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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Gnomeregan Unique Raid Dungeon Guides

Welcome to our very detailed Gnomeregan raid guide, a part of World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2. Today we will explore various things about the way this place is structured, the special themes within it and even the quest lines, boss fights and items that change completely during phase 2.



WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Gnomeregan Unique Raid Dungeon Guides


The Legacy of Gnomeregan

If you start from Ironforge city in snowy Dun Morogh, Gnomeregan is just a short run away. This forty-player raid spans levels 29-34 and has an expansive layout with many robot/mech aspects that make it unforgettable such as elevators, consoles or even infamous landmine hallways. Players of Horde persuasion are expected to complete a quest line in Orgrimmar then unlock a teleporter in Booty Bay before reaching Gnomeregan; on the other hand, Alliance can easily access this place by running down the road from Ironforge.



Key Features in Gnomeregan

  • Elevator Challenge: Here hardcore players regularly gather as one wrong step means you lose all your world buffs.
  • Trog Wave Event: The event concludes by exploding a trog cave which remains one of the most memorable parts throughout this raid.
  • The Clean Zone: This area breaks up long stretches of fighting by having vendors and Sparkle Master 5200.
  • Hall of Gears + Viscous Fallout: The bottom floor has Viscous Fallout boss with chances for accidental chain pulls of extra mobs.


Evolution in phase 2

  • Quest Dynamics: In the past, lots of quests to visit there have been hard or interesting (or both), while some top quests were only available to Alliance players. This time around there could be some more balance between factions when it comes to rewards for instance.
  • Loot Upgrades: Even big names like Manual Crowd Pumeler or Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator are getting good upgrades. These will now have infinite uses and faster cooldowns, making them even better.
  • Boss Mechanics: These bosses might be equipped with additional abilities because they are some of the best mechanics in the game. For instance, there could be an increase in bomb damage during Thermoplug fight making it harder.


Boss Location in Gnomeregan

Boss Number Boss Name Location
1 Grubbis Spawns during the cave encounter
2 Viscous Fallout Bottom floor of the Hall of Gears
3 Electrocutioner 6000 Center of the upper area in the Launch Bay
4 Crowd Pummeler 9-60 Upper area of the Engineering Labs
5 Dark Iron Ambassador (Rare) Rare spawn in the last tunnel
6 Mekgineer Thermaplugg Center of the Tinkers' Court


Bosses and Drops in Gnomeregan

You are going to journey through Gnomeregan with six bosses that are not to be underestimated. One is a rare spawn that you'll have to be locked to find and fight. Use this instance map below to navigate through the mechanical labyrinth:


Boss Location Key Abilities Drops
Grubbis Near instance entrance in the cave area connected to the Hall of Gears None (Event triggered boss) Grubbis Paws [Level 25-30 Uncommon Item]
Viscous Fallout Hall of Gears on the irradiated ground level None Acidic Walkers, Hydrocane, Toxic Revenger
Electrocutioner 6000 Launch Bay on the elevated launch pad Chain Bolt, Megavolt, Shock Electrocutioner Lagnut, Electrocutioner Leg, Spidertank Oilrag, Workshop Key
Crowd Pummeler 9-60 Engineering Labs on the upper southern ledge Arcing Smash, Crowd Pummel, Trample Manual Crowd Pummeler, Gnomebot Operating Boots
Dark Iron Ambassador (Rare) Near the end of the instance leading up to the Tinkers' Court Fire Shield II, Fireball, Summon Burning Servant Glass Shooter, Royal Diplomatic Scepter, Emissary Cuffs
Mekgineer Thermaplugg Tinkers' Court at the end of the instance Knock Away (Plus Walking Bombs mechanic) Thermaplugg's Central Core, Thermaplugg's Left Arm, Charged Gear, Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator


Anticipated Changes in Bosses and Mechanics

  • Mechanical Units: It is possible they won't count as mechs anymore which will affect classes against them.
  • Trash Mechanic Challenges: Continue with ninja pulls of packs and bosses like Viscous Fallout, The hallway of Doom.
  • Focus Fire Mechanics: Mobs such as Mobile Alert Systems, Dark Iron Agents will require focus firing so that we can manage their backup calls & landmines.


Comparing Original BFD to Phase 2

Looking at how BFD dungeon has changed into raid version may give an idea about what to expect from Gnomeregan. Expect major bosses to carry over plus new abilities, loot , and Gold while simpler bosses get more challenging mechanics.


In Conclusion

That was our deep dive into everything about Gnomeregan in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2. Loot, boss fights or quest lines, everything will become excitingly upgraded when this raid comes out so stay tuned for more insights in our series as we count down till launch day!

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