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SoD Profession Leveling Guides For Gold Making In WoW Classic

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to level up your professions in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery without spending a fortune. Our strategies focus on crafting items that are not only in demand but also profitable, ensuring you can sell them for a nice return or at least break even. Let's dive into the world of Engineering, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Alchemy and turn your profession leveling into a gold-making opportunity.


Engineering: Crafting for Profit

In World of Warcraft Classic (WoW Classic), Engineering is a top sought after profession which allows players to create explosives, gadgets, guns, trinkets and devices with various combat and exploration advantages. It has remained flexible and possesses some valuable tools for PvE and PvP gameplay.


For Engineers, key items are Rough Copper Bombs, Small Bronze Bombs, and Ornate Spyglasses that always sell well W/HID supply Crates.

Follow this plan for crafting:

  • 1. Rough Copper Bomb (Skill 1-30)
  • 2. Small Bronze Bomb (Skill 30-90)
  • 3. Ornate Spyglass (Skill 90-150)

Simply manage skill-ups and adapt your crafting accordingly. If you exceed 150 whilst going through this list save some crafts for Phase 2 or just dump them now at current market prices.


Blacksmithing: The Stone Strategy

In World of Warcraft Classic (WoW Classic), Blacksmithing is a useful profession that enables players to produce weapons, armor pieces as well as other helpful items. This specialization within Blacksmithing concentrates in sword making giving it unique recipes and benefits.


Blacksmiths will also require Rough Grinding Stones.

Begin with:

  • 1. Sharpening Stones (Skill 1-25)
  • 2. Rough Grinding Stones (Skill 25-65)
  • 3. Runed Copper Pants (Skill 65-110)
  • 4. Silver Skeleton Key (Skill 110-125)
  • 5. Rough Bronze Boots (Skill 125-140)

From 140 to 150, consider crafting Patterned Bronze Bracers to reach the desired skill level . Have some Coarse Grinding Stones handy for Phase 2 if plans are already in place.


Tailoring: Interlaced in Profit

In WoW Classic, tailoring is a helpful profession that allows players to create cloth armors, bags and other useful items. One of the patterns highly sought by tailors is Satchel of Deplorable Delights, a unique bag item in WoW Classic. Players who tailor this item often do so when they have advanced skills in tailoring and wish to create a store room for their goods.


On WHID Supply Crates terms, Tailors should focus on:

  • 1. Brown Linen Pants (Skill 1-30)
  • 2. Brown Linen Robe (Skill 30-60)
  • 3. Gray Woolen Shirt (Skill 60-90)
  • 4. Pearl-fasted Cloak (Skill 90-120)

Keep going all the way up to Azure Silk Pants until you hit 150. However, whether these items will be disenchanted will depend on the market availability and cost effectiveness of enchanting materials.


Leatherworking: Stitching Success

Leatherworking is vital for making first-rate leather and mail armor sets along with armor kits and quivers in World of Warcraft Classic. One of such patterns is Satchel of the Den (SoD), which enables players produce a bag having sixteen slots that sell well due to high capacity. This pattern can be obtained through various means including reaching high skill level in Leatherworking and purchasing it from vendor or receiving it as a reward or buying it from fellow players who may be having it at hand.


Leatherworkers should make:

  • 1. Hand-Stitched Leather Belt (Skill 1-55)
  • 2. Embossed Leather Vest (Skill 55-85)
  • 3. Dark Leather Cloak (Skill 85-100)

Focus on the Cured Medium Hides and Hilman Shoulders after 100. Desynthesizing shoulders may be more efficient in Phase 1.


Alchemy: Shuffling Gold

If you are engaged in playing World of Warcraft Classic, then alchemy should be your profession. This is not to say that WoW Classic Alchemy is about SOD, although it could be a spelling error or a mistake in searching for the topic.


For Alchemists:

  • 1. Minor Healing Potion(Skill 1-60)
  • 2. Rage Potion(Skill 60-110)

Obtain the Rage Potion recipe from faction vendors or the Auction House. Make Healing Potions up to 150 when you attain level 110.


Enchanting: Enchanted Edges

In World of Warcraft Classic, sod represents Seal of the Dawn which can be enchanted. Enchanting permits players to put powerful magical effects on their items such as resistance bonus and other powerful statistical aids. Reagents required for enchanting can alternately be gained through disenchanting as a profitable acquisition means.

However there's no WHID Supply Crates enchanting scheme just go make Blackfathom Mana Oil and skill up profitably.


By adhering to those instructional tips, one may power level his professions without gold expenditure during the WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

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