbert's Helm is a great alternative.
  • Neck: Sentinel's Medallion for some PvP fun. Get it from the Silverwing Sentinels.
  • Shoulders: Bristlebark Amice. If you can afford it. Otherwise, Glimmering Mail Pauldrons won't disappoint.
  • Cape: Slayer's Cape for that strength boost. Cape of the Brotherhood is a decent second.
  • Chest: Shining Silver Breastplate if you're into blacksmithing. If not, Mutant Scale Breastplate is a great drop
  • Bracers: Slayer's Cuffs are easy to find and effective.
  • Gloves: Void Touch Leather Gloves for leatherworkers. Glimmering Mail Gauntlets work well too.
  • Belt: Cobran's Grasp drops at a nice rate. Emblazoned Belt is a common auction house find.
  • Legs: You can't go wrong with Glimmering Mail Legguards. Quests can be found at the Chausses of Westfall.
  • Boots: Lynx Feet if you're feeling rich. In any case, Slayer's Slippers are a solid choice.
  • Rings: Thunderbrow Rings are excellent. An excellent alternative is Protector's Band.
  • Trinkets: Trinket options are limited, but Arena Grandmaster adds some survivability.


Tank Paladin

  • Helmet: Sparkmetal Coif or Humbert's Helm. Either works great for tanking.
  • Neck: Sentinel's Medallion once again, for that extra durability.
  • Shoulders: Bristlebark Amice if you can, otherwise Glimmering Mail Pauldrons.
  • Cape: Slayer's Cape for strength and stamina.
  • Chest: Shining Silver Breastplate or Mutant Scale Breastplate from Wailing Caverns.
  • Bracers: Slayer's Cuffs. Easy to get and effective for tanking.
  • Gloves: Green Iron Gauntlets or Glimmering Mail Gauntlets with a strength enchant.
  • Belt: Belt of the Stars from Duskwood quests. Slayer's Sash is a good auction house find
  • Legs: Chausses of Westfall for a mix of stamina and strength
  • Boots: Green Iron Boots are a perfect fit. They're a bit pricey but worth it.
  • Rings: Protector's Band and Seal of Wryn are both solid picks.
  • Trinkets: Arena Grandmaster for that emergency shield. Rune of Duty for a bit of extra stamina.


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That's it, folks! Your ultimate guide to pre-raid BiS gear for Paladins in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. Remember, while gear is important, skill and strategy matter too. So gear up, get out there, and show Azeroth what you're made of!

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