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WoW Classic Sod Fast Leveling Secret Strategy with Powerful Runes

Gaming enthusiasts, are you ready to come up with a new strategy for wow sod leveling? In that case, we have dived into a secretive way which can boost your leveling speed by 3-5 times! This technique involves acquiring powerful runes at level 1, runes you aren't supposed to access this early in the game. While Blizzard might nerf it, this is your chance of increasing your leveling speed by an AOE grinding and using best spots and buffs.



The First Steps: Rune System Explained

To start with let's go over the basics. Majority of the runes in the game can be accessed from level one with few exceptions such as Grizzly Rune and Waylaid Supply Rune that have specific level and faction requirements. Therefore, strategize your build to maximize power right from the beginning. Your choice of runes greatly determines how quickly you will level up.


Class Specific Strategies: Mages through Druids

For instance, as a Mage focus on such runes like Regeneration, Living Flame, and Living Bomb. The trick is to find a buddy who can help you collect these runes quickly. For Horde mages, they start at Scarlet Warrior Farm for Living Flame then go south from here for Regeneration. Though Living Bomb requires 12th level but still as a horde player you can get it early just by visiting Lock Modan which is usually an alliance area.





Druids have no AOE hence they can use Star Surge to kill mobs of up to level 25 instantly. The idea is to call druids to certain areas where strong abilities are given right away.


Buffing Up: Game-Changing Buffs and Consumables

Do not ignore buffs such as Boon of the Blackfathom which increases crit hit and spell power drastically. Additionally, Horde players may benefit from Darkmoon Faire buff too. Use Hearthstone batch method to save time while switching between locations efficiently.


Exploiting the Best Grinding Spots

For Alliance players, begin in your starting area then proceed to the high density spots like Murlocs in Elwynn Forestt. On the other hand, Horde players can move on from the starting area after some initial leveling and go to areas such as Jamie Nore in Tirisfal Glades that are good for AOE grinding.


Murlocs in Elwynn Forestt


Jamie Nore in Tirisfal Glades


Breaking the Leveling Mold with Runes

Shaman players for instance may opt for runes like Way of Earth or Molten Blast that enhance tanking and AOE abilities. The game plan still remains – be summoned to a specific place to collect runes there and then use the best grinding areas of your class.


Final Thoughts: Applying This Technique

This manual has shown how you can change your leveling experience during Blizzard's Season of Discovery. It is important to note that understanding rune system, using buffs and consumables wisely and selecting best grinding points are key elements. Although this method is not yet nerfed, take it now, so as to progress quickly through your game.

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