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WoW Classic SoD Guides: Reputations, Professions, Realm choices, and Dungeon strategies

Welcome warriors to the exciting world of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery! Whether you are a veteran coming back or a newly arriving player in Azeroth, this guide is here to help you set up for success. Without any PTR for this season, many aspects of the game were incredibly surprising and I'm here to share some insights that would be useful on your way.


Understanding New Reputations

First thing first; there are new reputations introduced this season. For Alliance it is Azero Commercial Authority and for Horde it is Jitar Supply and Logistics. Starting at level six you will come across WH Aid shipments from mobs and chests. These come in two tiers as well as require specific items to fill them out. Completing these can largely enhance your reputation gains and rewards.


Realm Selection and Faction Balance

This season Blizzard has taken a slightly different approach to realm balance. PvP realms in particular have faction population restrictions in place to preserve the balance. This might limit your options when creating new characters so be aware of the faction dominance on the chosen server. The return of old vanilla rule about not having both factions on same PvP realm adds more uniqueness to Season of Discovery.


Professions: A Fresh Perspective

This season professions got shaken up with a 150 cap. There is no wrong choice given the diversity in professions. However, starting with two gathering professions such as skinning, mining or herbalism since they provide valuable resources and good income can be handy. As such, do not forget that just because an item is the best crafted one for your class does not mean it is always the most logical profession choice.


Gold Income and Level Cap Bonuses

With the level cap set at 25, any experience you would have gained is converted into wow sod gold. In this case, quests become incredibly lucrative allowing you to amass wealth effortlessly. Dungeon grinding still provides a way of farming gold. It's worth saving some quests for when the level cap increases to maximize this gold bonus.


Dungeon Farming: A Key Strategy

Dungeons are even more important now since they give gear that can last well into raiding content. Completing dungeons like Whaling Caverns, Deadmines and Shadow Fang Keep will reward not only great loot but also prepare you for the eventual level capping.


Items to Keep an Eye On

In this season certain items have become more significant: fish oil, iridescent pearls, spider silk or materials for bronze bars. As such, these mustn't be sold off cheaply because they are necessary for endgame crafting or specific grinds.


Hearthstone Placement and Efficient Travel

There are strategic considerations to make while choosing where to place your Hearthstone. For Alliance players it could be placed in one of places which gives quick access raids and important travel routes like Menethil Harbor. Horde players may find Orgrimmar a convenient hub. Always remember that efficient travel saves a lot of time in long-term perspective.


Final Thoughts

The Season of Discovery comes with new challenges and opportunities for players in WoW Classic that are thrilling. If you're just starting out in the game, here are some tips that may help you get past the early stages better. Be curious, make strategic decisions and above all, have fun through Azeroth's adventure.

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