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What's next after reaching level 40 in Phase 2 | Season of Discovery?

Getting to level 40 in Classic World of Warcraft is an important threshold that opens up a variety of new opportunities and challenges. "What's Next?" You might ask yourself as you enter this stage. But not to worry because through this guide, we shall provide the enlightenment required to make your journey across the Season of Discovery fulfilling and full of excitement.





Gold Farming

The lifeblood of WoW, gold can never be overestimated. You are staring at a minimum required mount cost for 80 gold due to rising prices in Phase 2 unless you are a lucky Paladin or Warlock. Here is how you can fill up your stash:

  • Questing: Stick with ones that pay out just two to four golds. It's steady income.
  • Dungeon Grinding: A classic way that could be both profitable as well as give better gears.
  • Profession Farming: Select a profession that suits your style of play and market demands either gathering or crafting.
  • Auction House Flipping: Buy low and sell high! Find undervalued items for resale at higher prices.


Reputation Building

Though the revered status does not yet hold many rewards it will be wise to gradually work on this reputation. Watch out for cheap Supply crates available for turn-ins and keep an eye on new revered rewards Blizzard may add.


Questing Beyond 40

Don't forget about Cozy Sleeping Bag quest! Doing it during levels 25-40 would have been perfect but still works too well. The bonus experience significantly cuts down time taken between level 40 and level 60 grind.


Crafting Schematics and Recipes

This means new schematics and recipes being introduced give many crafting opportunities. While acquiring them comes at a cost, they offer significant advantages in both PvE and PvP scenarios. These are things you want to focus on getting your main character.



Phase 2 continues to involve PvP for different players in various ways:

  • Ashenvale Weekly Quest: Get reputation quickly with minimum effort.
  • Warsong Gulch: The rewards given scale with level hence worth spending time here.
  • Arathi Basin: It takes longer to gain reputation, but it is still useful during holidays weekends.
  • Stranglethorn Vale: Participate in events for a chance at unique items.


Iconic Quest Rewards

These classic items are not only powerful in PvP but also provide substantial SoD gold upon completion. Head over to the Badlands and begin their respective quest chains for satisfying experiences.


Profession Mastery

With Phase 3 bringing specialization to professions, now is the time to max out your primary and secondary skills. This will pay off as the game develops further.



Naxxramas features six bosses as a new challenge. The first three might be easier while the remaining half would see how coordinated and skilled your raid truly is. Welcome it, adjust your gear and tactics accordingly and find success therein.


Runes Galore

Maximize collection of the new runes brought by Phase 2. Not all of them may be necessary right away but could come in handy for future metas.



However, you should know that the beginning of level 40 in Classic WoW's Season of Discovery is just the first step. With this guide, you will be able to take on gold farming, reputation building, questing, pvp, professions and raiding. Keep exploring your world and conquering it but most importantly have fun on this epic adventure!

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