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Season of Discovery Phase 2 Updated Tier List: Healers, Tanks and DPS

Hello adventurers! After the dust has settled on the battlefield and the sounds of clanging swords have stopped we can now think about what happened in the season of discovery phase two. It has been a couple of weeks, with many resets to analyze , it is time to view the tier list afresh and update information from Warcraft logs.


Season of Discovery Phase 2 Updated Tier List: Healers, Tanks and DPS


Healers: The Lifeline of the Raid

First thing's first: let's talk about healers – the backbone of any successful raid. In light of recent developments and shifts in meta here is how our healers shape up:

Tier S Priest
Tier A Druid, Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman
Tier B Arcane Mage
  • S-Tier Discipline Priest: With unparalleled infusion might among lifesaving shields nobody holds a candle to discipline priests. Despite this they are far from being top-damage dealers, but their healing output as well as utility abilities make them irreplaceable in a raid party.
  • A-Tier Resto Druid: Previously, almost unbeatable, Resto druids’ mana ran into some trouble at final bosses costing them few points. They remain powerful healers; however more attention should be paid towards resource management now.
  • A-Tier Holy Paladin : The prediction was accurate – holy paladins are becoming more visible in terms of healing capabilities than ever before. They may not boast high DPS but their blessings and utilities put them firmly into the A-tier category.
  • A-Tier Resto Shaman: Coming up steadily through the ranks, resto shamans have a significant amount of excellent single target healing and valuable utility . Although their healing is not ground-breaking ,they are appreciated for it in horde raids.
  • B-Tier Arcane Mage: They do better damage than any other healer class, but their healing is too random to be called top tier. Future farming phases may well see them rise in the ratings; however at present they sit at B-tier because of the absence of utility.


Tanks: The Bulwark Against Chaos

Now let's shift our attention towards these bulwarks on the front line – Tanks. The updated tier list has seen some major shifts here:

Tier S Warlock
Tier A
  • Protection Paladin
  • Feral Druid
  • Subtlety Rogue
Tier B Protection Warrior
  • Demonology Warlock S Tier: They completely dominate with kiting techniques and threat management. Their range advantage makes them especially effective against last boss.
  • S-Tier Protection Paladin : This guy can take a hit and blesses when dealing one out. It takes a few seconds to get up some threat generation, and then this tank will shine.
  • A-Tier Feral Druid: Buffs recently have pushed Feral druids higher up. While still needing to improve on survival issues, they manage threat slightly better and deal reasonable damage.
  • A-Tier Subtlety Rogue: Surprisingly as an off-tank option there is one more entry. They can soak hits, but dodging helps them survive certain encounters.
  • B-Tier Protection Warrior: In this phase protection warriors lag behind due to threat problems and lower dps output.


DPS: The Damage-Dealing Juggernauts

Lastly we come to DPS or Damage Per Second which acts as final analysis of the characters used by players who engage in combat for fun or in order to gain rewards . Some people got it right while others didn't:

Tier S
  • Surival Hunter
  • Fire Mage/Destruction Warlock
  • Show Priest
Tier A
  • Fury W arrior
  • Elemental Shaman
Tier B Feral DPS/Enhancement Shaman
Tier C
  • Arcane Mage/Rouge
  • Retribution Paladin/Balance Druid


  • Survival Hunter (S Tier): Previously unexpected outperforms all others in terms of DPS and a must-have utility.
  • Fire Mage/Destruction Warlock (S Tier): These spellcasters are scaling perfectly with their respective mechanics; ignite for mages and spell power for warlocks.
  • Shadow Priest (Borderline S/A-Tier): Despite the nerfs, shadow priests remain strong due to their utility and support capabilities especially for raids that are still littered with content.
  • Fury Warrior (A-Tier): They've dropped off a bit but still do well in supporting melee comps and are likely to get better with gear progression.
  • Elemental Shaman (A-Tier): With awesome damage output and totemic utilities, the elemental shaman makes a valuable addition for any raid group.
  • Feral DPS/Enhancement Shaman (B-Tier): Both of these specs have cool stuff like Windfury Totem but do not make as much impact when alone.
  • Arcane Mage/Rogue (C-Tier): These classes are currently overshadowed by others who have similar or even better dmg along with some extra bonuses.
  • Retribution Paladin/Balance Druid (C-Tier): Regrettably, there is more from other specs within the class that belong to them which add more towards a raid environment than they do themselves where they don't fit in particularly well.


Closing Thoughts

As we continue to navigate through Phase 2's complexities, bear in mind this tier list captures momentary fads & facts only; it is not any rigid rule. Watch out for new tactics emerging out of evolving gears optimization that can shake up the rankings.

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