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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2: Top 16 Keys to Being Well-Prepared

Hi WoW Classic enthusiasts! Stay informed about how to get ahead in World of Warcraft: Classic's thrilling Season of Discovery Phase 2 with our full preparation guide. We have got all the angles covered, from securing all flight points to mastering weapon skills, hoarding potions to maximizing professions, that will make sure you are successful in the next phase.



WoW Classic SoD Phase 2: Top 16 Keys to Being Well-Prepared


Key 1. Collect All Flight Points

Get every flight point you can find, not just those that you use regularly. By doing this, high-level zones will be easy to reach and gather profession materials with less competition.


Key 2. Master and Level Up Weapon Skills

Ensure your weapon skills are up-to-date. It would cost one a lot if one were to find an epic weapon upgrade only to realize that their skill level is too low for it meaning he/she must go back spend more valuable leveling time.


Key 3. Stock Up on Potions and Consumables

Keep an eye on potion opportunities during cheap times. These can help save your life both in PvP engagements as well as near-death experiences. Additionally, fishing in higher level areas may yield useful consumables.


Key 4. Increase Health with Rumsey Rum

Enhance your stamina by consuming items like Rumsey Rum during the most challenging fights.


Key 5. Utilize the Chrono Boom Displacer

Seek Thunder Bluff (Horde) or Darnassus (Alliance) for Warchief's Blessing. Store and activate this buff using ChronoBoom Displacer when necessary.


Key 6. Maximize First Aid and Other Professions

For the best bandages in First Aid, be sure to max out your First Aid skill. Furthermore, level up your main crafting professions in case new epic items come into play during Phase 2 that you may want to craft.


Key 7. Stockpile Profession Materials

Have supplies like medium leather, heavy leather and thick leather ready so that you can quickly level up professions such as leatherworking.


Key 8. Manage Bank Characters and Investments

Plan your outfits and bank alts well. As a channel member, you'll get access to my early investment video part two.


Key 9. Collect All 12 Runes

Swap runes as needed for different roles (tank, healer, DPS). Use an add-on to locate and collect these runes efficiently.


Key 10. Level Efficiently with a Leveling Guide

Consider using an add-on leveling guide such as the one that we recommend for fast leveling. The free version of it covers levels 1-20 and you can use my discount code for the full version.


Key 11. Prepare Quests for Quick XP

Stack up on 20 completed quests but don't turn them in until Phase 2 starts. This will give you a massive XP boost right off the bat.


Key 12. Focus on Elite and Dungeon Quests

These quests give more XP rewards, so prioritize them if you want to level faster.


Key 13. Achieve Rank 3 for Benefits

Achieving Rank 3 now will speed up your rank climbings in Phase 2 and may also unlock more awards. Having done this also means that your mount will be cheaper as well.


Key 14. Boost Faction-Specific Reputation

Aim at getting honored at least by improving your reputation further with each faction because you will get discounts on mounts and other items.


Key 15. Participate in Warsong Gulch and Ashenvale PvP Events

They are excellent ways of earning honor points and rep. Join pre-made groups to increase your chances of winning games with them.


Key 16. Gear Up with Dungeon Raids and Professions

Keep raiding dungeons like Blackfathom Deeps regularly while concentrating on crafting epic items so that you are properly geared between levels twenty-five through forty.


How are you preparing for Phase 2? Share your strategies in the comments! For more insights and tips on WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell. Thanks for watching, and here’s to a successful journey in Phase 2! Peace out!

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