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WoW Classic SoD Gold Earnings with Infinite Spawn Mining in RedRidge Mountains

The definitive guide to gold farming in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. We've tested multiple methods and identified an extremely lucrative mining spot that's ideal for players who have completed dungeons and raids and are looking to boost their WOW Classic SoD gold.



The Ideal Mining Location: RedRidge Mountains Cave

In addition to being a mining haven, this cave is a gold mine that is yet to be explored.

Its uniqueness is its infinite spawn feature, which primarily yields tin, copper and rare silver veins.

Tin veins make up the majority of the veins, which is a suitable location for consistent mining.



Leveraging the Environment: Additional Benefits

It works to your advantage as other players clear mobs in the area, giving you free access to mine.

Additionally, mobs in the area drop wool cloth, silk cloth, and green items, increasing your gold-making potential.


Analyzing the Farm: Breaking Down the Numbers

This is the result of an hour of focused mining. 

Here is a breakdown of the results:

  • Silver Ore: Approximately 19, converted to bars.
  • Tin Ore: A full bag, amounting to around 80 bars.
  • Copper Ore: A significant amount, resulting in 53 bars.

Note: Melting ore into bars enhances their value.


Selling Strategy: Maximizing Ore Value

In some markets, selling tin and copper bars separately yields more gold than selling them as bronze bars.

However, bronze bars sell more quickly.

In order to make the most profitable decision, check current market prices.

  • Additional Earnings: Cloth, Green Items, and Grinding Stones
  • Cloth Sales: Both wool and silk cloth fetch a good price.
  • Green Items: These can be vendored or auctioned for extra gold.
  • Coarse Grinding Stones: A high-demand item, selling for a considerable price on many realms.
  • Real-Life Example: Profitability from One Hour of Mining


Based on actual gameplay

  • Raw Gold from Mobs: Around 60 silver (excluding green items and cloth).
  • High-Value Drops: Like the Black Rock Champion axe, which can add significantly to your earnings.
  • Total Earnings: Approximately 20 gold from an hour's mining, plus additional income from other sources.


Conclusion: Your Path to Riches in WoW Classic

This mining method in the RedRidge Mountains cave is a gold-making powerhouse. The strategy can earn up to 20 gold per hour, along with additional earning from mobs and drops. However, market prices fluctuate, so it is important to always check current values to maximize your profits.

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