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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 New Updates: Mount Prices, Profession Caps, and Features

Only a little under three weeks away from the Season of Discovery Phase 2 launch. With this guide, we will look at the latest updates about mount prices, profession caps, the 10-player raid, phase 1 DPS rankings, valuable consumables for phase 2 and the long-awaited Stranglethorn Vale PVP event.



WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 New Updates: Mount Prices, Profession Caps, and Features


Profession Caps and Mount Prices

To start with let us talk about professional caps and mount prices. As we get ready for phase 2 it is very important to plan ahead on which professions to have at level 40. It is however important to note that there may be a cap on some professions in the next phase. Some have speculated that the cap for gathering professions like skinning could be around 225. This might affect what professions will benefit certain classes more than others. 


Mount prices are another big issue currently as players are saving money for their level 40 mounts. Fortunately, you can buy your riding mount from a mount trainer by spending approximately 40 gold according to estimates with an addition of about nine golds spent on training your riding skill.


Therefore, the total cost is approximately fifty gold for your level forty mount which is significantly lesser compared to classic era costs. However, these prices may vary depending on reputation so watch out for fluctuations in price from forty to fifty gold when purchasing your loyal steed in phase 2.


The 10-Player Raid and Community Feedback

One recent tweet by Agran has created a lot of discussion within WoW Classic community regarding whether or not the launch of a ten- player raid should be delayed by one week. Agran’s question has confirmed that this upcoming raid will indeed be a ten-player affair. The community is divided on whether the raid should be delayed by a week to allow players more time to level up and engage with the new content.


However, some believe that delaying the raid could create a more equal playing field for everyone by not allowing a few hard core gamers to whisk through it and finish within days. This approach would enable all individuals to dive into the new phase without being made to feel they have to hurry up and reach level 40. 


Phase 1 DPS Rankings and Valuable Consumables

Now, let's quickly go over phase 1 DPS rankings as well as some useful consumables that will come in handy during phase 2. As of January 9th, thE besT DPS classes included warriors, rogues, marksmanship hunters, feral druids, warlocks among others. It is clear that some classes are doing better when it comes to DPS output as we move closer to end of pase one.


Looking ahead at phase two of WoW classic classic, you should make sure you obtain these consumable items which can help improve your chances in raids or PVP. These options range from foods like Sagefish Delight and Dragon Breath Chili all the way to potions and elixirs such as Elixir of Ogre Strength or Mighty Troll's Blood Potion


Stranglethorn Veil PVP Event and Lore

Finally, We would like to heighten the expectations about Stranglethorn Veil PVP event featuring Hakkar's lore. Following the announcement of the event and the sight of red sky over Stranglethorn Vale, players are excited about what awaits them. Though details regarding event mechanics have not yet been made public, this PVP event is poised to deliver an experience that has never existed in the game before.


Moreover, Wowhead has posted some spellbinding information on Hakkar, thereby sparking curiosity on what might be happening during this event. As we yearn for more information concerning Stranglethorn Veil PVP event, make your guesses and hopes through commentaries below. We are eager to hear opinions regarding upcoming events and how WoW Classic will be changed by it.



Phase 2 of Season of Discovery is shaping up to be an exhilarating journey filled with new challenges and exciting content. Whether it is updates on mount prices, profession caps, phase one DPS rankings for a 10-player raid or list of useful consumables as well as discussion of Stranglethorn Veil PVP event; World Of Warcraft Classic still gives several reasons to enjoy.

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