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WoW Classic SoD Gold Farming with Cortello's Riddle Quest

In WoW Classic, which is constantly changing, players are always looking for ways to make money more easily. The Season of Discovery has identified a unique gold farming opportunity for hunters, Cortello's Riddle farming at level 25. Through this guide, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively exploit this gold mine.


The Hunter's Advantage: Cortello's Riddle

Cortello's Riddle, when used initiates a quest chain that rewards a large amount of experience. It is this high demand from players who want to speed up their leveling in phase two of WoW Classic that makes it valuable. Only hunters can gather this item in the class because they have special skills that enable them to run through higher level areas and obtain the item without being involved in combat.


Farming Locations and Strategy

The riddle itself is found on a boat in Stranglethorn Vale guarded by mobs ranging from level 40 -47. Hunters can use Eagle Eye ability to look for a safe place; locate the riddle before proceeding towards it. The point of this strategy is avoiding combat while getting the riddle.



This farm relies on specific spawning points for Cortello's Riddle on the boat which have to be understood for an efficient farm. Hunters might need to swap layers as well to maximize their gold per hour since each layer may change where they spawn.


WoW Classic SoD Gold Farming with Cortello


Early Access and Community Support

For those committed to mastering gold farming, accessing early-release guides and joining a community for updates can be invaluable. Buying an extensive guide like Dragonflight Season of Discovery Gold Making Guide not only gives you access to these strategies ahead of others but also comes with membership in a private Discord server where updates and exclusive content are shared.


Maximizing Your Earnings

The current market price for Cortello's Riddle is somewhere between 20-40 gold per item. It is possible to earn significant amounts with potential multiple riddles farmed within an hour. However, as this method becomes more well-known, the market could get saturated and prices adjusted. It is best to stay updated on price trends and adapt your selling strategies accordingly.



Knowledge and strategy are both necessary for gold farming in WoW Classic. By taking advantage of this unusual opportunity, hunters can turn Cortello's Riddle into a lucrative business at level 25. This article provides advice that will enable you to waste no time when it comes to amassing wealth for phase 2 of WoW Classic.

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