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WoW Classic SoD Gold Farming with Mining and Herbing in Westfall

Are you required to obtain an impressive wow classic sod gold in Westfall while mining and herbing? This article provides tips and guidelines for better performance.


Perfecting Your Routes

Westfall has an abundance of Swift Thistle, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, and mining nodes. So, plan routes that will cover both herbing and mining. You can use red for mining routes on your map, green for herb routes and blue color a hybrid path. This enables you to toggle between collecting herbs or ores at any given time.



Addons to Enhance Efficiency

To increase efficiency in farming, you can use addons like GatherMate and Sexy Maps.


GatherMate has the ability to show potential node locations on your map thus making planning the route easier.


Sexy Maps can assist you in resizing your mini-map for better visibility for nodes and chests.


The Power of Tracking

Do not forget that tracking can maximize benefits from such endeavors. While moving along these paths try to notice any other herbalism or chest chests that might be there. These areas have herb nodes as well as ore veins which are marked on gathermate's database; the chests' locations are also marked showing them as potential sources of additional resources or valuable items.


Maximizing Profit

Currently Earthroot, Tin, and Swift Thistle are highly valuable items in the market. For instance Earthroot costs around 1g per stack while Tin is approximately 80s per stack. Swift Thistle is the most profitable among these three herbs selling at an average price of about 25-30 silver per piece. Depending on your efficiency levels as well as the market rate one may be able to make around 15 gold per hour by combining both mining and herbing.


Utilizing Addons for Better Control

Such addons include Threat Plates that allow customization of health bars appearance/nameplates so you can manage your pet properly and be aware of what is going on around you. This is useful especially when you are in crowded areas or have multiple mobs to deal with.


Efficient Looping

One of the best strategies for obtaining maximum tin collection is to alternate between two mines in Westfall. In caves, or crowded areas which are mushrooming with mob presence, threat level should always be kept in mind as well as your pet's health.


Utilizing Herbs and Ores

Instead of selling your raw materials, you may want to consider utilizing some herbs through alchemy while the ores can be used in blacksmithing or engineering. This is another way to boost your gold making scheme especially on raid days where potions and crafted items sell like hot cakes.


In Conclusion

Westfall represents a place of opportunities for both miners and herbalists. Following these tips and utilising those addons suggested above will see a dramatic increase in your gold per hour. Therefore, efficiency and market knowledge are key to succeeding at gold farming.

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